The World’s First “AI BOB: Go-Bigger Multi-Agent Decision Intelligence Challenge” Kicks Off to Foster AI Talents


AI BOB: Go-Bigger Multi-Agent Decision Intelligence Challenge”, the world’s first global AI competition based on the popular eSports game “Battle of Balls (BOB)” is officially launched. The Challenge is designed to empower university students and technology developers around the world to realize their creative potential in AI learning, providing user-friendly tools and game environment for them to exchange experiences with AI enthusiasts globally.

The Challenge is organized by OpenDILab (open source decision intelligence platform), with Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Laboratory as academic advisor.

SenseTime, Giant Network Group and SAIC Motor Artificial Intelligent Laboratory co-host the Challenge. Other supporting organizations include Global AI Academic Alliance, Shanghai Institute for Advanced Study of Zhejiang University and Qing Yuan Research Institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

The OpenDILab open sourced a competitive multi-agent confrontation game environment – Go-Bigger ( for the Challenge, where the AI agents in the game can be designed conveniently without using complicated codes.

The AI version of “Battle of Balls”

In Go-Bigger, the player (AI) controls one or more round balls in the map, and gains as many points as possible by eating food balls and other units smaller than the player’s ball.

Cooperation within the team and external competition are crucial to the final result. From today to March 2022, each team can submit their AI agents up to 3 times a day, relying on the strategic control of the multi-agents in the team to win the Challenge. The winning results will be published in April.

Ladder system is used to evaluate the AI agents submitted by the contestants. During the public evaluation stage, the AI agents will be tested continuously in the ladder system and get the real-time scores as a reference. Moving on to the private evaluation stage, all AI agents will be re-tested comprehensively and fairly. The final ranking will be based on the private test scores.

Go-Bigger also provides the necessary visualization tools. When interacting with the environment, contestants can directly save the video of the game from the global perspective and the perspective of each player.

Take On The Challenge – RMB150,000 in Prizes

The Challenge is open to AI talents of all ages, genders, identities and nationalities. Students and technology developers who want to take on the Challenge are required to form a team of up to 5 people. The contest will award winners a total of RMB150,000 as prize. Each of the winning teams of the Golden prize, Silver prize, and four winning prizes will receive RMB60,000RMB30,000 and RMB15,000 respectively. No registration fee will be charged.


Number of Awards

Award Amount(RMB)

Golden prize

1 team


Silver prize

1 team


Winning prize

4 teams

15,000 (per team)