How iQOO’s Hunt For India’s Next Big Gaming Streamer became the biggest platform to spotlight upcoming streamers across 2.5k+ participating YouTube channels and 2M+ live audiences

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Gamers and streamers are burgeoning in the country and the numbers are increasing exponentially. This new behavioural change is a trend watched closely by platforms and brands since the audience for these streamers are the most coveted – youth. Engagement rates are unique to just this medium.

There are stories of gamers and streamers from modest backgrounds who have made it big by being good at two things – esports and entertainment. So what is a “raid?” A raid is when a YouTuber/ Streamer with a significant following, asks his/ her viewers to go and watch another creator’s live stream. Case in point –  GamerFleet. A young man from Haldwani, Uttarakhand who was streaming to double digit audiences when he was ‘raided’ by Samay Raina. After the raid, he continued to grow organically not just because of his personality and collaboration with Samay Raina and Tanmay Bhat. Cut to a few months later and GamerFleet has over a million subscribers. This is the beauty of a ‘raid’.

So Raid Nights was born. This is the brainchild of Tanmay Bhat in partnership with iQOO – a phone company that puts the gamer before the game. The idea was executed by OML Entertainment with technical partners – Sky eSports. This property was only possible by the power of the platform that is YouTube. Tanmay Bhat, Samay Raina and GamerFleet have been online every Friday evening for the last one month with their new live-streaming property,  iQOO Raid Nights. The three content creators (Also known as raid bosses) presented a once in a lifetime opportunity to aspiring gaming streamers where they would raid the YouTube channels of upcoming streamers asking their subscribers to tune in and watch the live-stream of the channel they would raid, resulting in the aspiring creators seeing increase in live-streaming numbers like never before.


Here’s how iQOO Raid Nights happened.

Every Friday from 25th June to 23rd July there were 4 rounds of qualifiers and a grand finale. Participants would stream live on their YouTube channel using the hashtag #iQOORaidNights and the raid bosses would randomly pick and choose which channel they wanted to raid. 2.4k YouTube channels garnered over 8.9k user-generated videos in this time, hoping they would get “raided.”  The winners were chosen via a YouTube poll where the audience voted for their favourite performers. Two winners from each qualifier episode won a cash prize of Rs. 20,000 and an iQOO 7 Legend phone. There were super interesting performances and channels that the viewers came across. Some channels that captured people’s imagination were Gamer Mummy – A mother of two young adults who streams Minecraft everyday, kukZy Gaming – a gamer who also raps and beatboxes while playing the piano at the same time, Matata QHouse – who did hybrid dance performances with a mix of pre-recorded footage, visual effects and live webcam.

The winner of the first edition of iQOO Raid Nights was Mechanical Pandey – an entertainer who did a rap and dance performance. He also performed a short sketch of him doing random things and being beaten up by his mother which got huge laughs from the audience. The winner got a gaming setup worth Rs. 2,50,000 as the grand prize. The runner-ups were Shiny Kash – A gamer + rapper and The He Man Show – A streamer who lives in his shop and streams every night. He had created special art pieces for iQOO Raid Nights featuring the faces of the raid bosses.

iQOO Raid Nights was hosted by Tanmay Bhat, Samay Raina and GamerFleet on their respective YouTube Channels and was coordinated and executed by OML Entertainment.


Tanmay Bhat – Raid Nights is something that I’ve always wanted to do at scale. It was great to see that brands like iQOO and YouTube supported this property. The creativity that some streamers bring to the table is something that the audience must discover. One of my favourite channels from this edition was Matata QHouse. Their creativity and performance in the qualifiers just blew my mind

Samay Raina – Live Streaming suddenly grew during Covid quarenatines and many creators tried to showcase their characters and personas on stream although they couldn’t reach out to more people.  I’m glad iQOO Raid Nights helped these creators gain a massive amount of reach and an opportunity to showcase their talent. It was a great feeling watching people showcase their unique, unrecognised talent everytime we would raid them. Much love to iQOO for supporting us with this property

