Zitec, leading tech company in Europe, developed the new online shop for Kingfisher-owned BricoDepot.ro


Zitec, a European IT company headquartered in Romania and with an international office in London, announces the development and launch of Brico Dépôt (part of Kingfisher Group) online shop on the Magento 2 Commerce Cloud platform. This initiative is complementary to other actions undertaken by Brico Dépôt during its digital transformation journey.

Zitec is specialized in the development of digital transformation services, custom software solutions, eCommerce, mobile apps, blockchain, and digital marketing. With 18 years of experience, the company has delivered more than 650 projects in +30 countries, on 4 continents. As an Adobe Solutions Bronze Partner, Zitec is helping businesses build and launch eCommerce platforms, while also providing omnichannel solutions and best-suited customer experiences for B2C, B2B, and marketplace business models.

For Brico Dépôt, Zitec migrated the online store from the original platform, created in Laravel, to Magento 2 Commerce Cloud, and added multiple UX/UI improvements. Brico Dépôt’s new eCommerce platform solves many previous limitations from both back office and end-user interface.

The operating and administration segments underwent major optimizations. The Magento 2 platform offers more flexibility, visibility, and control in terms of content & product management, while the migration provides a clearer and faster order processing procedure. If, in the past, each order had a different processing flow depending on the specifics of the order, the current process is built on standard actions, which uniformizes the flows. The website brings tangible benefits to the 67% of the users who access the platform from their mobile device daily, following the “mobile first” strategy.

Zitec team has improved the search function and the identification of products on the site with the help of the integrated Magento 2 components. Using the UX/UI services, the strategy for informing consumers about the stores where the desired product is available and their proximity based on the location of the customer was rethought.

“Online commerce has become an indispensable vector of a merchant’s strategy, and an optimized eCommerce platform translates into an increased number of conversions and a high buying frequency. Brico Dépôt has found in Zitec a reliable partner for accelerating their digital transformation. Because we wanted both Brico Dépôt and their customers to benefit of the increased functionality and of better online experience, we managed to complete the transition to the new platform in just 4 months”, said Alexandru Lăpușan, CEO Zitec.