Bitcoin Association appoints new ambassadors for Japan and the South Pacific to advance Bitcoin SV


Bitcoin Association, the Switzerland-based global industry organisation that works to advance business with the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain, today announces that it has appointed two new Ambassadors for the Asia-Pacific region as part of its global ambassador programme, with George Siosi Samuels appointed as Ambassador for the South Pacific and Masumi Hamahira appointed as another Ambassador for Japan.

Bitcoin Association Ambassadors are experienced professionals from the Bitcoin SV ecosystem who work to raise awareness and improve understanding of the Bitcoin SV blockchain and BSV digital currency, as well as the power of the original Bitcoin protocol to support a massively scaled distributed data network for the world. With today’s additions, there are now 22 Bitcoin Association Ambassadors representing 23 different countries and territories.

George Siosi Samuels is the managing director of Faiā, a community tech consultancy working to bridge gaps between communities and technology, particularly in small and developing nations and regions. Faiā is working together with BSV ecosystem companies nChain and Elas Digital to help the Pacific island nation of Tuvalu build – using the BSV blockchain – the world’s first national digital ledger to become the world’s first paperless society.  In addition, Samuels is the founder of Honā, a BSV blockchain-based social accountability platform that can be utilised across a range of different use cases, including the ability to improve the productivity of remote workers worldwide.  Honā was voted the #1 judges’ choice during the Draper University Pitching Competition run by venture capitalist Tim Draper’s organisation.

Masumi Hamahira is a veteran financial executive, having spent 22 years working for MUFG – the world’s fifth-largest bank – including in Malaysia.  An expert in the requirements of Islamic Finance, Hamahira also serves on the board of directors for the Chartered Institute of Islamic Finance Professionals (CIIFP). Supporting BSV initiatives in his individual capacity (rather than on behalf of MUFG or CIIFP), Hamihara is an initial member of the Bitcoin SV Technical Standards Committee and already serves as Bitcoin Association’s Ambassador for Malaysia.   Having relocated from Malaysia to Tokyo, Japan, Hamahira now will also act as a Bitcoin Association Ambassador in Japan (adding to efforts of Ken Shishido, the Association’s first appointed Ambassador for the country).

Speaking on today’s announcement, Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen, commented:

“As Bitcoin SV continues to demonstrate its utility across a variety of business use cases all over the world, especially in countries in Asia-Pacific, we continue to expand our global Bitcoin Association team to help spread the word and support the ongoing BSV growth story. Both George and Masumi have demonstrated ability as leaders in their respective business fields and as strong advocates for BSV, making them ideal candidates to be new Bitcoin Association Ambassadors for the Asia-Pacific region.”

Speaking on his appointment as Bitcoin Association Ambassador to the South Pacific, George Siosi Samuels, said:

“I see huge potential for the Pacific region, not just for BSV adoption, but for the underlying utility of the technology and its ability to offer leapfrogging development that will facilitate future social, cultural and economic growth. While the Pacific region is often overlooked because of its remoteness, I believe that our Pacific nations will be able to draw on our history as master ocean explorers and translate that into mastering the new digital ocean enabled by Bitcoin technology.”

Speaking on his appointment as a Bitcoin Association Ambassador to JapanMasumi Hamahira, said:

“I foresee Bitcoin SV as a driver for innovation as a global public blockchain protocol in the same way that the Internet protocol did, just as I see great potential in Japan for sophisticated corporates to use BSV in new and unique ways. In my new role, I will work to enhance the awareness of BSV among regulators, lawyers, industry associations, developers and academia by leveraging my network as a global banker and working so that we see the beautiful dawn of Bitcoin SV from the Land of the Rising Sun.”