GamerFleet – One day I was just randomly streaming with about 500 views and suddenly it shot up to 5,000. That was when Tanmay Bhat raided me as a part of the initial stages of Raid Nights a few months ago. That particular raid helped me garner a lot more reach than usual and then a lot of people started following my content and started tuning in live while I stream. This is exactly what iQOO Raid Nights did with all the streamers who were a part of it. When you have a small channel and your watching increases, the YouTube algorithm sees that the channel is performing better and it recommends the channel more often. I really loved all the channels we raided, but Matata QHouse was my favourite one

Mechanical Pandey (Winner) – iQOO Raid Nights helped me quite a lot in terms of expanding my reach and discovering my creative abilities. I’m glad to have been a part of this wonderful event and I also believe Tanmay-bhai and Samay-bhai would want to stream with me in the future which I’m really looking forward to. My YouTube numbers increased tremendously and I’m glad a lot of people have now discovered me and my craziness. I’d really like to thank all the people who voted for me, and primarily Tanmay-bhai, Samay-bhai and Fleet-bhai for tuning in to my channel in the middle of all the 1500 channels that were streaming in the week I had participated, and giving me an opportunity to entertain and bring smiles on about 1 lakh people’s faces across 2 streams. I’m super excited to get my hands on the new gaming setup that I’ve won.

Gunjan Arya (CEO, OML Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.) – We are always on the lookout for upcoming talent that we can support, and have been bullish on online gaming for some time now. We’re super thrilled to have partnered with iQOO and YouTube in a way that is not only rewarding for the brand and the platform but for the online gaming space as a whole. The power of Creators + Brand + Platform really came together for a proper OP moment. Tanmay’s guidance and the super Samay and GamerFleet to boot have been invaluable collaborators. We came across a lot of new streamers including the incredible Gamer Mummy through the campaign and we will continue to do a lot more of this.


EC Rejects Call to Reform Expert Group on Gambling

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The European Commission (EC) has stated that will not support the re-establishment of an “Expert Group on Online Gambling” – a cross member state collaborative body supported by 14 regulatory agencies.

Dutch gambling regulator Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) published the EC’s response to a letter sent by KSA Chairman Rene Jansen on behalf of European regulators requesting to reinstate the group which had been decommissioned in 2018.

Regulators backed the reinstatement of an Expert Group to exchange knowledge and best practices with regards to governing gambling and protecting national consumers from risks and harms.

Jansen’s letter further stated that regulatory cooperation was required to secure greater oversight on technical requirements and to better evaluate the legislative outcomes of member-states governing their regulated gambling marketplaces.

“The work of the Expert Group was particularly successful. We achieved results that benefited consumers, national authorities and the gambling sector and the active participation in the group also demonstrated that member states are well equipped and willing to achieve positive outcomes together. And we still believe this to be the case,” Jansen said.

Issuing a response, the office of European Commissioner Thierry Breton referred to the EC’s original verdict to decommission the group taken in December 2017.

The expert group was deemed as no longer viable following the European Court of Justice (ECJ) arbitrating 30 cases related to gambling, in which all casework stated that national regulations superseded EU rules.

The EC underscored that gambling laws and standards would be maintained as the domain of the individual member state – which can choose to apply its legislative preferences to taxation, the licensing of market incumbents, industry standards and how a member state should protect its national consumers from harms.

The Commission can only intervene on member-states gambling laws if they are deemed to have breached the wider EU policies on market competition, fair business policies and state aid rules.

Replying to Jansen’s concerns, the EC responded that gambling regulators had the support of individual policy units carrying comprehensive oversight on “anti-money laundering (DG FISMA), consumer and youth protection (DG JUST), the prevention of addiction (DG SANTE) or issues of taxation (DG TAXUD)”.

“At this stage, our Directorate General does not intend to reverse this decision and to reinstate the Expert Group on Gambling Services under its responsibility,” the EC letter concluded.


F1® Esports Comes to EA Games in Mobile Racing Game With Huge Prizes Up for Grabs

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  • First F1® Esports tournament comes to Real Racing 3 game this August
  • Exclusive prizes up for grabs, including the chance to attend a Grand Prix
  • Update will also see new F1® 2021 liveries added to the game

    For the first time ever, fans will be able to compete in an F1® Esports tournament from 3 August in partnership with Firemonkeys Studio, an Australian-based creative studio of Electronic Arts (EA). Players of Real Racing 3, the mobile game that has set a new standard for simulation racing games, will get the chance to win exclusive prizes in the latest update, including tickets to the Grand Prix.

