UP Fintech unveils TigerGPT, the industry’s first AI investment assistant


TigerGPT, a text-generating AI chatbot developed among UP Fintech’s vast internet services, is introduced as the first deployment of an AI investment assistant in the industry.

The feature, now in user testing and soon to be rolled out on the flagship platform Tiger Trade, also makes UP Fintech Holding Limited (“UP Fintech”, Nasdaq: TIGR, and all its subsidiaries and consolidated entities) one of a handful of financial institutions offering this OpenAI technology-based service aimed at providing intelligent global investment decision-making support for users.

TigerGPT leverages UP Fintech’s vast content library and its expansive access to paid sources to offer timely and informative responses, including but not limited to, listed companies’ profiles and data, an ocean of financial knowledge and investor education materials, and market and stock insights, in a response to users’ investment-related queries in easily digestible conversations within a span of seconds. This feature helps save time spent on market research and raises efficiency in pre-investment preparation.

In the meantime, TigerGPT is undergoing daily-basis training and absorbing the latest market updates to ensure the interactions are concise and to-the-point, thanks to the company’s self-owned meticulous classification and easy navigation of information — two key benchmarks that define UP Fintech’s ever-improving R&D capabilities.

“Our commitment is to constantly facilitating global investing by placing innovations at the center of every step we take in creating the best possible user experience, boosting our users’ overall investing literacy, and bringing more sense to smart investing,” said Wu Tianhua, founder and CEO of UP Fintech. “To eliminate the overwhelming feeling our users get due to mountains of scattered data and information, we do believe our TigerGPT feature can bring a breath of fresh air deeply valued by users, by addressing various queries on investment research, quenching curiosities of specific stocks and industries, and presenting the very piece of information needed in a well-articulated and highly-pertinent manner — all the factors needed before making informed, efficient and smart investments.”

The company’s R&D team is also adding more languages in TigerGPT to its current support in English, Traditional Chinese, and Mandarin Chinese, in tandem with the company’s scaling up global expansion.

TigerGPT is now undergoing user testing in selected markets. Tiger Trade app users who are interested are welcome to join the test waiting list through the link or in-app banner.


Please note that the information provided by TigerGPT is for reference only, and should not be treated as financial advice. UP Fintech shall not be liable in any way in connection with the use of TigerGPT. TigerGPT does not provide any recommendation, all information provided is from the open data source.

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