Urban Tea, Inc. Announces Name Change to Bit Brother Limited and Upcoming Trading Symbol Change to BTB

Urban Tea, Inc. (“Urban Tea” or the “Company“), (NASDAQ: MYT), is pleased to announce that effective on June 16, 2021, the Company will change its name to “Bit Brother Limited” (the “Name Change“), as well as its ticker symbol from “MYT” to “BTB” (the “Symbol Change“).

Xianlong (Jack) W, CEO of the Company, commented, “We believe that blockchain technology will have a bright future, and will become an irreplaceable experience for its participants. An increasing number of people will begin to understand and start to use blockchain and cryptocurrency as they gain further awareness of the technology, which brings opportunities for the Company. We plan to seize this opportunity and move forward as planned, contributing human resources, material resources and capital to develop blockchain-based software, applications, and service systems.”