SCROBLE launches new ‘PRODUCT LIVE CHAT ‘ feature as its PHYGITAL shopping revolution continues


Next-gen product experience app SCROBLE today launched its new PRODUCT LIVE CHAT feature, allowing in-store consumers and brands to connect in real-time around individual products. It is a world-first feature for the fashion industry, and provides shoppers with unprecedented access to instant product information and peer-to-peer feedback whether they are shopping online or in physical stores.

For brands, it is the final part of the jigsaw that will bring them complete, 360-degree insight into the customer journey across both digital and ‘real world’ shopping experiences.

The new ‘Phygital’ phenomenon – that is the concept of using technology to bridge the digital world and the physical world – is enabling brands to gather valuable intelligence in real-time thanks to SCROBLE’s unique platform.

Consumers have always valued the physical aspects of shopping: being able to see, touch, and try on individual fashion items. Now they can simply scan a QR code to instantly access product information, interact with the brand and other users, save and share product information and even pair products with other items to make bespoke ‘sets’.

SCROBLE has just launched its open beta version in Luxembourg, working and experimenting with more than 50 fashion brands, and demonstrating fast growth in a small market. The new PRODUCT LIVE CHAT feature launched today will allow stakeholders taking part in the project to communicate in real-time about individual products. For consumers, this adds a sense of community to their shopping experience, while the information delivered to retailers is completely anonymised ensuring customers’ personal data is protected.

“I believe in a future of connected and immersive product experiences where only sales-oriented retail will not exist anymore. That’s why with our app, the sale is never the primary goal,” says SCROBLE Founder and CEO, Anna Salewski. “It is about making shopping more joyful and efficient by connecting products, brands and users instantly, creating a new community where shoppers can learn more about the items they are interested in. For brands, the data generated can be used to better understand demand and drive more sustainable practices by precisely predicting trends. SCROBLE is a technology that the whole fashion ecosystem can embrace.”

SCROBLE is due to be launched to European markets in 2022, with North America to follow. Onboarding is now available for a limited batch of brands, who can sign up for access to the SCROBLE platform, and begin digitizing their products in preparation for launch in their market.