Online event service provider VOOTPRINT LIMITED (“VOOTPRINT”) proudly launches VOOTPRINT TECHNOLOGY SUITE to support global B2B event industry in accelerating digitalisation. Comprised of SaaS Virtual Event Builder, “Expo GENie” data analytics console and GlobalExpo-Net (GEN) B2B event portal, each VOOTPRINT solution caters different needs and addresses various pain points in digital transformation of B2B events. VOOTPRINT TECHNOLOGY SUITE is the full package that unlocks comprehensive event intelligence like never before.

With increasing popularity of virtual events and rapid growth of metaverse, hybrid exhibition (virtuality + reality) is now a new normal – a view supported by 73% of global exhibition industry stakeholders interviewed in a recent study of MICE outlook by The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry. The pioneering VOOTPRINT TECHNOLOGY SUITE adopts a BUILD-HOST-ANALYSE (BHA) model, blending the competencies of SaaS Virtual Event Builder (BUILD), GlobalExpo-Net (HOST) and “Expo GENie” (ANALYSE) into a customisable solution. VOOTPRINT TECHNOLOGY SUITE truly caters for individual needs of virtual event organisers, solving stakeholders’ pain points such as inexperience in building online events, lack of technical and in-house support, incompetencies in data integration and analytics. The BHA ecosystem facilitates event organisers to design data-driven, sustainable event strategies and solutions for materialising digital transformation.

Powered by a proprietary SaaS solution, VOOTPRINT TECHNOLOGY SUITE is a one-of-a-kind virtual event creator with unparalleled flexibility. Organisers can customise their events from a dozen of exhibition features and modules. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, the Business Matching feature requires no additional technical knowledge to set up. With just 10 minutes, you can effortlessly build a virtual event that supports 3D scenes and enables metaverse connection! Compatible to majority of live streaming and online conferencing solutions, the highly adaptive VOOTPRINT TECHNOLOGY SUITE also supports game and reward functions for enhancing user interaction and engagement. Through “Expo GENie”, event organisers will be able to access big data of their B2B events and receive automated, real-time data analytics to make better decisions and optimise event experience. Based on individual user’s profile, event interests and preferences, event participants can receive regular B2B industry updates and personalised suggestions from the one-stop GlobalExpo-Net event information portal.

Dr. Jacky Ting, Chief Digital Officer of VOOTPRINT, said, “We integrate Big Data, Al and SaaS into VOOTPRINT TECHNOLOGY SUITE for creating holistic virtual event experience, providing cutting-edge marketing technology support, and offering a seamless access to metaverse.”

Since its launch, VOOTPRINT TECHNOLOGY SUITE has been well received by notable B2B event organisers such as Cyberport, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Hong Kong Productivity Council, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks, as well as renowned exhibitions in Mainland China, West Kowloon Cultural District and Prudential Hong Kong, all benefitted from this robust tool to reinforce their digital marketing effectiveness. VOOTPRINT now sets its sights on developing new features for embracing the immense market opportunities of Web3 and metaverse.