Broadridge and SDC to Deliver Enhanced Investor Voting Solution to the Nordic Markets


To meet ongoing regulatory and market demand for increased governance and transparency, global Fintech leader Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: BR) today announced that it has signed an agreement with SDC, a leading provider of banking systems in Scandinavia, to deliver its end-to-end digital voting solutions to SDC’s customers. Broadridge’s solutions will enable banks to make it easier for retail and institutional clients to vote.

Broadridge’s multi-award-winning digital voting and shareholder disclosure solutions use the latest API- and blockchain-based technologies to help SDC, and its customers in Scandinavia, by enabling easier corporate governance and investor engagement.

“SDC is the main supplier of banking systems to more than 100 banks in the Nordic region and therefore, it is of great importance that we can provide the system support that enables our banks to meet compliance requirements,” said Hilde Seljom, Department Director at SDC. “We see Broadridge as a professional supplier who can help us achieve this goal. We are very pleased with the collaboration with Broadridge, who shows great flexibility and insight into our business and the needs of our banks.”

SDC will leverage the solution to support the regulatory needs across its network of more than 100 Nordic banks, who will benefit from high levels of straight-through processing efficiency throughout the voting lifecycle for both retail and institutional customers.

“Choosing the right partner is so important in these times. Professional integrity, a proven track record, flexibility, along with best-in-class client service and data security, are all pivotal and key consideration points for our clients,” said Demi Derem, General Manager, International Investor Communications Solutions at Broadridge. “We are delighted to be chosen as SDC’s trusted partner. At Broadridge, we’re committed to accelerating global corporate governance standards for the benefit of all participants throughout the investment communications lifecycle. Through our collaboration with SDC, we’re looking forward to bringing greater transparency and higher levels of investor stewardship to the Nordic markets.”


Corporate Overview And Shareholder Update for Powerbridge Technologies


With 25 years of experience, Powerbridge Technologies Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: PBTS) (“Powerbridge” or the “Company”), is an established provider of a broad spectrum of digital solutions and technology services. The Company’s offerings range from SaaS to ePlatforms and to Smart Devices for global trade, education, travel and leisure, and digital assets. Powerbridge’s clients span a diverse range of global trade and cross-border participants to retail customers and educators. Since listed on Nasdaq, Powerbridge delved into the sectors of metaverse development, AI based education, and cryptocurrency.

Here is a brief overview of Powerbridges corporate history:

  • 2023: Announced plan to further enhance ChatGPT into education services
  • 2023: Acquired majority stake in several high growth technology companies
  • 2022: Engaged in M&A for AI and Blockchain technology companies
  • 2022: Developed metaverse and NFT solutions for several industries
  • 2021: Revealed plans to engage in digital assets for Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • 2020: Developed an IoT platform and smart fixtures and equipment
  • 2019: Listed on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol “PBTS”
  • 2019: Began to provide digital solutions across multiple industries
  • 2018: Developed Powerbridge BaaS platform and offerings
  • 2016: Provided Powerbridge SaaS platform for cross-border eCommerce
  • 2014: Launched Logistics Cloud platform and supply chain solutions
  • 2010: Offered cross-border trade and eCommerce platforms
  • 2007: Began to provide technology solutions and services for global trade
  • 2000: Launched China’s first international trade ERP management software
  • 1997: The Company was founded as a software development company

Overall, Powerbridge has a history of innovation and has continued to evolve and adapt to changes in the newest technology and services across multiple industries.

Here is a summary of the Company’s revenues over the past five years:

  • 2021: $32.1 million
  • 2020: $26.6 million
  • 2019: $20.1 million
  • 2018: $23.1 million
  • 2017: $21.6 million

The Company primarily generates revenue through its digital solutions and ePlatforms. These services include:

  • Cross-border eCommerce Platform: Allowing businesses to import and export their products and providing services such as compliance and logistics
  • Logistics Cloud Platform: Providing supply chain management solutions that help streamline operations, optimize inventory, and improve delivery
  • SaaS Solutions: Offering various solutions for international trade and cross-border eCommerce, including data analysis and customer management

Powering New Business Lines

In 2022, the Company expanded its offerings to include metaverse and NFT solutions, demonstrating its continued commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging technologies. In addition, the Company began to explore M&A opportunities in the digital service, AI and Blockchain sectors, which led to the acquisition of majority stakes in several profitable technology companies in 2023.

