Vs Chat Pack – the ultimate game pack for every Twitch fan is out in October!

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Wouldn’t it be fun to put some obstacles or send zombies to the game that your favourite streamer is playing on Twitch? Or be on the other end and live your gameplay experience together with your viewers in real time?

KevDK Games have thought it through and created the first Twitch-exclusive game pack that allows Twitch streamers to play with their audiences via chat interactions. Vs Chat Pack is set to release already this October 13th!

Vs Chat Pack is a Twitch streamer game pack that has four games in four different genres, all focused on Twitch chat interactions. Viewers play by typing various commands in a Twitch chat, and each game allows them to individually impact the game experience! No setup is needed, just type your channel name in-game and you’re good to go!

“Allowing viewers to play against streamers is fascinating to me. As someone who plays games and watches Twitch streams, I’ve wondered what that combined experience would be like. Vs Chat Pack is my personal answer to that question. Four different games that involve the streamer and the viewers, enabling new kinds of interactions between them. I can’t wait for streamers and viewers to try it out.” – Casper Friis Farsøe, the creator of Vs Chat Pack.

The four games in Vs Chat Pack are:

Predicting Vs Chat

A strategy prediction game – Sphere Fighters will duke it out in an arena, but who will perform the best? Before each round, Sphere Fighters with random stats and abilities will be presented. You and each viewer will individually pick a Sphere. You get points from each elimination your chosen Sphere Fighter does, and if it’s the last Sphere standing. After a certain amount of rounds, whoever has accumulated the most points wins the game! You and up to 5000 viewers can play Predicting vs Chat.

Running Vs Chat

An endless runner where your viewers make all the obstacles – how far can you make it, and who will be the one that stops you? Viewers can also cooperate at certain times to create special surprises for you. These can make the run harder, so keep an eye out for whatever your viewers throw your way!

Typing Vs Chat

Type to survive! In a zombie apocalypse, you’re being swarmed from all sides by zombies that your viewers will spawn in. You must shoot the zombies by typing their names – each zombie is named after the viewer that spawned them in. Remember to type ‘reload’ to reload your gun when you run out of bullets. Viewers are able to spawn in different kinds of zombies too, so be careful!

Drafting With Chat

Cooperate with your viewers in this deck-building card game. Ten increasingly difficult opponents stand in your way, and before each encounter, your viewers will create new cards for you. Remove old cards in your deck, draft and insert new ones, and see if your deck is up to the challenge! Each card is also named after the viewer that created it. Will your viewers have your back and supply you with helpful cards, or will they sabotage you as much as they can?

Whether you’re in the mood for an intense gaming session, a relaxing and chill experience, a community-focused stream or you just need a quick in-between game, this pack has got you covered. I hope you have a great time with Vs Chat Pack!

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