Version 200.0 – 25.10.2023

  • Added Two-factor authentication (2FA) for increased security
  • Users should not be able to see add button for groups on other user profile page
  • Added a new option to disable members tab in groups
  • Added magnifying glass icon to the search bar
  • Fixed issues with post straight to group
  • Fixed the issue with left and right arrow keys
  • Fixed autoplay on NSFW videos
  • Hide history page from display unless you’re the profile owner
  • Improve posting photos directly to group
  • …and many more bug fixes

Version 100.1 – 15.06.2023

  • Add story option
  • Follow/unfollow & save/unsave button animations
  • Messages page improvements
  • New stream sort option: “Recently commented and posted”
  • Users can un/follow post notifications without commenting
  • Admins and group management can disable comments on specific posts
  • Dedicated Notifications page
  • Let admin disable the pinned posts feature completely
  • Social sharing: add “copy link”
  • Social sharing: add Telegram
  • New Messages page

BIG! Version 100.0 – 09.02.2022

Reactions improvements

The Reactions engine has been refactored in order to treat the first available published Reaction as the “root” element. So now, if “Love” is your first Reaction, the default small icon right under the post will be “Love”.

Reactions tooltip now opens on mouse-over

This improvement only applies on desktop and only if the user left no reaction yet. The pop-up will fly out the moment you mouse over the Reactions root element.

Visual fixes

Adding of a range of visual fixes and improvements: better “someone is typing” indicator in Chat, improved profile details in wide cover layout. The albums layout spacing was touched up, along with Media upload notices no longer explicitly mentioning S3 conversion.

Styling for shares was also improved.

WireUP is now also available in the Android Play Store.


Version 3.0 – 05.11.2020 – Added registration/sign in with existing social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, and LinkedIn.

Version 2.0 – 22.10.2020 – Complete redesign and optimization

New layout and more intuitive features.

Version 1.0 – 14.09.2020 – First launch for testing purposes and hosting two conferences