Looking ahead, Powerbridge has announced plans to further enhance its presence in the education industry by leveraging AI and ChatGPT technologies. The Company also intends to continue its expansion into the digital assets market by engaging in cryptocurrency as part of its overall blockchain development strategy.

Powerbridge is committed to maintaining compliance and corporate governance standards. Stewart Lor, CEO of the Company, an American founder has increased his stake in the Company and assures stakeholders that the Company is unlike some other Chinese companies listed on U.S. exchanges for compliance and corporate governance practices.

With over 20 years of experience, Powerbridge has demonstrated a track record of doing business the right way and growing its business. As the Company looks into the future, Stewart Lor intends to lead and grow Powerbridge into a holding company that operates several leading-edge businesses. He expects the Company’s market capitalization to surpass $1 billion within the next two-to-three years.

With its continued dedication to innovation and emerging technologies, Powerbridge is poised for continued success to deliver long-term value to its shareholders.


Azentio Software Wins Gold Award for Best Industry Cloud ERP for Manufacturing


Azentio Software is pleased to announce that it has been named Gold Winner of the ‘Best Industry Cloud ERP for Manufacturing’ category at the Middle East & North Africa Stevie® Awards, held on Saturday 18 March at Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE. The prestigious award recognizes organisations’ purpose-led innovation and excellence throughout 18 nations in the Middle East and North Africa. This recognition is a testament to Azentio’s commitment to providing innovative and reliable cloud ERP solutions that meet the needs of world-class manufacturing enterprises in the MENA region.

Azentio ONEERP Manufacturing Cloud is IR 4.0 compliant and supports digitization for manufacturing businesses in various domains, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and rubber and plastics. It is one of the first ERP platforms in the manufacturing industry to offer a ground-breaking blockchain-enabled Halal industry cloud solution.

The platform provides a fully integrated and collaborative system that merges digital manufacturing and SCM components to address dynamic conditions in the industry value chain and meet changing customer demands. It optimizes business processes for manufacturing, distribution, and financial management through advanced technology, robust software security, and best-in-class scalability.

Suryanarayan Kasichainula, President and Global Head – ERP at Azentio Software, commented, “We are thrilled to be recognized as the ‘Best Industry Cloud ERP for Manufacturing’ at the Stevie® Awards. At Azentio, we strive to revolutionize how manufacturing enterprises operate in the modern era of cloud technology. Our cutting-edge ERP solutions empower our clients to undergo digital transformation and succeed in today’s challenging business landscape.”

Maggie Miller, President of the Stevie® Awards, stated, “We were impressed by the capabilities of Azentio ONEERP Manufacturing Cloud, which powers many of the world’s mid-market enterprises. This state-of-the-art cloud platform brings together the capabilities of financials, procurement, project management, HR and FP&A onto a unified cloud platform that shares real-time, and is designed with a powerful, people-centric approach. It supports rapid and continuous change while delivering individualized fit for clients at scale, delivering the right tools to unify processes across the organization.”


BIT Mining Announces Sale of Remaining Shares of Crypto Flow Technology Limited


BIT Mining Limited (NYSE: BTCM) (“BIT Mining” or the “Company”), a leading technology-driven cryptocurrency mining company, today announced that the Company entered into a share sale and purchase agreement (the “Sale and Purchase Agreement”) with an unaffiliated third party (the “Buyer”), pursuant to which the Company agreed to sell, and the Buyer agreed to purchase, all of the Company’s remaining share ownership in Crypto Flow Technology Limited (“Crypto Flow”), previously known as Loto Interactive Limited, namely, 48,195,605 shares of Crypto Flow, representing approximately 8.79% of the total issued share capital of Crypto Flow, at the price of HK$0.38 per share (the “Sale Price”) for the total consideration of HK$18,314,330 (the “Transaction”).

