Simshine Releases WiFi Baby Monitor for Real-Time Monitoring and Safety


Simshine is excited to announce the release of the Simshine Baby Pro. The all-in-one smart baby monitor is a leading WiFi baby monitor for baby safety.

The Simshine Baby Pro is equipped with a 2K QHD camera, two-way audio, night vision, AI for cry detection and soothing, a danger zone, auto photo capture, historical event recording, sleep tracking and more. The monitor comes with a crib stand and is the best way to parent intelligently with a crystal-clear view of the baby from anywhere in real time.

With the Simshine Baby Pro, parents can feel more secure with the sharpest video feeds. The 2K QHD camera has a 400W pixel lens for high definition and a 360-degree, wide-angle view, allowing parents to view the entire room and not just the crib for peace of mind. The camera offers digital zoom and infrared night vision to check on babies while the lights are out without disturbing their sleep.

With unique alert features, parents can be there for their young ones when needed. The camera sends sound and motion notifications to alert parents to activity in the nursery and provides danger zone detections through artificial intelligence. To help parents ease the baby back to sleep, the monitor includes auto soothing and two-way audio. The soothing music has a white noise option or parents can upload their own soothing music to the monitor.

What makes the Simshine Baby Pro unique is the intelligent features offered to help parents more actively understand their baby’s sleep habits through sleep tracking and analytics. The accompanying SimHome app (available for iOS or Android) provides detailed analytics of the baby’s night, such as time crying, total sleep and longest sleep. The intelligent features of the monitor work with or without an internet connection and can store up to 128 gigs or 13 days of playback to help discover sleep issues. Videos are stored and processed locally on the device and only homeowners can access the camera through the SimHome app, where live videos can be streamed to a phone through a secured peer-to-peer network.

The Simshine Baby Pro is easy to install, set up and pair to smartphones or tablets. The monitor can be adjusted in all directions to get the best view of the baby. The crib-mounted holder hides all cords inside, keeping the baby from having any access to the cords. The holder easily attaches to the crib with a c-clamp.

The monitor comes in pink and yellow with two options for storage: a 64 gig and a 128 gig. Plugs are available for the United StatesUnited KingdomAustralia and the European Union. No subscription is required and Simshine offers free shipping, a one-year warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Customer Danielle called the Simshine Baby Pro a must-have item for small kids. “This allayed my anxiety over sleep training so much. I love being able to share an account with my spouse and both sets of grandparents. Video and sound quality are great.”

Simshine is trusted by more than 60,000 parents worldwide. The company launched in 2017 when several computer vision scientists got together to develop locally run AI devices and take AI to the next level. The team wanted to tackle the common problems found in smart home cameras.

“Our mission is to bring true peace of mind and more convenience to people’s life by embedding advanced AI vision into easy-to-use cameras,” said a spokesperson for Simshine.

Simshine products offer a more proactive way for people to protect and connect with their homes.

For more information and to shop now, visit or find the Simshine Baby Pro on Amazon.

SOURCE Simshine