    3 August also sees the launch of the third season of Formula 1® content in Real Racing 3, bringing the latest F1® 2021 liveries and drivers to the game, so fans can download and play the most up-to-date cars, tracks and events.

    “Formula 1 is the biggest motorsport in the world, and we are excited to continue to bring not only the most authentic Formula 1 content on mobile to Real Racing 3, but also the world-first F1 RR3 Esports Global Challenge to our players and fans,” says Joe Donoghue, General Manager of Firemonkeys Studio.

    Ellie Norman, Director of Marketing and Communications at Formula 1®, commented: “We’re very excited to be bringing F1 Esports to Real Racing 3, as we continue to build our presence within the mobile gaming landscape. We hope the competition will see more people than ever before engage with F1 Esports on mobile as they battle it out for fantastic prizes.”

    The F1® Esports tournament will run from 3-24 August and is the latest move from Formula 1® as it continues to explore and expand in the mobile gaming and esports space. Players will take part in a bespoke esports event to try and win the unique F1® R3 Esports Challenger vehicle, which can then be entered into the brand new F1® Esports time-trial event.

    Those entered into the new F1® Esports event, will have the chance to win a selection of exclusive prizes, including tickets to a Grand Prix.


TruNarrative celebrates the 3 year anniversary of its financial crime and decisioning platform with a new look

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Leeds based RegTech firm, TruNarrative are celebrating the third anniversary of its platform which has transformed the way businesses; onboard their customers, ensure compliance with regulation and prevent financial crime.

Marking the occasion, TruNarrative unveils a new look, to ensure its brand reflects their innovative, forward-thinking technology and prepares the company for future growth.

TruNarrative was founded in 2017 through a partnership between Yorkshire Fintech Entrepreneur, John Lord and Larry Smith, a high-net-worth serial technology entrepreneur from California.

The founding team included, John, Ryan Morrison, Mike Harriss and Dave Eastaugh – industry experts with over 100 years of combined experience in the data and technology space, had all previously worked together at GB group plc, where John was the group managing director.

Their mission was to create a unifying platform for workflow, orchestration & decisioning for the prevention of financial crime, available to businesses of all sizes through Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) technology.

TruNarrative now boasts sales exceeding eight figures and has many high-profile customers including some of the world’s largest challenger banks, gambling organisations and leading payment services businesses.

TruNarrative’s customers benefit from the latest AI-driven Onboarding, Risk Rating and Transaction Monitoring technology for Fraud Prevention, and Anti-Money Laundering (AML).

Delivered through their cloud-based SaaS, TruNarrative’s Risk & Financial Crime platform has close partnerships with over 100 pre-integrated third-party data sources covering 150+ countries.

In February of this year, TruNarrative also launched a simplified version of their technology, serving high street professional services, and have customers across accountants, lawyers, estate agents and procurement managers.

The Technology firm currently employees over 60+ people in their Leeds office, and is set to expand significantly within the next twelve months.

Unveiled in July, the rebrand sees TruNarrative make significant aesthetic changes across their product logo, website and marketing collateral.

“4 years ago my team and I had an idea, that financial crime, customer onboarding and compliance could be orchestrated in a single SaaS solution. That idea has now grown into one of the UK’s leading RegTech firms, employing 60+ in our office above Leeds Kirkgate Market.” John Lord, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder at TruNarrative


Paf acquires two Swedish licensed companies

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Paf is acquiring the two Swedish licensed gaming companies Speedy Ltd and Speedy Originals from Hero Gaming. The companies run the gaming sites Speedy Casino, Speedybet and Speedyspel. With the purchase, Paf will become one of the six largest gaming companies in Sweden.

“We want to grow in Sweden and we have a determined ambition to be a leading player in the Swedish licensed market,” says Paf’s CEO Christer Fahlstedt.

Top six in Sweden

Hero Gaming was founded in 2013 and they have been successful in the Swedish market with the Speedy brand gaming sites.