The Transaction and its terms are subject to satisfaction of the conditions set out in the Sale and Purchase Agreement, including by relevant regulatory authorities. Upon completion of the Transaction, the Company will not own any shares in Crypto Flow.

Pursuant to the transaction previously announced on July 12, 2022, and completed on July 26, 2022, the Company sold approximately 51% of the total issued share capital of Crypto Flow, reducing the Company’s share ownership in Crypto Flow to 8.79%.

“We will remain focused and continue to devote resources to our mining operations in light of better cost control and operational efficiency improvement,” commented Mr. Xianfeng Yang, CEO of the Company.


Translucia Pioneers First-Of-Its-Kind ‘Multiverse Convergence’ Solution; ‘Metaverse Built for Good’ to Reimagine The Future Of Human Experiences


Translucia Metaverse (Translucia), a joint venture between MQDC and T&B Media Global, two of Thailand’s most eminent real estate and entertainment conglomerates, launched a ‘Multiverse Convergence’ solution, its proprietary LightLink Protocol (LightLink), today. LightLink is the world’s first enterprise Layer-2 (L2) blockchain built to accelerate the entry of traditional businesses into Web3. By offering a low cost and easily accessible solution to third-party metaverses, LightLink enables enterprises to enter Web3 at scale.

Powering Metaverse Multiverse Convergence

Translucia is building critical infrastructure that will integrate third-party metaverse projects to enable interoperability, allowing for ‘Multiverse Convergence’ within popular Layer-1 (L1) blockchains.

Through LightLink, metaverses created and owned by different players can interoperate as well as integrate functionalities. This opens up new avenues for commerce and collaboration between metaverse owners, furthering innovation opportunities. Simultaneously, LightLink’s ‘Multiverse Convergence’ solution addresses the endemic fragmentation of the current Web3 ecosystem, allowing end-users to seamlessly connect across the ‘Internet Multiverse’.

Teleporting Legacy Enterprises onto Web3

A world first, LightLink’s enterprise mode removes the complexity and necessity of acquiring the L1 blockchain’s native token and reduces the onboarding fees required for businesses to leverage Distributed Ledger Technology. LightLink guarantees a pre-ordained throughput across its ecosystem, ensuring stable gas fees and consistent performance.

Existing L1 blockchains have built-in decentralization and security mechanisms that generate higher transaction gas fees in tandem with market demand. As such, gas fees can increase manifold when users compete for finite resources.

Anchored on Ethereum, the LightLink Protocol leverages Ethereum’s security features while ensuring predictability and stability in gas fees. In enterprise mode, LightLink users can interact with blockchains speedily, more efficiently, and at lower costs without compromising safety.

Mr. Athid Nanthawaroon, Executive Director, Translucia Company Limited, said, “Translucia is the ‘Metaverse Accelerator’ that the world needs as we move towards a new Internet era. The present metaverse remains both abstract and fragmented; inaccessible to most legacy businesses let alone the average user.”

“Translucia will integrate various Web3 ecosystems into a single ‘Multiverse’ that helps metaverse players unify their technologies, workflow, and user experience within one standardized platform. This collaborative intra-industry approach will not only accelerate humanity’s transition into hybrid reality, but create a more accessible and inclusive Web3 for everyone,” said Mr. Athid.

LightLink is currently designed for Ethereum and Polygon and is set to enable interoperability with other prominent blockchains in the near future.

‘Metaverse Built for Good’: A Global Collaborative Effort

Translucia will tap into T&B’s significant Business-to-Consumer credentials and extensive Intellectual Property portfolio of movies, television series, animations, and media personalities to support business partners in the development of immersive User Experience for their respective metaverse projects. Translucia will also co-create the foundation and functionalities of these metaverses, from infrastructure building to economics design and the tokenization of real-world assets.

Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, CEO and Founder of T&B Media Global, Founder of Translucia, said, “Translucia was founded with the vision to empower people who aspire to be happy. Through our ‘Metaverse Built for Good,’ we aim to balance the social, economic and environmental needs of the world. The fully realized Translucia Metaverse will be an engine that drives goodness and wellness into a holistic form of prosperity and happiness.”

“Web3 advancements can bridge the digital divide and address inequality. Industry collaboration is essential to this goal. We have laid the groundwork for a scalable metaverse platform and invite Web3 architects and traditional businesses to join us in co-creating an interconnected metaverse ecosystem that spans across partners and networks,” said Dr. Jwanwat.

Translucia will continue to advance various global partnerships, including:

  • Tonomus, a leading technology enterprise powering the world’s first ecosystem of cognitive technologies;
  • Impact District, a Web3 enabler of meaningful experiences and opportunities through impact-driven organizations;
  • Band Protocol, a blockchain-agnostic decentralized oracle platform that connects real-world data and APIs to smart contracts;
  • Animoca Brands, a world renowned blockchain company based in Hong Kong, focused on building the Web3 digital assets ecosystem via its operations and investments.

Buy-backs of shares in CoinShares International Limited


As announced on 30 December 2022, the Board of Directors of CoinShares International Limited (“CoinShares” or the “Company“) (Nasdaq Stockholm Market: CS; US OTCQX: CNSRF), Europe’s largest and leading digital asset investment and trading group, resolved to implement a share buy-back program and repurchase shares on Nasdaq Stockholm Market during the period 3 January 2023, up to and including 3 April 2023 for total maximum amount of SEK 25 million in accordance with the authorisation from the Annual General Meeting on 20 June 2022.

The Board of Directors’ resolution to implement the share buy-back program was made after the Board’s review of the Company’s capital structure and was implemented for the purposes of reducing the capital of the Company.

The share buy-back program is carried out in accordance with the Market Abuse Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 (“MAR”) and the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No 2016/1052 (the “Safe Harbour Regulation”).

The Company today announces that share buy-backs of shares in the Company (ISIN: JE00BLD8Y945) have been effected as set forth below (aggregated level):


Number of

Lowest price
paid (SEK)

Highest price
paid (SEK)

average (SEK)

03 March 2023





06 March 2023





07 March 2023





08 March 2023





09 March 2023






All share buy-backs have been carried out on Nasdaq Stockholm Market by the Company. Following the above repurchases, the Company’s holding of own shares as of 10 March 2023 amounts to 325,902 shares. The total number of shares in CoinShares amounts to 68,135,425.

For a full break-down of repurchases made, please refer to the attached announcement.


OKX Wallet Integrates its 50th Blockchain, Paving the Way for a More Seamless Web3 Experience


OKX, the world’s second-largest crypto exchange by trading volume and a leading Web3 technology company, today announced the successful integration of 50 different blockchains across its Web3 product offering, marking a major step forward for its vision of creating the industry’s most advanced and inclusive Web3 ecosystem.

To celebrate the ’50 Chains’ milestone, OKX also launched a USDT airdrop campaign to reward its customers. To be eligible, users should:

Full airdrop details as well as terms and conditions are available here.

OKX’s rapidly growing Web3 ecosystem is anchored by the versatile OKX Wallet, a self-custody crypto wallet which allows users to hold their own private keys. OKX Wallet is a portal to the Web3 world, enabling access to both OKX-developed and third-party decentralized exchanges (DEXs), DeFi yield servicesNFT marketplaces and a wide range of dApps.

Haider Rafique, Chief Marketing Officer at OKX, said: “OKX is far more than a crypto exchange – we are a technology company building the infrastructure and tools that will enable a new realm of Web3 opportunities. With the integration of 50 blockchains to our platform, we are creating a more accessible ecosystem for users to enjoy the limitless possibilities Web3 can bring. The Web3 future isn’t coming – it’s already here on OKX.”

