VISION LIFE Accelerates Global Expansion, Announces Major Development Plan at Summer Conference in Tokyo


VISION LIFE, an international group with a core business of global advertising distribution, is currently rapidly expanding its market and committed to building the world’s largest advertising community. With over 200,000 members and agents in markets such as JapanSouth KoreaTaiwanmainland Chinathe PhilippinesMalaysia, and Singapore, VISION LIFE has made a significant impact in the advertising distribution market.

To showcase its determination for global growth, VISION LIFE is organizing a major conference on June 17, 2023, at the Oriental 21st Century Hotel in Tokyo. The event will invite CEO Victor Peterson and COO Alfredo Morro to share the latest global development plans and introduce important announcements.

VISION LIFE’s development plan covers various aspects, including the launch of an independent blockchain wallet. By actively expanding the market and providing more value and opportunities for its members, VISION LIFE aims to consolidate its position in the industry. In addition, the company has signed an agreement with Fintech Excellence Bank (FEB) in Singapore to issue Visa cards, implementing a seamless global fiat currency exchange system.

The global advertising market is undergoing unprecedented changes, driven by the proliferation of the internet and mobile devices. To stand out in this competitive market, VISION LIFE combines advertising business with blockchain technology, providing secure and efficient advertising distribution services. Furthermore, VISION LIFE’s unique incentive mechanism allows users to earn revenue by watching ads, attracting a large number of users and bringing a new business model to the global advertising industry.

Talent introduction is crucial for VISION LIFE. The company recognizes that talent is the cornerstone of its development. In the upcoming conference, VISION LIFE will host a series of events to recognize outstanding agents over the past year. In addition, millions in cash rewards will be drawn at the conference, injecting new vitality into the company’s future development.

Looking to the future, VISION LIFE will continue to invest in global markets and develop new business areas. The company is committed to improving advertising effectiveness, providing personalized advertising experiences, and partnering with well-known brands to solidify its position as the world’s largest advertising revenue platform. VISION LIFE will continue to innovate and transform, maintaining its leading position in a competitive industry.

In summary, VISION LIFE is rapidly expanding its global market, and its vision of building the world’s largest advertising community is gradually being realized. By providing innovative advertising solutions, creating more business opportunities, and generating more revenue, VISION LIFE is leading the innovation in the advertising industry. As the company continues to develop, VISION LIFE will focus on customer satisfaction, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility, creating a bright future for all stakeholders.