VizibleZone Signs Contract with the Israeli National Water Company to Provide COVID-19 Exposure Notification Solution


Jerusalem-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup VizibleZone today announced a deal with MekorotIsrael’s National Water Company, to use VizibleZone’s high accuracy exposure notification technology in Mekorot’s factories and plants to allow business continuity in the era of Covid-19.

VizibleZone’s Exposure Notification app helps businesses monitor exposure and prevent the spread of Covid-19 among employees, thus avoiding unnecessary quarantines.

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, VizibleZone applied its advanced technology to create a premium exposure notification solution for private businesses and enterprises in the COVID-19 and post COVID-19 era.

Employees install an application that monitors their proximity in real time using BLE technology, without the need of tracing locations, thus maintaining privacy. Once a positive COVID-19 employee is detected, the technology can track all employee interactions with the relevant employee three weeks prior, alerting the relevant employees if they were in a proximity that requires quarantine. Company admin can use an accompanying dashboard tool to generate epidemiological investigations to provide a safe working place.

VizibleZone’s software is as accurate indoors as it is outside, thus enabling factories and buildings to maintain business continuity and minimize the number of employees that may be sent to unnecessary quarantine. The technology relies on an application on individuals’ mobile phones and maintains full privacy.

VizibleZone’s software was tested by government officials and has proven to be incredibly accurate, with minimum false positive alerts. The solution also allows maximum flexibility for the company to configure the degree of sensitivity of the system.

Gabi Ofir, CEO of VizibleZone, said, “We’re pleased that our technology, which can play a crucial role in assisting offices and companies in returning workforces in the most efficient and secure manner, is being used by Mekorot.  Keeping businesses open and functioning is a critical aspect of emerging from lockdowns and getting economies back on track. With the app, employers and employees can be confident that their workplace is doing its utmost to prevent and halt the spread of Covid-19.”

Shimon Rosh, Mekorot’s head of Covid-19 safety, said, “We chose VizibleZone’s solution to allow our employees to safely maintain routine activity at sites across the country during the Corona pandemic. The technology allows monitoring of exposure and an epidemiological investigation as necessary, while fully preserving our employees’ privacy.”

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