Groundbreaking rules published to enable rapid resolution of blockchain and crypto legal disputes, as worldwide smart contract market expected to reach $345.4 million by 2026[1]


The UK Jurisdiction Taskforce of LawtechUK, chaired by Sir Geoffrey Vos, Master of the Rolls, has today published its Digital Dispute Resolution Rules designed to enable faster and more cost effective resolutions to legal disputes relating to novel digital technology such as crypto assets, smart contracts, and blockchain applications, and foster confidence amongst businesses in the adoption of these technologies.

The use of these technologies in business has rapidly gained in popularity in recent years. JP Morgan, for example, is just one of many large-scale corporations already regularly taking advantage of the use of smart contracts (self-executing contracts run on blockchain technologies that automatically process transactions without the need for a third-party). The business benefits of smart contracts are wide-ranging, including enhanced security, improved efficiencies, and cost reduction in the implementation (and automating performance of) contracts between parties.

However, until now, there has been little consistency in how legal disputes relating to these types of technologies should be resolved, leading to lengthier and more costly processes.

Drafted in extensive public and private consultation with lawyers, technical experts and financial services and commercial parties, the Digital Dispute Resolution Rules published today are designed to facilitate the rapid and cost effective resolution of disputes arising in the context of these technologies, and to foster industry confidence in their use.

One important feature of the Rules is that they allow parties to resolve their disputes by an arbitrator, rather than by a judge in court (which can be a more time-consuming and costly process). They have also been drafted to provide maximum flexibility to adapt to as yet undeveloped technologies, and to reach a resolution to disputes quickly and efficiently by arbitrators with appropriate technical expertise and enabling on-chain implementation of decisions.

The UK has been at the global forefront of developing the legal infrastructure to support the deployment of these nascent and evolving technologies. In November 2019 the UKJT published its well-received legal statement on the status of cryptoassets and smart contracts under English and Welsh law. The legal statement was a significant step by the UK towards legal certainty for blockchain technology and crypto assets. Furthermore, English law provides an established and familiar framework by reference to which rights in respect of digital technologies can be effectively established and enforced, and has an impressive track record of dealing with and adapting to technological developments.

Master of the Rolls, Sir Geoffrey Vos, chair of the UK Jurisdiction Taskforce and LawtechUK Panel member, commented: “I am delighted to welcome the publication by the UK Jurisdiction Taskforce of the ground-breaking Digital Dispute Resolution Rules. International business is rapidly adopting the use of digital documentation and on-chain smart contracts. The Rules aim to provide a process for speedy and cost-effective resolution of disputes originating digitally. They will hopefully give global businesses greater confidence to adopt and utilise new digital technologies.

Jenifer Swallow LawtechUK Director at Tech Nation, comments: “Analogue ways of doing business will be widely restructured and digitised in the coming years, increasing efficiency and transparency.  The smart contracts market alone is set to reach $345.4 million by 2026. Methods of dispute resolution must keep pace. The Digital Dispute Resolution Rules are a step change in that evolution and in enabling wider confidence and adoption of these technologies – underpinning those readily-available today and capable of adapting to those yet to be developed. This is an exciting next step in the UK’s leadership at the forefront of business, law and technology, and also demonstrates how simple legal processes can be.

The UKJT will keep a close watch on how the  Digital Dispute Resolution Rules are used, and will aim to consider whether further development or revision would be valuable within the coming year, based on user feedback.


The Digital Dispute Resolution Rules

The Rules are available for download here.

UK Jurisdiction Taskforce and LawtechUK

LawtechUK, a government-backed initiative within Tech Nation, is established to support the transformation of the UK legal sector through technology, for the benefit of society and the economy.  Established in 2018 by the Secretary of State for Justice, the LawtechUK Panel, then the Lawtech Delivery Panel, are a group of leaders and experts from the public and private sectors working to achieve that objective and acting as the advisory board to LawtechUK.

The UKJT was established by the Panel as a taskforce to demonstrate that English law and the jurisdiction of England and Wales together provide a state-of-the art foundation for the development of distributed ledger technology, smart contracts and associated technologies.

