IQAX named among top 10 digital twin solution providers in APAC


IQAX Limited, a leading innovator of digital solutions for the logistics industry, has been recognised as one of the top 10 digital twin solutions providers in the Asia Pacific region by CIOoutlook magazine.

“IQAX is honoured to be included in CIOoutlook magazine’s exclusive list of the best forward thinking solutions. The list recognises the power and potential of digital twin solutions in general and IQAX solutions in particular,” said IQAX CEO Romney Wong.

Digital twin solutions generate significant benefits for the shipping and logistics industry and are poised to play an important role within the most innovative digital solutions.

IQAX relies on the power of a digital twin for its ground breaking and industry leading IQAX TrackIt solution, a real-time ocean shipment visibility platform for shippers and non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOs) to visualize and gain unparalleled insights about their shipments in transit.

IQAX TrackIt uses a digital twin, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to sift through multiple sources of data and give shippers and NVOs alike greater awareness about the status and movement of their shipments.

The predictive and learning modelling of digital twin enhances shipment data completeness to facilitate a more accurate prediction on future scenario. IQAX TrackIt is a game changer that is overcoming hurdles in an industry that regularly faces last minute changes, thereby providing its users with the agility to react in a timely fashion. IQAX TrackIt provides both real time shipment status and predictive alerts so the logistics team can best respond to any situation quickly and efficiently.

“IQAX uses a digital twin to connect physical and digital world, harmonizing the data by using predictive analytics throughout the entire supply chain, providing the best quality view into the past, present and future. This facilitates ongoing innovation and digitization initiatives such as real time supply chain network optimization or in-transit inventory optimization and makes it possible to overcome hurdles created by the availability or quality of data from their partners,” Wong told CIOoutlook.

“Each potentially delayed shipment, if tracked, can mean avoiding tens of thousands of dollars in detention and demurrage charges, chargebacks, lost sales, or factory waiting times. Integrating the highly interactive maps and dashboards beyond the logistics teams to sales, purchasing, and support can further improve communications and elevate customer service.”

IQAX is proudly recognised in the CIOoutlook Digital Twin annual edition 2022, a digital and print magazine that provides a platform for CIOs, CTOs and senior level IT decision makers to share their experience and advice. The magazine is published out of Silicon Valley, U.S., and has a presence in all major Asia Pacific countries.