Atlas-IAC’s CEO Maxim Slobodyanyuk Talks Winning Strategies & Vision for Future Growth in the iGaming Sector

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Atlas-IAC, a Next-Generation iGaming platform, has been recognized as the Best Sports Betting Provider Of The Year and Rising Star In Sports Betting Technology  at the Prague Gaming & Tech Awards 2024. The GamingTECH Awards annually  determine industry excellence in Central and Eastern Europe. Maxim Slobodyanyuk, CEO of Atlas-IAC, tells about insights into Atlas-IAC’s innovative solutions that are reshaping the iGaming landscape and the core principles of partnership driving mutual evolution for both Atlas-IAC and its esteemed operators.


Congratulations on winning “Best Sports Betting Provider Of The Year” and “Rising Star In Sports Betting Technology” at the GamingTECH CEE Awards 2024! How does Atlas-IAC feel about receiving such prestigious recognition?

We take pride in being acknowledged as the best sports betting provider and the rising star in sports betting technology across Central and Eastern Europe. At the heart of our success lies a team of exceptional visionaries, developers, and business analytics  striving to elevate the industry to new heights of technological innovation and responsible gaming practices.

I’d like to thank our great partners for choosing Atlas-IAC as their technology provider, and for subscribing to our core business principle — to evolve and grow together. Our win is our partners’ win as well.

To be the best sports betting provider entails a weighty responsibility, one we approach with unwavering dedication. These awards serve as a validation of our unwavering commitment to excellence and as a catalyst for renewed determination to shape the future of sports betting technology. We are grateful for recognition and remain resolutely committed to charting new horizons of success alongside our valued partners.


Could you provide insights into the strategies that drove Atlas-IAC’s success in the iGaming industry?

At Atlas-IAC, our success strategy revolves around building strong partnerships and establishing a notable presence in the competitive global entertainment technology market. We prioritize automation, which gives us an edge in emerging markets and allows us to onboard partners quickly and streamline operations.

Continuously improving our platform to offer a seamless Sportsbook API experience is a priority. Our aim is to deliver fast performance, smooth betting experiences, real-time risk management, advanced anti-fraud measures, and scalable solutions for partners worldwide.

Staying up-to-date, enhancing our product, analyzing market and partner needs, and proactively responding to them are essential. Being the top technological partner is a strategy that consistently works for us.


How does Atlas-IAC’s in-house developed Sportsbook differentiate itself from competitors?

Atlas-IAC’s in-house developed Sportsbook sets us apart because we have full control over its features and can make rapid improvements. Features like Personal Odds Boost and Clever Margin allow for customized experiences tailored to our partners’ needs. We focus on personalization, ensuring the product aligns perfectly with each operator’s requirements. With a skilled team dedicated to our partners’ needs, we can promptly address requests and deliver effective solutions.


Atlas-IAC offers one of the most automated Sportsbook available in the market. How does automation enhance the experience for both operators and users?

Our fully automated Sportsbook API is efficient and user-friendly, enhancing engagement and retention. It’s equipped to handle high demand periods effectively and offers tools for precise betting management and reliable results. We can swiftly develop and integrate custom modules for partners, giving us a competitive edge. We prioritize meeting partners’ needs while delivering enjoyable experiences for players, fostering mutual benefit for all involved.


What specific features or tools have been well-received by operators in the iGaming industry?

In the realm of iGaming, Atlas-IAC has garnered recognition for its remarkable adaptability and keen responsiveness to the requirements of our partners. Understanding the distinctive needs of each operator, we have crafted a tailored approach to ensure effective solutions.

One specific example of our successful tools is our Cashback feature, which serves as a versatile tool for promoting sporting events and enhancing player entertainment. This feature offers customizable settings based on specific sports, events, odds criteria, and frequency. With such flexibility, operators can effectively incentivize participation and elevate excitement levels among players.

In essence, the suite of features and tools offered by Atlas-IAC not only addresses the diverse needs of operators but also fuels engagement and growth within the iGaming industry.


What are Atlas-IAC’s goals for continued innovation and growth in the iGaming sector?

Looking ahead, our primary aim is to continually push the boundaries of innovation while delivering outstanding value to our partners. We remain steadfast in our commitment to leading the charge in the iGaming sector, fostering sustainable growth, and championing responsible gaming practices. Our strategy revolves around staying agile, adapting to emerging trends, and catering to the unique needs of operators worldwide.

The evolving sports betting landscape of 2024 underscores the critical importance of adaptability and innovation. Operators must navigate this dynamic environment marked by technological advancements and regulatory shifts, and Atlas-IAC stands ready to assist them in this endeavor.

In terms of market focus, we are meticulously evaluating opportunities in LATAM, Eastern Europe, South-East Asia, and Africa. These regions offer significant growth potential, and our tailored strategy is geared towards effectively meeting the unique demands of these diverse markets.

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