The members of the UK Jurisdiction Taskforce (UKJT) are:

Sir Geoffrey Vos, Master of the Rolls and Chair of the UKJT
Lawrence Akka QC, Twenty Essex
Sir Nicholas Green, Chair of the Law Commission of England and Wales, as an observer
Richard Hay, Linklaters LLP
Peter Hunn, Accord Project
Mary Kyle, City of London Corporation
Matthew Smith, Financial Conduct Authority
Sir Antony Zacaroli, Justice of the High Court

The drafting team:

David Quest QC, 3 Verulam Buildings
Lawrence Akka QC, Twenty Essex
Anne Rose, Mishcon de Reya
Dorothy Livingston, Herbert Smith Freehills
Rory Conway, Linklaters
David McIlWaine, Pinsent Masons


Akash Network, the First Open-Source Cloud, Partners with CertiK, the Blockchain Cybersecurity Leader


Akash Network, the world’s first decentralized open-source cloud, today announced a partnership with CertiK, the leading Blockchain and Smart Contract Cybersecurity company.

Through this partnership, CertiK’s clients will be able to decentralize their cloud infrastructure on Akash’s permissionless, censorship-resistant, and lower cost open-source cloud platform, while ensuring on-chain protection backed by CertiK’s trusted products and services. Akash Network’s community will be able to leverage CertiK’s industry-leading suite of security solutions to secure deployments and node operations on decentralized cloud.

CertiK Chain provides developers with coding safeguards and flexibility, facilitating blockchain adoption for developers and large enterprises while empowering trust in blockchain technology.

This partnership materializes the potential of Web3. CertiK nodes are now running on Akash MAINNET 2, the world’s first decentralized cloud.

“At CertiK, we’ve always admired what Akash has done for the general Cosmos community and the blockchain industry as a whole. We are a true believer in the DeCloud movement led by Akash Network. As we are seeing more and more projects joining the web3 revolution, it is only right if CertiK and Akash join forces to deliver a secure, scalable, and truly decentralized cloud that is not only cost-efficient but also powered by the people,” said Jay Jie, Head of CertiK Chain. 

With Akash MAINNET 2, decentralized finance (DeFi), decentralized applications (dApp), and decentralized organizations (DAO), will now be able to migrate from their existing centralized cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure, to Akash, the first viable decentralized cloud solution in the market.  And now with CertiK, they can layer on monitoring and security, providing an extra layer of protection in the DeCloud.

Akash Network and CertiK are also exploring the possibility of deploying Pancake Swap’s front-end on a decentralized cloud to demonstrate the capabilities of a censorship-resistant and permissionless cloud, protected by CertiK’s cloud security product, CertiKShield, a decentralized on-chain tool to reimburse lost or stolen assets. DeFi protocols and users can leverage CertiKShield as a hedge against audits.

“We’re thrilled to partner with CertiK, a leader and pioneer in blockchain cybersecurity, to enable DeFi and blockchain projects to decentralize their cloud infrastructure, while layering on cutting-edge monitoring and security technologies. Together, we will expand the capabilities of Web3, enabling developers to build faster, with more freedom and security, and at lower cost,” said Boz Menzalji, COO of Akash Network.

Users can click here to start migrating CertiK nodes to Akash’s decentralized open-source cloud.

For media inquiries, please contact Kelsey Ruiz at (916) 412-8709 or kelsey(at)akash(dot)network.


Fifth Era & Blockchain Coinvestors Announces Partnership with Ordway Selections to Launch Blockchain Coinvestors Swiss


Blockchain Coinvestors, a leading venture fund-of-funds and coinvestment program with a combined portfolio of more than 300 blockchain and crypto projects, including 20 blockchain unicorns, today announced the launch of Blockchain Coinvestors Swiss in partnership with Ordway Selections, part of a Swiss family office.

