Centripetal Networks Announces Cybersecurity Partnership with Dynics


Centripetal Networks, Inc. today announced a new partnership with Dynics, Inc. providing clients with integrated industrial cybersecurity protection that extends from the internet to the factory floor.

“Our integration with Dynics combines their ICS Defender solution with our CleanINTERNET intelligence-driven, network defense service,” said Jonathan Rogers, COO at Centripetal Networks. “Cyberattacks are prolific and industrial manufacturing and critical infrastructure networks are all very vulnerable. These networks face an expanded attack surface that includes an overwhelming array of technologies from different manufacturers, using different protocols and operating systems. These systems perform hundreds of automated functions across the industrial environment. Visibility and action are critical to protecting these networks. With Dynics and Centripetal, our integrated solution provides the visibility and immediate action needed to protect the entire industrial landscape.”

Globally, ransomware attacks more than doubled from 2020 to 2021, and the worldwide impact of the cybercrime economy exceeded $6 trillion last year alone.

According to Jeff Smith, CTO at Dynics, “As industrial machines have become increasingly connected to cyberspace in the ‘internet of things,’ they, too, have become highly vulnerable to cyberattack. This has forced organizations to become proactive about protecting themselves, rather than reactive. Security by obscurity is no longer a thing. A robust approach to cybersecurity requires best-in-class solutions, and we’re excited to be able to offer that approach thanks to our new partnership with Centripetal Networks.”

Through their partnership, Centripetal and Dynics will offer customers the ability to monitor and prevent threats to industrial manufacturing and critical infrastructure organizations across their entire networks. From the network layer through to the industrial control systems layer and the devices those systems run.

Centripetal’s CleanINTERNET service integrates and operationalizes real-time global threat intelligence, using it to make instant decisions and take action on known threats before they hit the customer network, and to stop outbound malware and data exfiltration before it hits the internet. Dynics’ ICS Defender is an industrial control system security platform that meets today’s needs of OT and IT professionals as a comprehensive solution that is powerful enough to support a purely OT, or an OT/IT convergent environment. The two products together provide end-to-end visibility and control.