AIDI: A Decentralized Meme Token designed to serve its Community – Uniting DeFi, NFT and Gaming


It’s evident that many finance critics have largely debated the recent boom of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Even after such extensive globalization, users don’t have the right to access critical information related to the actions of a centralized authority. AIDI INU is one such decentralized peer-to-peer rewards transaction network that holders and investors can invest in to watch their holdings grow gradually. Aidi Ecosystem has utilities that bring Defi, NFT and Gaming together.

As decentralization is not accompanied by the delegation of commensurate authority to specific individuals or units at any level, no person has the power to change the course of action. The community makes every decision, so the power of decision-making, governance, and assignment is divided equally with accountability and responsibility for results.

AIDI has developed unique ways to solve this issue and create a community-driven initiative. It has a combined deflationary mechanism with a community-driven system, which enables streamlined decentralized undertakings. The company has also deprived certain mandatory rewards for the community.

AIDI INU features a unique ecosystem called “The Aidiverse” and has utilities that bring DeFi, NFT and Gaming together. Aidiverse revolves around the Ethereum blockchain. When asked about their decision to choose Ethereum, the developers at AIDI said, “the answer is simple, ETH is the unquestionable king of the hill when it comes to smart contracts.” Ethereum is undoubtedly dominating every metric and dimension of blockchain, attracting the demand for the building of decentralization apps at the moment. Indeed, it is also the second-best cryptocurrency globally and probably the best blockchain network overall. The AIDI project has chosen Ethereum over others seeing the popularity, stability, and the large community.

  • AIDI is an experimental token implemented purely for community building with built-in Automated Rewards Farming. It is governed entirely by its community and is an equivalent contributor and owner of the growing network. Its automated rewarding technology redistributes 1% of each buy or sell transaction among all the holders in real-time. AIDI is built while keeping in mind the generational problems we face currently. Therefore, it is designed to be fully secure, transparent, and serve the public rather than a particular group of people. To give rise to an everlasting ecosystem, it has ensured the durability and stability of every building block and implemented artificial intelligence in bots.
  • AIDI tokens are also deflationary, where 1% of every transaction is rewarded back to holders. Another 1% is reserved for timely burns. Besides community focus, it has a more extensive roadmap that is straightforward and welcomes investors and holders to learn and grow together. Its Total supply is capped at 100 Quadrillion, and marketers can also access the liquidity of the entire crypto market on AIDI’s swapping platform.

Their NFT marketplace – AidiCraft aims to bring artists and art lovers under one roof. Artists could create new NFTs and sell their creations in AidiCraft. Also AidiCraft supports royalty fee, which allows the NFT creator to collect royalty fee for each change of ownership. Non-Fungible Tokens are now a popular trend and the value of the entire NFT market has grown from less than $41 million three years ago to $338 million at the end of 2020, representing a rapid increase of 724%. Various celebrities and businesses are talking about launching their NFTs like Cinedigm Corp. which has a $200M+ market cap on NASDAQ and distributes digital cinema recently announced the launch of a new NFT-based film label dedicated to releasing limited editions NFT’s.

Currently, AIDI has around 4300+ token holders and above $4,100,000 in Market Cap. It also has a dignified community, with approximately 3500 Telegram Members and a reported 56400% Growth rate with an estimated trading volume of $400K per day. Its featured point Initial Token Burn of around 55% with approximately 54.9 Quadrillion tokens burnt to date. Token Ownership makes the launch fair and square for marketers. Also, AIDI has a multi-sig community wallet for worldwide promotion and growth activities with this audited fund.

The Aidiswap Exchangehave $AIDI as a base token. Aidi Ecosystem will also have a platform implementing the DeFi integration with gaming, which will enable entertainment clubbed with an investment opportunity. AIDI holders will also track their AIDI holdings on its official tracker app called “AidiArena.”

Aidi Ecosystem have many utilities which add value to the ecosystem. It consists of the below utilities :

  • Aidiswap – The native swap exchange
  • AidiCraft – NFT Marketplace
  • AidiArena – Application to watch Aidi’s growth
  • AidiPlayFi – Gaming platform
  • AidiGarage – Merchandise store

Aidi Inu (AIDI) can be bought from decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap, Aidiswap  and also from centralized exchanges such as Indoex, Bilaxy and BKEX.