OKX has an ambitious roadmap for further ecosystem development and product expansion. The company plans to continue integrating new blockchains while also investing in research and development to enhance its existing infrastructure and services. Additionally, OKX will expand its educational initiatives in order to promote greater understanding and adoption of blockchain technology among a wider audience as Web3 solutions grow and evolve.

The chains supported are:



EVM (L1)

IMX (WEB), Ethereum, OKC, BSC, Polygon, AVAX-C, Fantom, Klaytn, KCC, Metis, Boba, Gnosis (xDAI), Ronin, Moonbeam, Moonriver, Harmony, ETHW, ETHF, Flare, Celo, Core, ETC (Ethereum Classic)

EVM (L2)

Arbitrum One, Optimism, Cronos (EVM), Aurora, Arbitrum Nova


ZCash, DASH, BTC, LTC, Bitcoin Cash, Doge


Cosmos Hub, Osmosis, Juno, Iris, Axelar, Stargaze, Kava, Kuji


Tron, Solana, Aptos (Move Language), BSV, Achain, ARK, Nebulas, EOS, ICON


SHAREHOLDER ALERT: The Gross Law Firm Notifies Shareholders of Argo Blockchain plc of a Class Action Lawsuit and a Lead Plaintiff Deadline of March 27, 2023 – (NASDAQ: ARBK)


The Gross Law Firm issues the following notice to shareholders of Argo Blockchain plc.

Shareholders who purchased shares of ARBK during the class period listed are encouraged to contact the firm regarding possible lead plaintiff appointment. Appointment as lead plaintiff is not required to partake in any recovery.


CLASS PERIOD: This lawsuit is on behalf of persons and entities that purchased or otherwise acquired: (a) Argo American Depository Shares pursuant and/or traceable to the documents issued in connection with the Company’s initial public offering conducted on or about September 23, 2021; and/or (b) Argo securities between September 23, 2021 and October 10, 2022, both dates inclusive.

ALLEGATIONS: The complaint alleges that during the class period, Defendants issued materially false and/or misleading statements and/or failed to disclose that:  (i) Argo was highly susceptible to and/or suffered from significant capital constraints, electricity and other costs, and network difficulties; (ii) the foregoing issues hampered Argo’s ability to mine Bitcoin or Bitcoin equivalents, execute its business strategy, meet its obligations, and operate its Helios facility; (iii) as a result, Argo’s business was less sustainable than defendants had led investors to believe; (iv) accordingly, Argo’s business and financial prospects were overstated; and (v) as a result, the documents issued in connection with the Company’s initial public offering and defendants’ public statements throughout the class period were materially false and/or misleading and failed to state information required to be stated therein.

DEADLINE: March 27, 2023 Shareholders should not delay in registering for this class action. Register your information here:

NEXT STEPS FOR SHAREHOLDERS: Once you register as a shareholder who purchased shares of ARBK during the timeframe listed above, you will be enrolled in a portfolio monitoring software to provide you with status updates throughout the lifecycle of the case. The deadline to seek to be a lead plaintiff is March 27, 2023. There is no cost or obligation to you to participate in this case.

WHY GROSS LAW FIRM? The Gross Law Firm is nationally recognized class action law firm, and our mission is to protect the rights of all investors who have suffered as a result of deceit, fraud, and illegal business practices. The Gross Law Firm is committed to ensuring that companies adhere to responsible business practices and engage in good corporate citizenship. The firm seeks recovery on behalf of investors who incurred losses when false and/or misleading statements or the omission of material information by a company lead to artificial inflation of the company’s stock. Attorney advertising. Prior results do not guarantee similar outcomes.


.ART Launches Matching ENS and DNS Domains for the Web3 World


.ART, the leading domain extension for the creative community, has announced a groundbreaking innovation that bridges the gap between Web2 and Web3: matching ENS and DNS domains.

