The Four Highlights of OMODA 5’s Global Departure Create a Cross dimensional Future


Recently, Tech Chery‘s first global model, the OMODA 5, embarked on a journey to Israel. This launch is not only the world’s first OMODA commercial vehicle, but also an important symbol of Chery’s self-developed products entering the market of developed countries for the first time. Previously, OMODA 5 was also sent to the Australian market as a sample vehicle.

By virtue of the brand-new design language “Art in Motion”, OMODA 5 adopts a borderless grille, which represents the nature of youngsters to break through boundaries and pursue freedom. with the suspended roof, double-layer sports tail and 18-inch sharp sports rims, the sporty style of OMODA 5 is in keeping with the critical aesthetic points of young trendsetters.

As the pioneer of future intelligence, OMODA 5 is equipped with multiple intelligent technologies to effectively improve the active safety performance and bring an immersive intelligent driving experience.

In terms of intelligent security configuration, OMODA 5 is equipped with an ADAS system with more than 10 functions to ensure the safe travel of young trendsetters. To be specific, RCTA can monitor the left, right and rear blind spots when reversing; AEB (automatic emergency braking) can identify pedestrians and bicycles to ensure the safe distance between the vehicle and passing pedestrians/vehicles; and LDP can automatically control the vehicle to drive in the center of the lane at all times.

In terms of power, OMODA5 adopts the 1.6TGDI engine with a maximum power of 145kW and a peak torque of 290N·m. Acceleration from 0-100 km/h is accomplished in only 7.8 seconds. Besides, the engine has been greatly upgraded in terms of intake tumble optimization, thermal management system, structure design and lightweight.

Driven by the pursuit of safety and quality, OMODA5 meets the five-star quality requirements of China, EU, Central and South AmericaSoutheast AsiaAustralia, and other countries/regions, and has reached the excellent level of CIASI and IVISTA.

As Chery’s first star product series built with future technology at its core, with cutting-edge design and dynamic appearance to win the favor of global trendsetters, immersive intelligent driving experience and intelligent technology, strong power and high quality to realize global five-star safety, OMODA5 caters to global “future” trend leading users and explores the charm of intelligent technology together with global young urban elites.

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