“We see the deal as a good win-win strategy, in that now Hero Gaming can focus more on the global market. It feels good that it is Paf who is buying our Swedish business, they have a long-term strategy and they are well-known for their responsible gaming work,” says Tomas Bäckman, CEO of Hero Gaming.

Paf will become one of the six largest gaming companies in Sweden after the purchase. This is a position that Paf has been deliberately seeking.

“This acquisition shows that we have faith in the future of the Swedish market and we also have the capacity to acquire the companies that strengthen us,” says Christer Fahlstedt.

The loss limit will be implemented

The three Speedy gaming sites will implement Paf’s comparatively tough guidelines for responsible gaming. Among other things, Paf’s annual mandatory loss limit of EUR 20,000 / SEK 200,000 will be introduced.

“We do not have an interest in taking over the gaming sites unless their customers are largely at a gaming level that we accept. But of course, customers will notice that we value responsible gaming very strongly, to the same level of responsible gaming that we have on Paf’s other gaming sites,” says Christer Fahlstedt.

SpeedySpel, SpeedyBet and SpeedyCasino will continue to operate under their current brands in the Swedish market.


KX Named Official Supplier Of Real-time Data Analytics To Alpine F1 Team In Global Partnership Agreement

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Alpine F1 Team is pleased to partner with KX, a worldwide leader in real-time streaming analytics.

–  KX will become the team’s official supplier of real-time analytics software and services.

–  The announcement comes after an 18-month project where the KX streaming analytics platform was deployed across the entire Alpine F1 Team organization.

–  Alpine F1 Team looks forward to working with KX to enable real-time data capture and analysis of millions of data points to perform ahead of the competition.

LONDONAug. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — KX, a worldwide leader in real-time streaming analytics, today announced a partnership with Alpine F1 Team as official supplier of real-time analytics software and services. The KX technology enables real-time data capture and analysis of millions of data points across thousands of sensors for split-second decision-making during races, as well as for off-track operational improvements.

The announcement comes after an 18-month project where the KX streaming analytics platform was deployed across the entire Alpine F1 Team organization, in France for the power unit and in the UK for chassis and transmission. KX software is used to capture and analyze data across driver simulators, wind-tunnels, dynometers, telemetry instruments and sensors. With its ultra-high performance, extreme low latency and incredibly small footprint, the KX platform can capture, analyse, model and visualize track data faster than a live video stream can be broadcast from a race.

The KX logo will appear on Alpine F1 Team’s garage environment, symbolising the official kick-off of this multi-year, multi-faceted relationship.

Laurent Rossi, Chief Executive Officer, Alpine: “We are delighted to welcome on board KX to the Alpine family. In a sport where winning is measured in fractions of a second, this partnership will help Alpine F1 Team perform ahead of the competition. We look forward to working with them as we collectively strive for greater performance in all areas.”

Nathan Sykes, Business Systems and Data Science Director, IT Enstone, Alpine F1 Team: “In such a highly technical and highly regulated sport, the ability to make faster and better decisions is a game changer. The relationship we have with KX has matured over the last few years and the power of their advanced sub-second analytics and maths engine running in our Azure cloud, has consolidated its position as our tool of choice for our holistic data science platform. KX delivers true end-to-end real-time analytics with unrivalled speed of data ingestion and capture, advanced modelling and predictive analysis as well as visualization of insights. This means we can spot and react to problems before they happen and identify opportunities to increase performance, all in milliseconds. We’re already seeing significant benefits from using the KX platform and we’re looking forward to scaling up the deployment to continue driving the team forward.”

Gerry Buggy, Chief Strategy and Product Officer KX: “We are excited to be working with Alpine F1 Team to help them enhance on-track and operational performance through real-time data analytics. This partnership strengthens our existing relationship, and we look forward to developing the platform to drive on and off-track success.”


Meet India’s Leading Gaming Content Creators Who’re Raking in The Moolah

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Gone are the days when youngsters were told off by their folks for wasting hours e-gaming before a console, PC or mobile. Today, with increasing internet penetration, digitization across India and switchover to smartphones, the tables have turned and gaming has become a much vied-for, lucrative profession for both the urban and rural youth. And why not? Gaming is now becoming a strong avenue for the youth, millennials as well as the Gen Z to earn money, name and fame.

