Black Owned New Tech Entertainment Platform 360NFT Launches with Willie Taylor as Debut Artist


360NFT, the first of its kind Black owned music NFT platform, powered by Trapchain, Inc., has collaborated with indie music artist and native Chicagoan, Willie Taylor, to drop his first NFT for his music project, “Write My Wrongs”.  Taylor first gained notoriety as a contestant from MTV’s “Making the Band 4”, where he was chosen by Sean Combs to be a member and one of the main vocalists for the band Day26 on August 26. 360NFT’s November 26 launch and debut NFT release commemorates the band’s popularity and success. Headed by Chicago, IL natives, founder Casmir Patterson, Chief Technology Officer, tech pioneer, Mark Bush co-founder and Chief Possibility Officer, and Lathan Hodge, the Chief Operating Officer, 360NFT’s uniquely designed, streamlined ecosystem makes it easy for users to thrive on the blockchain, without the need to code, navigate complicated technology, or handle delivery.

360NFT endeavors to help artists leverage exposure while maximizing their economic potential with an innovative cryptocurrency technology platform that monetizes content and music assets. Built specifically for the music and entertainment industry, 360NFT allows artists, agents and labels to seamlessly make their content and music assets available by leveraging their technology to monetize collectible assets for compensation under the Ethereum and SKALE network.

Creating a seamless customer experience is critical for as well as choosing the right partners like the SKALE Network and Digiwaxx.  By utilizing SKALE, 360NFT is able to completely avoid the high gas costs for deploying the smart contracts and minting NFTs. Additionally, customers can claim their NFTs without any gas fees, which can amount to hundreds of dollars during peak times. Ultimately for fans, this helps get music into their hands quickly and easily, so they can enjoy the hottest tracks within seconds. Digiwaxx, a free online digital music pool for DJs for the past 20 years, is the leading platform for marketing and digital music promotion for the music industry in hip hop, R&B, reggae and dancehall music.

“What sets 360NFT apart from other NFT experiences, such as platforms like UJO, is that most others cast too wide of a net. They haven’t built or provided an adequate solution to the pain points of music specific genres needed to be addressed across the board,” explains Casmir Patterson, a Certified Consensys Developer and Binance fellow, who has been in blockchain since 2011.

“360NFT has streamlined and applied a particular structure to develop a strong community around our token curated playlist within the entertainment sector. We also provide a white label solution to assist genres starting with trap music and hip hop, as well as Afro Beat, Latin, reggaeton and K-Pop,” adds Mark Bush, whose company, SongPro, pioneered the first African American owned portable, digital multimedia device manufactured in history in the early 2000’s. “360NFT has the distinguishing characteristics of creating a platform that does not have limited metadata structures and offers a custom metadata field, along with custom smart contract opportunities.”

“While there are other choices I could have made to drop my first music NFT, I thought it was important to show that our culture’s capability and talent goes beyond just the front end of what folks see on the creative side.  We have the intellectual capital for the technology to build, mint, and deliver our creative assets on an ecosystem that we created and developed,” adds Willie Taylor, who was also a cast member on the popular VH1 franchise, “Love & Hip Hop”.

The official drop time for “Write My Wrongs” will be at noon on Day 26 of November at There will be three NFT music tracks with ONLY 126,000 downloads per song in a 24-hour period, accompanied by NFT digital artwork by Israel Wilson.