Exclaimer Group, the email signature management leader that helps brands and businesses add great endings to every email conversation, today announces the launch of Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud, alongside its existing Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud.

Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud is an extensive new product that will equip customers to exploit the marketing potential of their email signatures. In a global first, the product also allows customers to quantify the monetary value of email signature campaigns using the new EAV (Equivalent Advertising Value) metric.

In addition, Exclaimer is launching two Power Ups, a brand-new concept in email signature management, which will allow customers to drag-and-drop survey links and integrate calendar booking options into email signature templates.

Exclaimer Looks to Unlock the Untapped Value of Email Signatures

Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud represents a real step change for Exclaimer. It aims to unlock the true potential of email signatures as a marketing channel, articulating a real value-add to CMOs and marketing budget-holders with functionality including:

  • Signature Engagement Analytics Dashboard – enabling customers to see a real-time view of the key performance metrics for their signatures: signature views, clicks-throughs, equivalent advertising value (and therefore ROI), popular time/days of send, key recipient domains, best performing signatures and more. In short, it is the ultimate view of an organization’s marketing campaigns across all its email real-estate.
  • Signature Usage Analytics Dashboard – showing customers how their organization is using its email signatures across the business. Powerful analytics show mailboxes under management, aged templates requiring attention, send rates, busy times and more.
  • Campaign Banner Rotator – randomly cycle different email signature campaigns going out from individuals/groups to ensure freshness.
  • Campaign Date Control Center – calibrate stop and start dates timings for time-limited campaigns and the intervals between them.
  • User Details Editor – ensuring the accuracy of individual users’ data in their email signatures in real time with minimal admin. This allows individuals to scale the addition of richer data like working days/hours and gender pronouns across the workforce and keep it up to date while saving potentially hundreds of hours compared to traditional methods.

Exclaimer data suggests that email signature marketing can improve efficiency, acting as a more cost-effective method than other digital marketing channels. EAV (equivalent advertising value) is a metric unique to email signature management that quantifies the value of advertising and messaging placed in email signatures of an organization’s outgoing business email messages.

Exclaimer is also launching two new Power Ups that give customers built in, miniaturized tools to drive customer engagement. They are simple ‘drag-and-drop’ features; simply drag them on to an email signature template and associate them with a group of employees, or a set of rules, to drive customer satisfaction and NPS score, and to book calendar appointments. Power Ups can be used alone, or in combination for the most effective use of the signature space.

Exclaimer Signature Feedback Power Up

  • An integrated drag-and-drop feature that enables customer feedback buttons to be embedded within an email signature.
  • Allows marketers and customer service leaders to measure CSAT and NPS in a simple 1-click format, from emails their employees already send to customers and prospects.
  • Surfaces critical, real-time sales and marketing intelligence to achieve customer retention objectives.

Exclaimer Signature Appointments Power Up

  • A drag-and-drop appointment setting placed within an email signature, allowing you to automatically add “book a meeting with me” functions, without needing a third-party calendar system.
  • An extremely simple set up that generates booking links for your organization – these links can also be shared outside the signature, providing even broader value.
  • Allows clients to drive direct customer engagement with sales associates and processes and optimizes customer attendance at events.

Exclaimer announces this revised product portfolio alongside a new brand positioning, centered around the idea of ‘turning every ending into a valuable new beginning’, with the signature at the end of every email providing companies with the opportunity to supercharge personal interactions and create great customer experiences.

Exclaimer’s Growth Trajectory

Exclaimer has always been the global leader in the development of email signature solutions. In the past three years, Exclaimer has doubled its global user-base and is now on a mission to redefine the email signature category, harnessing the potential of personal email and human interaction to make email signatures a new marketing channel.

As part of this global growth strategy, Exclaimer acquired Periodic in January 2022, a major player in the calendaring and appointment scheduling market based in Bloomington, Indiana, USA. This deal enables Exclaimer to enhance its offering through additional integrated functionality in the shape of a streamlined booking option for customers to use within their email signatures.

This news came hot on the heels of the appointment of Marco Costa as the business’ CEO in October 2021. Marco joined Exclaimer from Talkdesk, where he served as COO International, leading the strategy and execution of all Talkdesk’s international business. During his tenure at Talkdesk, Marco grew the international team from 50 to 1,200 people and helped grow the organization’s value from $300m to over $10bn.

Speaking on today’s announcement, Marco Costa comments: “Today is a major milestone in Exclaimer’s business story. The new product portfolio and brand proposition we have announced represents a step change in the global potential and untapped value, of email signature solutions.

In business, a lot of emphasis is placed on the importance of first impressions, but we want to change this conversation. We believe that it is the goodbyes that are most memorable, and it is these interactions that truly shape positive business outcomes.

Email signatures are the next marketing channel, currently underutilized. By facilitating real-time audience feedback and organizational standardization, Exclaimer’s new products can provide value add and competitive advantage to Marketing, Sales, Support, HR, and Legal teams. We are really excited for this next phase of our global growth.”