Trinity Gaming, India’s top gaming talent management company, has in a way, been partly responsible for creating this tectonic shift where Indian youth perceives esports and gaming not only as a profession but a gratifying job. With a motto of Game, Connect and Build, Trinity Gaming is enabling beginners to make a serious career out of their passion and past time from gaming. The company is committed to encouraging gamers who want to pursue a career in creating content. Trinity Gaming has taken the new generation of gaming creators to master and monetize their craft, proudly creating viral content for some of India’s largest brands and TV Channels alike. Currently, they are managing more than 250 top content creators in India who specialize as entertainers, influencers as well as content creators for the gaming ecosystem.

Here are India’s leading five gaming content creators & esports heroes that are setting the bar high and aspiring many more youngsters to take up esports professionally:

1. Aaditya Sawant a.k.a Dynamo Gaming

Aaditya Sawant, better known by his channel name Dynamo Gaming, the popular PUBG Mobile player now turned as BGMI creator has over 9.8 million subscribers on YouTube and 2 million followers on Instagram. He is an esports player and one of the most loved influencers in the gaming industry. The famous content creator was even spotted in the official Battlegrounds Mobile India teaser that went live on May 18. On the date of the early access release of Battlegrounds Mobile India, Dynamo Gaming was the first streamer who streamed the game on Youtube and showed the public. His channel usually reviews games, communicates with the audience and discusses tricks and hacks to clear levels in video games.

He has collaborated with brands like HP India, AMD India, ASUS and other brands for multiple campaigns.

2. Jonathan Jude Amaral a.k.a TSMentJonathan

Jonathan, 19-year-old esports athlete and influencer is based in Mumbai and has crossed many milestones in the gaming world. He is a popular PUBG Mobile player who won various titles including PMCO Fall Split SEA 2019, PUBG Mobile India 2020 and many more for TSM-Entity. Apart from that he is a popular game influencer who has 2.5 million YouTube subscribers on his channel, titled as Jonathan Gaming, which is speculated to hit five million subscribers by the end of 2021. The famous esports athlete and content creator was also spotted in the official Battlegrounds Mobile India teaser.

3. Luv Sharma, aka GodNixon Gaming

GodNixon is an Indian gamer & Youtuber with over 1.62 Million Subscribers. He used to Uploads PUBG Mobile Video of Gameplay, Tips & Tricks, Creates Opening, and lots more. He started his YouTube Career in the year of 2018 and where he used to upload PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks Videos. He got a good response from the audience then later he started uploading Gameplay Videos of PUBG Mobile. GodNixon Gaming is a 20-Year-Old boy from India and his Real Name is Luv Sharma. He spends around 10 Lakhs in his PUBG Account for Gun Skins, Outfits, etc.


4. Chetan Chandgude a.k.a Kronten Gaming

Chetan plays his games under the name Kronten Gaming and he has received the Golden Play button from YouTube for his excellence. Speaking of his gaming, he is very precise with his shots that are what makes him stand out from the other gamers out there. He currently has 2.17 million subscribers on his channel and has a massive fan following of 469k on his official Instagram account. The famous gaming influencer and content creator was also spotted in the official Battlegrounds Mobile India teaser.


5. Rishab verma aka Antaryami gaming

Antaryami is streamer and roaster. He is from Kanpur, India. He is famous for his unique voice and funny light hearted comedy commentary in PUBG streaming. He has 339k+ followers on Instagram and approximately 3.5 million+ subscribers on his youtube channel. Antaryami is not a professional gamer but one of the most loved and viewed game streamer on YouTube.

These young guns have set the ball rolling to make gaming & esports in India the most coveted profession. They play big and earn big!


Betway Becomes Premium Partner of VfB Stuttgart

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VfB Stuttgart’s official betting partner Betway has extended its contract with the club by a further three years until 2024, thereby joining the ranks of premium partners.

The partnership’s main focus is on clear visibility of the Betway logo at VfB’s home matches at the Mercedes-Benz Arena.

