Introducing ‘APX by Terri Ross’, a Business Intelligence Training and Growth Cloud Platform for Aesthetic Practices


Renowned aesthetic practice consultant Terri Ross announced the official launch of APX by Terri Ross, a business intelligence cloud platform that accelerates the growth of aesthetic practices through on-demand employee training modules, financial algorithms, KPI calculators, and integrative marketing dashboards. APX translates the decades of expertise and proven formulas for success that Terri Ross has developed into a real-time, on-demand, change management system that has increased monthly practice revenue by more than 2,800% for one client. APX provides accountability, retention, and foresight to the most successful and prestigious aesthetic businesses in the nation. To learn more, or to schedule a live online demo, please visit

An acronym for “Aesthetic Practice Accelerator”, APX (pronounced “apex”) solves the age-old pain point that aesthetic business owners face when working with practice consultants: how can I ensure that my staff will continually follow all of the new protocols and recommendations even after the consultant leaves and is no longer here on a daily basis?

APX features five key components that increase practice efficiency and profitability for one flat annual license fee with unlimited users licenses and unlimited access to all the features of the platform:

  1. TRAIN
    1. Online, on-demand training courses for every member of your staff
    2. Robust sales, finance, operations, and marketing curriculum
    3. Maintain staff accountability at all times
    4. Dynamic training modules, quizzes and exercises
    1. 7 user-friendly, financial calculators that provide real-time insight
    2. Understand pricing and costs, and optimize them to become more profitable
    3. Build an accurate forecast that reduces cost and achieves revenue goals
  3. LUCID
    1. Comprehensive real-time analytics dashboard of every marketing metric and KPI
    2. Save time and money with integrations to 50+ popular data sources and social media channels
    3. Run powerful reports on website performance, SEO, campaign ROI
  4. GAUGE
    1. Validated and statistical benchmarking technology that provides industry insights not found anywhere else
    2. Compare metrics, procedure counts, productivity, average charges and consumer behavior
    3. Updated “statistically relevant” data from hundreds of practices
    1. Stay connected with Terri Ross and the APX team of expert consultants
    2. Exclusive access to on-going educational sessions, live coaching calls and more
    3. The secret to the success of ‘APX by Terri Ross’: on-going sessions to increase recall and retention

“APX was the direct result of working one-on-one with aesthetic clients for more than a decade and gaining a unique perspective and understanding of their pain points and the gaps in knowledge in the areas of sales, finance, operations, KPIs and benchmarking,” said Terri Ross, CEO and Founder of APX. “With Covid-19 and the changes the industry faced within the new landscape, it became apparent that practices needed real-time solutions in order to be more efficient and profitable, even during a pandemic. My team and I took a hard look at how we could provide the necessary tools and resources that were not available anywhere else and essentially roll them into the most comprehensive, robust, impactful solutions-based platform that will save thousands of dollars and provide evergreen content. This new platform is the equivalent of having me and my entire team in a client’s practice 24/7. I could not be more excited to launch APX and help as many practices as possible in the aesthetic industry to reach new heights of success.”