The team at Ordway Selections has invested alongside Blockchain Coinvestors Managing Partners Alison Davis and Matthew C. Le Merle since their first fund of funds was launched in the blockchain space and is now committing additional capital to capitalize on industry wide coverage into a sector with a unique value proposition, including financial return and positive impact.

“The global transition towards a world of digital monies and assets is gaining momentum and we expect blockchain and crypto companies and projects to benefit from the accelerating value creation in the space,” said Alison Davis.

Pierre-Edouard Wahl, partner and co-founder of Ordway Selections, previously head of blockchain at PWC Switzerland and at Credit Suisse, comments: “We view this investment as a great way to participate early with tomorrow’s winners, and to secure direct investment opportunities to double down on single companies that are gaining market share.”

“We believe that Blockchain Coinvestors Swiss will help us provide access to professional investors who would otherwise not have the global blockchain access that we can provide,” added Matthew C. Le Merle.

Ordway Selections invests alongside other like-minded co-investors. Swiss professional investors are welcome to reach out to Pierre-Edouard Wahl at [email protected] in order to learn more.


The9 Signed a Legally Binding Term Sheet on an Investment in Skychain Technologies Inc. for Constructing Mining Facilities in Canada


The9 Limited (Nasdaq: NCTY) (“The9”), an established Internet company, today announced that it signed a legally binding term sheet on a CAD4 million investment in Skychain Technologies Inc. (“Skychain”), a company listed in TSX Venture Exchange in Canada. The purpose of the investment is for the construction and operation of a 12 MW cryptocurrency mining facility located in Birtle, Manitoba, Canada. The9 plans to deploy its cryptocurrency mining machines in this mining facility upon completion of the construction.

According to the term sheet, the investment consists of a convertible note of CAD2 million, which will mature in four years and can be extended for an additional one year at the discretion of The9, and a private placement of CAD2 million (the “Private Placement”). Each unit of the Private Placement consists of one common share and one share purchase warrant that entitles The9 to purchase an additional common share of Skychain for an exercise term of three years.

The completion of the transaction is expected to be within one month, subject to due diligence and customary closing conditions.

The9 is also actively seeking for worldwide mining facilities with low electricity cost and in compliance with local rules and regulations, for the deployment of The9’s cryptocurrency mining machines.


Birla Cellulose wins Innovative & Sustainable Supply Chain Award by UN Global Compact Network India


Birla Cellulose, part of the Aditya Birla Group and one of the largest global manmade cellulosic fibre (MMCF) producer, has emerged as a winner in the first edition of the  ‘National Innovative and Sustainable Supply Chain Awards’  by UN Global Compact Network India.

The case study presented by the company – Liva Reviva by Birla Cellulose & Fully Traceable Circular Global Fashion Supply Chains – was awarded for innovation in recycled and circular fibre made with pre-consumer fabric waste and end-to-end ‘live’ supply chain transparency and traceability through its unique blockchain-based platform GreenTrack™.

This case study solves two unique challenges: mounting textile waste which is either incinerated or landfilled due to lack of recycling technologies, and lack of transparency / traceability in the scattered, complex and long fashion supply chains.

Mr Dilip Gaur, Business Director of Birla Cellulose and Managing Director, Grasim Industries, said, “We are proud to be recognised for our innovative Next Generation solution for upcycling the textile waste, reducing the pressure on virgin materials and establishing transparency in complex fashion value chain. These efforts are aligned to our prioritized UN SDG goals and dedicated to building circular business models which are based on partnerships that add value to stakeholders, people and planet.”

Ms Shabnam Siddiqui, Executive Director, UN Global Compact Network India, said, “The first edition of the awards witnessed outstanding case studies from prestigious organizations with notable contributions to adoption and implementation of innovative and sustainable supply chain practices in their organizations. We congratulate Birla Cellulose for their pioneering work done in accelerating circularity and transparency in the supply chain in a short time, which are high priority UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

Birla Cellulose has achieved a path breaking innovation in manufacturing viscose fibre ‘Liva Reviva’ using 20% pre-consumer cotton fabric waste following the principles of circular economy. This innovation has the distinction of Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) and portrays Birla Cellulose’s commitment to developing NextGen solutions.