“VfB Stuttgart are one of the most successful football clubs in Germany. We’re very proud to be a premium partner for the next three years. The commitment reflects the ambitions of our brand, as the Bundesliga is recognised around the world as one of the most important football leagues,” Anthony Werkman, CEO of Betway, said.

“Our partnership has proven its worth for both parties, even during a challenging time for football. We’re therefore very pleased that Betway is reaffirming its commitment to VfB and we look forward to a long-term partnership,” Thomas Hitzlsperger, CEO of VfB, said.


Waverider and Galaxy Racer announce Global Partnership

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The new entertainment company and burgeoning gaming brand are joining forces to launch new products

Waverider and Galaxy Racer (GXR), one of the fastest-growing esports organizations in the world and headquartered in Dubai, announced a global partnership to develop merchandise and stories from GXR’s content creators, including powerhouses AboFlah, Dyler, and Naji Elqaq.

This partnership will allow Galaxy Racer to build exciting products and concepts for its roster of famed creators using Waverider’s expertise in design and storytelling, by offering fans access to a variety of products and experiences entailing merchandise, apparel, and stories that include comic books, manga, and animation.

Waverider is an IP content creation and management company centered around pop culture and entertainment, that looks to build a new style of experiences and products for consumers. Led by CEO Arafaat Ali Khan, co-founder of Middle East Film and Comic Con- the largest pop culture event in the region based in Dubai, and President Guenther Hake, a veteran in the entertainment industry bringing years of experience from the Walt Disney Company, Oriental Dreamworks, and MINDstyle. The company is set to launch a new wave of consumer experiences, events, an e-commerce platform and more.

Their creative team is spearheaded by renowned UK-based artist Des Taylor. Des’ impressive credits include creating art for DC Bombshells, Dr Who, Archie comics and Star Trek where he will bring his unique artists insights to all of Waverider’s projects.

Galaxy Racer is one of the fastest growing esports and lifestyle companies in the world, with the biggest esports and content presence in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Galaxy Racer possesses a diverse international roster of 11 teams and 20 content creators including AboFlah, Dyler and Naji Elqaq, with a reach of over 160 million followers, and over a billion monthly views. GXR strives to be the central hub for the new digital generation under the leadership of CEO Paul Roy.

Commenting on the partnership, Paul Roy, CEO of Galaxy Racer, says, “We’re delighted to be partnering with a company with the leadership of Waverider. We’ve seen huge demand for a new style of consumer products and stories for our content creators, and their team has the vision and expertise to create something special for our roster’s fans.”

Arafaat Ali Khan, CEO of Waverider, added, “We’re really excited to be working with Galaxy Racer and it’s diverse set of creators to create products and stories that are not only authentic, but truly reflect the creators aesthetic, ethos and style. We’re confident that the fans will be seeing a side of these content creators that will blow their minds!”

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements from Waverider and Galaxy Racer!


Scarlet Hollow Wins the Fan Favorite Vote 19 at GDWC 2021!

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Scarlet Hollow by Black Tabby Games from USA has won the Fan Favorite voting round 19 at the Game Development World Championship 2021 (GDWC). The game is available on Steam Early Access.

“Trapped in the dying Appalachian mining town of Scarlet Hollow for the funeral of your estranged aunt, you quickly find yourself at the center of a dark mystery that threatens your life. Scarlet Hollow is a horror-mystery game with sharp writing, dark humor, and hand-drawn art from award-winning graphic novelist Abby Howard.”

2nd place – Avalom: Ancestral Heroes by Avalom: Ancestral Heroes from Brazil. “Players embark on an epic adventure in a rich and alive world with their AI companions. In a world where mortals and gods coexist and live on the same plane of existence!”

3rd place –  Memorize Extreme Nreal & AR by  Stefan Krocker from  Germany. “The classic memory game in an extreme variant. Experience tornadoes, thieves, jokers and much more. You can play alone against CPU players or with your friends at the same physical place or online with other players world wide or a mix of all.”

GDWC Team sends congratulations to the Winners and big thanks Nominees and voters. Each week a handful of games are featured on the GDWC website in a public vote and the winner moves onto the Finals.