RightCapital Adds RightIntel™, Business Intelligence Feature Designed for Independent Financial Advisors


RightCapital, the fastest-growing financial planning solution* that provides modern, interactive features for today’s financial advisors, announced RightIntel, a business intelligence feature designed for independent financial advisors.

The RightIntel feature is comprised of three main components:

  • Dashboard – See a clean, simple snapshot of key business metrics such as the total number of clients, total invested assets, top clients by net worth and more.
  • Client Overview – Sort clients using metrics such as net worth, invested assets and open tasks; see different types of insurance coverage across clients; and view recent client activities.
  • Opportunities – Anticipate potential client needs based on their current cash on hand, assets held away, debt, expiring insurance policies and key events such as reaching retirement or RMD age.

“We’re thrilled to see RightIntel providing timely, actionable information to advisors to help them grow their practices,” said Shuang Chen, co-founder and CEO of RightCapital. “Ever since we started releasing the RightIntel feature in November, the feedback from our advisors has been immediate and incredibly positive.”

“RightIntel has been very useful in identifying growth opportunities for our financial planning practice,” said Andrea Clark, founder and financial planner at The Table Financial Planning. “For example, I can quickly see which clients have too much cash on hand and can benefit from increasing their invested assets, send helpful information to clients when they reach an important financial milestone, and identify clients who need more help managing their debts and high-interest loans.”

“When I open up my RightIntel Dashboard, it serves as a quick check-in to see how my overall planning practice is doing,” said Douglas E. Richards, founder and financial planner at Crest Financial LLC. “The RightIntel data also helps me see if the prospects that I’m speaking with are a good fit with my practice, gives a high-level picture on the types of assets I am working with, and allows me to sort and export clients based on different filters. Best of all, it’s all very clear and easy to understand.”

RightIntel’s full functionality is included with RightCapital’s Premium and Platinum subscriptions. To learn more, schedule your RightCapital demo at https://www.rightcapital.com/book-demo.