Through its pioneering platform GreenTrack™ based on blockchain technology, Birla Cellulose along with their value chain partners tracks material flow real time in the supply chain of fibre, from certified forests to the end consumers. Through simple scan of QR code end-to-end sustainability journey is visible to consumers and helps them make an informed purchase decision.

Since the launch in 2020, multiple global brands have added Liva Reviva to their sourcing basket as they take decisive steps towards circular economy. Our close-knit partnerships across the global value chains helped us to establish ‘viable reverse logistics’ and created higher value for textile waste for small scale waste recyclers.

Birla Cellulose is prioritizing the increased use of alternate feedstock like textile waste and is committed to accelerate innovations that are aligned with UN SDGs 2030.


Bankhaus von der Heydt fuels blockchain and crypto business growth with Appian


Appian (NASDAQ: APPN) today announced that Bankhaus von der Heydt is using Appian to automate back-office operations and grow its banking business through new FinTech offerings. The Appian Low-code Automation Platform enables the bank to launch and manage new financial products and services faster, and accelerate their new institutional client onboarding time.

“Using Appian, we were able to conquer new markets, gain significant market share, and deliver new products to our customers ten times faster than before,” according to Philipp Doppelhammer, Managing Director and Member of the Management Board at Bankhaus von der Heydt.

Founded in 1754, Bankhaus von der Heydt has been recognized as a “Digital Champion” among German private banks in a 2021 study, which analyzed approximately 13,000 companies. It is one of the first banks in Germany to offer blockchain, cryptocurrencies trading, and crypto custody services for financial institutions.

Von der Heydt’s new FinTech Portal, built on Appian, connects with the bank’s legacy core banking, brokerage, and crypto custody systems to provide secure data visibility to employees. The Bankhaus team can create customized client offerings within one day, allowing them to meet fast-changing requirements and scale their business without increasing their headcount. The solution also provides better visibility of products and projects across von der Heydt systems for better operational reporting, and simplified compliance and risk management.

In addition, von der Heydt is using Appian to accelerate new institutional client onboarding time. The solution integrates Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements as part of the digital onboarding process to gather documents, verify accounts, and conduct customer due diligence for risk management. The new digital workflow reduced new trading partner onboarding time from one week to under ten minutes.

“Bankhaus von der Heydt shows how a historical, traditional bank can innovate and be a leader in the FinTech space by leveraging low-code automation,” said Dirk Pohla, Regional Vice President at Appian DACH. “By digitizing key operations and workflows, they are saving time, delivering products and services faster for their employees and clients.”

Watch this Bankhaus von der Heydt video to see how the bank is using Appian to scale its business. Find out why 5 of the world’s top 10 banks are Appian customers and explore our financial services solutions.


YAS Launches the World’s First Microinsurance “NFTY” Covering NFT


YAS announced the launch of ‘NFTY’, the world’s first NFT (Non-Fungible Token) microinsurance, leveraging the growing popularity of the advanced blockchain technology that certifies a digital asset such as media, songs, arts and collectibles to be unique and therefore not interchangeable.

NFTY’ is regarded as a pioneering microinsurance product, unveiling a new page of the insurance industry as well as setting the trends for its future development. The epoch-making ‘NFTY’ will become the world’s first microinsurance product to cover NFTs. This microinsurance product will be first used to cover the NFT of “Nobody Gets Me”, a non-released song by Hanjin Tan, a famous award-winning Singaporean Chinese songwriter and music composer. The policy covers the theft and loss of the NFT for its buyer.

