Sigenergy Sets a New Standard in Energy Storage with SigenStor Debut in Australia


Sigenergy, a leading energy innovator, marked its spectacular debut at All Energy Australia 2023 by introducing the groundbreaking SigenStor, the first-ever 5-in-1 energy storage system. This revolutionary product seamlessly integrates Battery PCS, Battery Pack, EV DC Charger, PV Inverter, and EMS, solidifying Sigenergy’s leadership in the field, with quick 15-minute installation and rapid 5-minute commissioning.

Safety First: Advanced Protection and Seamless Power

Safety is at the forefront of their mission. SigenStor surpasses industry standards with five layers of protection in each battery pack. This includes advanced temperature sensors, an internal fire suppression system, a decompression valve, aerogel-insulated pads, and high-temperature-resistant insulation. SigenStor’s groundbreaking 0-millisecond load-side disruption feature sets a new competitive benchmark. Powered by advanced hardware and real-time intelligent control algorithms, it achieves the industry’s quickest on/off-grid switching, ensuring a seamless, uninterrupted, and stable power supply. Even when grid power is restored, the system seamlessly transitions back within 0 milliseconds, guaranteeing a truly blackout-free and stress-free power supply.

Extending the Reach: Commercial & Industrial Solutions

SigenStor’s potential goes beyond residential use; it caters to the Commercial & Industrial (C&I) sector. Sigenergy offers versatile on-grid and off-grid solutions for small scale business applications. In on-grid configurations, multiple SigenStors can be seamlessly installed side by side, delivering a robust 250 kW power output and a substantial 480 kWh capacity. In hybrid setups, connections between multiple SigenStors are customizable, tailoring energy management for homeowners and businesses, thereby optimizing returns on investment.

Intelligence at The Fingertips: AI-Enhanced Solutions

Taking innovation a step further, the system integrates AI capabilities, providing users with complete system visibility and interactive AI-driven features, including an intelligent service assistant. For instance, Sigen AI, powered by GPT-4, serves as the most intelligent service assistant, adept at tasks like answering questions and troubleshooting, all within the innovative mySigen App.

Rising Electric Vehicle Adoption: The Demand for Fast Charging

In recent years, Australia has experienced a significant uptick in electric vehicle adoption, propelled by environmental concerns and government incentives. This surge has brought to light the considerable market potential for high-speed charging. SigenStor, uniquely designed to incorporate an EV DC charging module within its energy storage system, delivers an impressive 150 km of driving range per hour using clean energy. It also facilitates bidirectional charging, enabling emergency power supply to household appliances (V2H) and grid trading (V2G).