3 Oaks Gaming interview: Bringing exciting content to regulated markets

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At the beginning of 2022, 3 Oaks Gaming became the newest entrant to the iGaming industry and is intent on making an immediate impact. The business model is clear – working alongside up and coming game studios to bring their content into regulated markets worldwide, as well as providing operators with intriguing concepts that enhance their offering.

European Gaming caught up with Sebastian Damian, Managing Director of 3 Oaks Gaming, to understand more about the iGaming distributor’s strategic plans and how it intends to cut through the noise within a crowded marketplace.


What does 3 Oaks Gaming bring to the industry that will allow it to stand out?

3 Oaks Gaming aims to become a vital piece of the value chain that brings benefits to both independent studios and casino operators. We’ll be distributing exciting content produced by emerging developers into regulated markets worldwide. Crucially, most of these games will have been previously unavailable in regulated jurisdictions, so we’re facilitating the right for this content to be accessible to a wider audience.

Our business model will also provide operators with an opportunity to add fresh entertainment and further diversify their online offering, both with interesting games and supporting promotional tools that deliver robust engagement rates. We truly believe our distribution model will bring huge value to operators and game studios.


Which key regulated markets is 3 Oaks Gaming targeting and why?

Firstly, obtaining an Isle of Man licence was an important starting point for us, with the iGaming hub holding a track record of enabling business growth for our industry. Over the coming months, we will actively acquire licences to supply our content and services across numerous regulated markets that are rapid growly. In the short term, Sweden, Colombia, Romania, Malta and Georgia will be the initial regions we target and are confident that our products can make an immediate difference for operators in need of exciting content.

Also in the pipeline, we plan on gaining licences within Italy, Bulgaria and many others, which we feel will allow us to build real momentum and elevate the business to new heights. Of course, the US and Latin America are experiencing major growth with several territories embracing regulation, and both will be long-term targets for 3 Oaks Gaming.


With plenty of markets embracing regulation, how quickly can you expect to expand and support operators across multiple jurisdictions?

We are hugely ambitious and believe 3 Oaks Gaming can expand quickly, especially as we know that demand for new content is extremely high. So many independent studios in our industry are bringing intriguing features and concepts to market. Our role is to deliver those to regulated markets, providing a helping hand to these studios so more players can experience them.

There has already been plenty of interest in our products in regulated markets, and it is something we’re looking to capitalise on. As with every new business, much of the hard work is around building brand awareness and educating the industry on what 3 Oaks Gaming has to offer. As part of this, we are undertaking increased marketing initiatives and sponsoring the GAT Expo in March is just one of example of what we have in store for 2022. Industry events will serve as an important source to generate new business leads and we will be travelling the globe to help spread the world of our new offering.


What can we expect in the near future from 3 Oaks Gaming?

Hopefully, lots of exciting developments and commercial agreements that will illustrate our ambitions to make a real impact. We are close to securing licences in numerous iGaming markets, such as Malta, Bulgaria, Italy and Romania, which is already gaining interest from multiple operators and studios who can understand that we mean business.

Alongside our expansion into new markets, building our content offering is a huge priority for us. We have assembled an impressive games offering already, but are eager to introduce more varied content that meets the demands of multiple player preferences.

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