VXPass opens blockchain-based COVID-19 vaccination verification program to licensed medical practitioners and their patients


VXPASS,  a blockchain-based platform built to manage, store and verify records for global COVID-19 vaccination programs, has today announced that it is opening its Digital Covid Card replacement to licensed medical practitioners and their patients all around the world. By opening the service to medical professionals directly, licensed practitioners can now offer patients the ability to record their vaccination records to a shared database on-chain, enabling them to hold and securely share their vaccination records digitally as needed, such as via a smartphone, without exposing their personally identity.

VXPASS as a platform allows medical professionals to securely document a patient’s status during the course of their personal COVID-19 vaccination program by creating a digitally signed version of the COVID-19 vaccination cards. Without storing any personally identifiable information, VXPass creates a record of all relevant vaccine data (including the type of vaccine given, the time each dose was administered) on the BSV blockchain, using techniques that protect patient privacy.  The data application enables government bodies and health organizations to better monitor their vaccination programs in real-time while also giving control over access to

The process of writing the vaccination details to the blockchain using VXPASS can be undertaken by the medical practice as part of the service they offer to their patients, meaning that patients will not need to interact directly with the blockchain. With today’s new service offering, medical practitioners can now use the service to create digital records of new vaccinations as they occur, as well as digitizing existing vaccination records.

VXPASS will offer tokens (built using RelayX and available for pre-sale immediately on both RelayX and VXPass.com) which will entitle users to have their vaccination records written to the blockchain using the VXPASS platform at participating medical practices starting at $4.99. Participating medical practitioners may offer this service directly within their practices also. In the future, VXPASS will begin rolling out virtual visits with local doctors for those patients whose doctors are not currently enrolled.

Speaking on today’s announcement, Zachary Weiner, founder of VXPASS, said:

“At present,  paper cards are the only way that most people are able to keep a record of their vaccinations. They’re not only inconvenient and unreliable, but in many places, not acceptable as a valid proof of vaccination. With VXPASS, we solve that issue by digitizing vaccination records and placing them in the patient’s custody, on the blockchain. This creates an immutable and verifiable signed record of a patient’s vaccination which can be accessed and securely shared by them, anywhere at any time. Initially, VXPASS focused on creating secure patient owned records at the time of vaccination, but with today’s announcement, our platform is now able to offer that same simplicity and security to all patients holding a valid record of vaccination record – something we see as a crucial step to putting the pandemic in the past and moving forward with our collective futures.”

Also speaking, Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President of Bitcoin Association – the global industry organization that works to advance business with the BSV blockchain, said:

“The team at VXPASS have built an effective tool which leverages the power of the BSV blockchain to track vaccination records in a way which is more accurate and more efficient, without sacrificing patient privacy – demonstrating the tangible benefits that blockchain technology can offer today to empower personal health care data.”