Skience Launches SkienceONE Wealth Management Platform


Skience, the leader in cloud wealth management and digital enablement solutions and consulting, today announced the launch of SkienceONE, a standalone wealth management operating platform that offers growth-oriented, wealth management firms access to the industry-leading user experience and functionality of the flagship Skience platform.

Like the Skience platform, SkienceONE offers wealth management firms and advisors award-winning digital client onboarding, advisor transitions, data consolidation, account-servicing, document management, compliance surveillance, client portal, and integrations with leading fintech firms. SkienceONE is a cloud-based platform that can be easily configured to meet the needs of a typical wealth management firm, and it can work seamlessly with the full range of CRM applications used by firms today.

Skience COO and President Marc Butler said, “For growth-oriented wealth management firms of all sizes, the ability to have a single operating platform is crucial to enabling true digital transformation. Leading firms would rather leverage an industry-leading platform that extends their value proposition to their advisors and investors, rather than cobbling together disparate solutions or having to commit to building and maintaining a proprietary solution. SkienceONE is the solution they have been looking for – a scalable platform that fits their needs and will grow with them as they expand.”

The platform is an ideal fit for broker-dealers and RIAs of all business models in which advisor and client experience, value proposition, speed, nimbleness, and scalability are desired competitive advantages. SkienceONE enables these firms to step up their capabilities as they grow out of legacy platforms that can provide poor advisor and client experiences.

Mr. Butler concluded, “At Skience, we know the pain points that wealth management firms experience, and we are here to offer them smart, elegant solutions to alleviate the pain and drive their growth. We asked these firms what they needed out of their wealth management platforms, and they told us of the features they could not live without. SkienceONE is the answer. It enables the opportunity to digitally transform while also providing the platform on which to build on top of and integrate additional capabilities as their businesses grow and evolve.”