Rysk Finance raises $1.4M to spearhead on-chain market making for DeFi derivatives


Rysk Finance, the on-chain market maker for DeFi derivatives, has successfully raised $1.4 million USD in a pre-seed funding round led by Lemniscap, with participation from Encode Club, Ascensive Assets, Starbloom, Yunt Capital, and Manifold Trading, as well as angel investors Hype.eth, Ivangbi, Windra Thio, among others.

The funding will be leveraged to enhance platform security, drive engineering and research efforts and expedite the launch of Rysk Beyond, an advanced decentralized market maker protocol for options trading. Rysk Beyond represents the next iteration of Rysk’s first product, the Rysk Dynamic Hedging Vault (DHV) Alpha.

Rysk DHV set out a framework for providing depositors and liquidity providers with unparalleled access to uncorrelated, competitive risk-adjusted returns in different market conditions, by trading options and interacting with any derivative with a trackable delta.

One of Rysk’s goals since inception has been to build innovative DeFi applications that offer an optimized, sophisticated user experience, while addressing systemic industry complexity around generating higher returns per unit of risk taken for liquidity providers.

Rysk Beyond will extend the scope of options trading considerably with a rich suite of innovative features, geared towards providing a tailored options AMM experience. Users will be able to leverage the protocol to buy and sell options on multiple expiries and strikes with tight bid/ask price and higher capital efficiency.

Users will also be able to construct bespoke options strategies in one transaction through Rysk’s novel contract architecture design, including call/put spreads, strangles and butterflies, but also engage in term structure plays, such as calendar spreads, which is new to DeFi. Rysk will be working with traders and other structured products protocols to build traction with this new infrastructure. The upcoming launch of Rysk Beyond will spur integrations with DeFi protocols, treasuries and instruments such as perpetuals, futures and options, as the platform aims to underscore its credentials as the most liquid on-chain market maker for DeFi derivatives.

Dan Ugolini, Co-Founder of Rysk Finance, said: “As DeFi natives who envision a future where finance is transparent and truly democratised, we aspire to actively contribute to a vast ecosystem of sustainable risk-adjusted yield products with various market conditions. Today’s announcement represents an important milestone in our journey to become the most liquid on-chain market maker for DeFi derivatives. We look forward to continuing to work hand-in-hand with strategists, developers, and other protocols who share our vision to advance DeFi maturity.”

Roderik van der Graaf, Founder of Lemniscap, said: “The team at Rysk has demonstrated an innate understanding of DeFi market dynamics, and with Rysk Beyond, is developing a category-leading solution that is set to redefine the parameters of DeFi risk innovation. We’re supremely confident in the capabilities of the team in charting a strong growth trajectory in the near and long term, and are firmly aligned with their bold vision to deliver on-chain market making for DeFi derivatives. We look forward to supporting their exciting pipeline of activity in the months ahead.”