YAS joined hands with Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. Hong Kong Branch (Generali) again to co-develop “NFTY’, which is a harmonic combination from YAS’ agile innovation and technology with Generali’s 190 years of industry experience, tapping the uncharted areas of NFT insurance coverage. For example, NFT could help address music creators’ sharp decline in income and the value of their works as a result of the booming free music platforms. It will also open up a new source of income for the new generation musicians and artists. The demand of insurance coverage for NFT assets is expected to increasingly grow with enormous market potential.

With ‘NFTY’, It will add on an extra protection and peace of mind for buyers and to help artists, composers, galleries and industry players reach out to a much wider target audience. ‘NFTY’ by YAS and its Application Programming Interface (API) offers various types of online NFT marketplaces a much needed protection, fostering the development of the NFT industry.

“YAS hopes to create a resonating and delightful customer experience by curating an ecosystem and by leading innovative technology. We understand the importance of driving thought leadership to solve problems and to contribute to the transformation of the insurance industry. YAS products and experience will become the new norm and a seamless integration of insurance into the new generation and emerging economies; microinsurance will be embedded as an essential part of our daily lives,” said William Lee, Co-founder of YAS.

Another YAS Co-founder, Andy Ann, added, “The launch of ‘NFTY’ demonstrates infinite creativity and potential of microinsurance marketplaces and insurtech companies like YAS, which is far beyond the digital distribution channels for traditional insurance of incumbent insurers. YAS is planning to launch a series of microinsurance products covering various NFT assets, such as famous paintings, animations, songs, lyrics, audio visual works, watches, cigars, red wines and photographer’s works, etc., offering the necessary protection for the world’s new economies.”

“We are delighted to move another step further in our strategic partnership with YAS Insurtech to introduce yet another innovative insurance solution to the market, Together with YAS, we have created NFTY as a pilot,” remarked Windian Lai, Head of B2B2C at Generali HK, “This is only the start, as we will continuously put different product ideas with YAS’ “vote to live” feature to gather customers’ needs as part of our design process to make subsequent changes based on market response. Through iteration of this process, we can design products most suitable to the needs of the new generation.”

Cillin O’Flynn, CEO of Generali HK, said “Throughout Generali Group’s 190 years of history, innovation and living the community are amongst our core values. We strive to be a pioneer and an active corporate citizen by partnering with innovative companies to drive change, to help entrepreneurs grow, whilst at the same time, make people’s lives better and be a Lifetime Partner to our customers. We believe that insurtech is the way forward in this industry, and together with YAS, we are playing a part in defining the future of insurance.”

Moving forward, YAS will develop more innovative microinsurance products to meet the needs of the market, making insurance a lifestyle, more personalized and loving again!


TechX Welcomes Netcoins Founder Michael Vogel as Independent Director and CyberSC Founder Dominic Vogel as Advisor


TechX Technologies Inc. (“TechX” or “the Company”) (CSE: TECX) (OTC: TECXF) (FRA: C0B1), a company focused in emerging technologies across growth sectors including: crypto, blockchain, AI and cloud technologies, is pleased to welcome  Netcoins Founder and Coinstream CEO, Michael Vogel, as an Independent Director and his brother, CyberSC Founder & Chief Strategist Dominic Vogel, as an Advisor.

Michael Vogel is a well-known leader and pioneer in the Bitcoin world. He founded Netcoins in 2014, rapidly scaled the company as CEO & CTO to thousands of customers and millions in revenue, before leading the company to public listing in 2018 – notably the first crypto company of its type to be publicly listed. Netcoins, which was acquired by BIGG Digital Assets Inc. (CSE:BIGG) (OTC:BBKCF) in 2018, is now one of the largest and longest operating Bitcoin exchanges in Canada.

Michael is now the CEO of Coinstream, a Bitcoin company aimed at the US market, offering an ultra-simple way for Americans to buy cryptocurrencies. He is also founder and CEO of Encore Ventures, which is involved in the development and incubation/advisory of new startups and technologies in both crypto and tech spaces.

