Top derivatives DEX ApolloX launches Spot Trading


ApolloX, one of the top decentralized crypto derivatives exchanges, has launched spot trading and listed trading pairs including its native APX token.

Simply by connecting their decentralized wallets, traders can make limit, market or stop-limit orders for BTC/USDT, BUSD/USDT, APX/USDT markets and more markets instantly.

ApolloX DEX will offer the best selection of trading pairs based on market demand and user suggestions. Utilising an order book system means ApolloX avoids risk of high slippage and long transaction times commonly seen in automated market makers (AMM) exchanges.

“While we are a prominent derivatives DEX, spot is simpler for many crypto traders and useful in trading strategies. As one of the top DEXes by total trading volume, the addition of spot trading creates more value for our users and builds an inclusive ApolloX ecosystem for the entire blockchain community,” said the Founder of ApolloX.

Shaping the future of decentralized trading

Since its inception, ApolloX has been walking the talk of lowering barriers to entry for crypto and blockchain.

ApolloX has expanded DEX futures trading on the ApolloX mobile application, built a multi-chain ecosystem supporting ERC20 and BSC networks, and partnered with other prominent DEXes including PancakeSwap, BabySwap and Leonicorn Swap to offer derivatives trading to more traders.

More importantly, ApolloX is executing its forward-looking plan of ApolloX 2.0 — burning 5.7 billion APX tokens and implementing DAO decentralized governance, thus shaping the future of Web3 trading.

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