New Partnership Brings Glia’s Digital Customer Service Solution to ebankIT’s Digital Banking Platform


Glia, the leading provider of Digital Customer Service (DCS), and ebankIT today announced a partnership aimed at humanizing the digital banking service experience for ebankIT clients. ebankIT will now offer Glia’s DCS solution for digital-first customer service as part of its digital banking platform.

“Partnering with Glia is an important step forward for ebankIT on the continuous process of humanizing the digital banking experience. ebankIT and Glia share a similar vision about the future of digital banking and the importance of creating great customer and member experiences. The growing number of banks and credit unions worldwide that subscribe to the ebankIT Omnichannel Platform will now also have the opportunity to explore Glia’s customer service technologies, offering new solutions to their end-users,” said Renato Oliveira, CEO for ebankIT.

Pre-integration of Glia’s Digital Customer Service suite within the ebankIT digital banking platform accelerates deployment and time-to-market. Glia’s DCS solution enables a seamless digital-first customer experience across all channels—SMS, chat, voice and video—without breaking the digital connection. Online collaboration tools, including CoBrowsing, allow institutions to guide customers, accelerate engagements and improve satisfaction to build loyalty.

“ebankIT’s commitment to humanizing the digital banking experience strongly aligns to Glia’s mission to reinvent how businesses support customers in a digital world. This partnership will greatly help our joint clients to improve the customer experience they offer while driving new efficiencies through a seamless, single-platform service approach,” said Steve Kaish, SVP of alliances for Glia.

The joint Glia-ebankIT solution is available for financial institutions across North America, including Canada. For more information, go to