Michael’s specialty is fast-growing startups in disruptive sectors: taking new ideas and products from concept to market to scale, something he has done multiple times in building several multi-million dollar startups. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge across board, public markets, executive and engineering levels. Michael is regularly interviewed in both Canadian and international media as a thought leader in the crypto industry.

“Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency ecosystem is in a major growth phase, and TechX is very well positioned for rapid growth. The TechX team has already demonstrated a solid track record of success, and I’m excited to bring my sector knowledge and experience in scaling startups to the team,” said Michael Vogel.

As Founder & Chief Strategist at CyberSC, Dominic Vogel holds a proven track record within cybersecurity across a multitude of industries (financial services, logistics, transportation, healthcare, government, telecommunications, and critical infrastructure). Dominic actively participates in the Vancouver security community and is a well-respected cybersecurity expert for appearing on media news outlets across North America and Internationally on BBC World News. Dominic is highly regarded as a cybersecurity thought leader and was recently appointed to the BC Provincial Cyber Security Advisory Committee.

Dominic focuses much of his energy on providing strategic security leadership to technology start-ups and small/midsize businesses to proactively solve their cyber risk challenges. He strives to provide practical cybersecurity advice to his clients and actively turning the security consulting world upside down.

“We are extremely pleased to have these two highly-seasoned experts join the Company during our exciting move into the cryptocurrency space,” said TechX CEO, Peter Green“We’ve been working diligently to find the best of the best to assist with our vision to drive advancements in crypto and shape the future of digital technology through our team’s ever-growing industry and operational expertise.”

“Michael is a cryptocurrency pioneer who personally founded and bootstrapped two multi-million dollar companies, including Netcoins, which he brought from nothing to $20 million in sales before it was acquired and publicly listed in 2018. Dominic has an equally impressive role within the cybersecurity space and is highly regarded for his deep expertise across several massive industries. I can’t think of two better leaders to add to the TechX team,” he added.

Further, the Company has granted an aggregate 450,000 incentive stock options (the “Options”). The Options are exercisable at $1.19 per share for a period of two years from the date of grant and subject to vesting over two years.  The Options have been granted under and are governed by the terms of the Company’s incentive stock option plan.


Diginex: Industry heavyweights join forces to debate the future of digital money


EQUOS, the institutional-grade cryptocurrency exchange owned by Diginex (Nasdaq: EQOS), will host a webinar between Roger Ver, the Founder of, and Richard Byworth, CEO of Diginex, the first Nasdaq-listed company with a cryptocurrency exchange.

They will debate the ‘Future of Digital Money’ and examine the trigger points that could lead to the ubiquitous use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, store of value and settlement.

Following recent news from Paypal, Tesla and Square[1] that they are now accepting crypto as a means of payment, the future of digital money is being debated widely from Central Bankers to crypto investing enthusiasts.

The increasing adoption by institutional investors, and the widening acceptance of crypto as a settlement currency, has seen the market value of the asset surpass $2 trillion for the first time in its history.

During a live event on April 21st, Ver and Byworth will look at the drivers of crypto market value growth, potential headwinds and the progression of two of the best-known cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

The webinar follows the decision by the EQUOS Listing Committee to approve the listing of Bitcoin Cash, which was initially developed by Roger Ver, on EQUOS in March.

The listing followed careful consideration by the committee, which analyses every coin and its underlying blockchain to assess it for its utility, degree of decentralization, current usage and transaction flow, ongoing development effort, innovation over other blockchains and its long-term prospects.

As a core objective, EQUOS aims to list quality projects that align with its own core values of transparency, fairness, innovation and compliance.

EQUOS is proud to host Roger Ver and Richard Byworth in a Live Webinar titled “Roger Ver and Richard Byworth tackle Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and the Future of Digital Money” on April 21st 9am ET/9pm HKT. Register here.