Sharemine AI: Singapore-Based Eco-Friendly Cryptocurrency Mining Service Launches, Lowering Barriers of Entry for All


Cryptocurrency mining service provider, Sharemine AI, has officially launched today. Operationally ready since January 2021, Sharemine AI offers users a fully comprehensive range of green cryptocurrency mining services with the goal of making the logistical and tedious process of mining hassle-free and accessible to users of varying cryptocurrency mining backgrounds and capabilities.

Founded and headquartered in Singapore, Sharemine AI was formally established by Founder and CEO, Jimmy Li, together with Co-founder, Herbert Sim, also commonly known as “The Bitcoin Man”. Having collective experience in the complex finance, blockchain, cryptocurrency investment and digital currency fields, the platform was developed by the two with the vision of lowering the barriers of entry into cryptocurrency mining, allowing people to join the industry freely, regardless of the availability of mining resources to them.

Sharemine AI’s Service Offerings: Eco-friendly Mining

Through Sharemine AI, users can mine a wide range of cryptocurrencies including Filecoin, Phala and Swarm (BZZ), as well as more popular and volatile cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Mining done through Sharemine AI is more eco-friendly, as the platform only mines with energy generated from hydro and solar power, making for not only an uncomplicated, but more sustainable form of cryptocurrency mining.

One of Sharemine AI’s highlights in particular, is its Chia mining service through its network, Chia CloudChia Cloud is a decentralized open source global blockchain network that uses a blockchain consensus algorithm called “Proof of Space and Time”, with the sole focus of mining Chia tokens. As Chia mining’s main resource is the use of hard disk space instead of computing power, it is a form of green cryptocurrency mining and is more sustainable as opposed to the “Proof of Work” algorithm, which uses up a far greater amount of energy.

Benefits of mining through Chia Cloud’s network include its use of anchored mining machines, open hash power and transparent prices for users. This is so, as Chia Cloud’s network connects directly with hardware manufacturers such as chips and hard disks, which supplies Chia Cloud with physical mining machines at supplier prices. Leveraging the advantages of the supply chain, Chia Cloud is then able to charge users for its services at prices no more than the cost price of mining machine services, removing the mark-ups in price by middlemen. As such, the network provides users with the opportunity to mine for Chia tokens at a competitive cost, to allow them to receive the greatest return on investment.

Additionally, independent Chia mining would typically require miners to run complex mining operations themselves, making mining a tedious and difficult process for people. With Chia Cloud’s services, the need for users to go through extra steps such as purchasing their own hard drives and dealing with the logistical aspects of mining is eliminated, enabling them to mine for Chia tokens with ease. Furthermore, as Chia is energy saving, using less processing capacity and a fraction of energy compared to other cryptocurrencies, users can simply connect their laptops to their broadband network and mine for tokens from the comfort of their homes.

Mr Jimmy Li, Founder and CEO of Sharemine AI, said, “As the name may suggest, Sharemine AI was founded with the intention of allowing the everyday person to enter the cryptocurrency industry through a safe and collective platform shared amongst users. Our ultimate aim is to lower the barriers of entry into the cryptocurrency pool for all, regardless of one’s previous experience with cryptocurrency and access to mining resources.”

With Chia mining projected to be one of the top five cryptocurrencies in the near future, the goal of Sharemine AI’s services is to essentially enable anyone to mine these top cryptocurrencies in an affordable and simplified manner. Sharemine AI aims to be the biggest mining pool in the world, and is currently already working alongside top reputable partners and suppliers, such as Alibaba, Huawei and Seagate.