ENS (Ethereum Name Service) domains are secure domain names for the decentralized world. They provide a way for users to map human readable names to wallet addresses, smart contracts, NFTs, IPFS content or any other asset on the Ethereum and dozens of other networks.

DNS (Domain Name System) domains are the traditional domain names that power the internet. They enable users to access websites and send emails using familiar names like

With .ART’s matching ENS and DNS domains, users can enjoy the best of both worlds: a single name that works across both Web2 and Web3 platforms.

For example, if you own as a DNS domain, you can also register as an ENS domain pointing to any digital asset on the Ethereum blockchain (just like a .ETH domain). The same name can also be used as a web address in any web browser pointing to a website, and also as an email address (something a .ETH domain cannot do). This makes .ART domains truly future-proof and versatile.

.ART is also collision-proof: only the owner of a DNS .ART domain can register the matching ENS .ART domain. Similarly, if an ENS .ART domain is registered for an available DNS .ART domain, only the person who owns the ENS .ART domain can use the DNS .ART domain. This ensures that there can be no confusion or conflict between different owners of similar names.

.ART is the first domain registry to offer this innovative matching domain capability across both ENS and DNS, making .ART domains more powerful and useful than any other blockchain capable domains.

Ulvi Kasimov, Founder of .ART Domains, said: “We are thrilled to launch this new feature that connects Web2 and Web3 with our unique .ART extension. We believe that this will open up new possibilities for artists, collectors, curators, galleries, museums and anyone who wants to express themselves creatively online or on Web3. Our vision is to make .ART domains not only a digital identity but also a digital asset that can be used in various ways on different platforms.”

Right now anyone with a .ART domain can register their matching ENS name at You can also register ENS .ART names that have emojis in them and are not available for DNS domains. Soon you’ll be able to register any ENS .ART name for any unregistered DNS .ART domain.

If you are interested in Web3 and blockchain technology, don’t miss this opportunity to get your own matching ENS and DNS .ART domains at today.


NFT Copyright Protocol BKopy Partners with Novelist Neal Stephenson for Sotheby’s Metaverse Sale, the new, NFT-focused smart contract service, announced today its first commercial use in the Sotheby’s Metaverse sale of “Infocalypse” on Feb. 27, an NFT project marking the 30th anniversary of the publication of “Snow Crash,” made in collaboration between “metaverse” coiner and #1 New York Times bestselling sci-fi novelist Neal Stephenson, artist Tony Sheeder and software developer Sterling Crispin.

BKopy is an ownership protocol that guarantees an NFT owner’s legal rights to use and display copyrighted work by embedding legally-binding, on-chain digital signatures into an NFT transaction. This innovation bridges the gap between blockchain, intellectual property, and contract law.

“It’s an honor to be reestablishing trust in NFTs as a token of fine art ownership, beginning with futurist Neal Stephenson,” said Josh Kramer, founder and CEO, BKopy. “With BKopy, creators, collectors, and marketplaces can now be assured that their NFTs are protected by legally-binding, on-chain contracts.”

“The NFT boom has tantalized artists and buyers alike. But there’s room for improvement as the current system leaves artists vulnerable to exploitation by players who ignore the terms of ‘contracts,’” said Neal Stephenson. “BKopy provides artists and collectors with the same protections they take for granted in the world of physical art, and I’m excited to be an early adopter.”

Through the web and BKopy’s APIs, developers and creators can incorporate legal agreements into their own NFT smart contracts, benefitting all involved parties by:

  • Enabling creators to publish NFT smart contracts with defined usage rights and legally-binding royalty obligations, regardless of where the NFTs are subsequently sold;
  • Providing collectors with legal guarantees regarding the critical aspects contributing to the value of collected artwork: provenance, rarity, and authenticity, in addition to continued access to the underlying artwork and right of display;
  • Providing marketplaces with an improved “token of ownership,” leading to increased customer trust and decreased reputational risks.