An enviable roster of superstars joins MetaCity, attracting over 150 million fans


The news that is making the rounds among anyone and everyone following happenings in the world of NFT and the metaverse is the speed at which MetaCity has attracted the attention of stars past and present.  MetaCity will welcome a number of film stars and singers of many genres and from different eras during this month.

It has already been confirmed that Ian Joseph Somerhalder, star of The Vampire Diaries, famous rappers Snoop Dogg and Russell Simmons, and Hong Kong comic series Teddy Boy, which was a hit with millions of fans in the 80s and 90s, will register on MetaCity, a metaverse project, in April.

Collaboration with big names & classic works is an attractive selling point

MetaCity is a metaverse project developed by TOKAU, a blockchain company based in Tokyo, Japan. One of the key business drivers for a metaverse project is social attraction, which can often be achieved through the fan economy. TOKAU has struck deals with celebrities of all genres and walks of life, including signing an agreement with NBA basketball star Allen Iverson to sell NFTs, as well as with renowned actress Yua Mikami to lead NFT auctions. These partnerships have confirmed TOKAU’s prowess in negotiating with celebrities. TOKAU revealed that this is only the initial lineup of the stars that the blockchain pioneer plans to partner with, and that agreements under consideration with a second lineup of stars are in the middle of legal review. Once completed, several classic American and Japanese anime series will launch on the platform. The lineup will also include European and American female rock singers who have been popular since the beginning of the millennium, as well as some of the actors that starred in several of the US’s most cherished comedy classics.

MetaCity will hold an “Ask Me Anything” session with Teddy BoyClub, a Teddy Boy community in Taiwan, on April 15, when the first group of stars and Metaverse land pre-sales will be announced.

TOKAU declined to disclose its valuation, yet revealed that the total number of Twitter followers of the celebrities already on board with TOKAU has reached 150 million. Investors are keeping a watchful eye on TOKAU’s potential for appreciation.

SOURCE Tokau Limited