BingX Partners with UniSat and Bolsters Spot Trading Ecosystem


BingX, a global leading crypto exchange, announced its collaboration with UniSat, marking its pioneering step as the top centralized exchange (CEX) to integrate BRC-20, the latest blockchain technology standard. This partnership is set to bolster the spot trading ecosystem of BingX and transform the way its users interact with digital assets, offering unparalleled efficiency and security.

UniSat Wallet, a Chrome plugin wallet for the BTC ecosystem, empowers users with services like token purchase and sale, NFT transactions, token minting, and BRC-20 token information queries. BRC-20, an experimental token standard facilitating fungible token minting and transfers via the Ordinals protocol on the Bitcoin blockchain, has gained prominence for its high utility. While most BRC-20 tokens are deployed through third-party tools, UniSat Wallet streamlines this process, offering a lightweight plugin expediting BRC-20 deployment and transactions.

This integration extends benefits to users, ensuring heightened security through BRC-20’s advanced protocols, creating a secure trading environment. It enhances efficiency by facilitating faster transaction speeds, reducing confirmation times, and elevating the overall user experience. BingX users also enjoy cost savings, thanks to BRC-20’s optimized network, making trading more accessible. The global accessibility of BRC-20 on BingX fosters inclusivity in the digital asset community.

“This integration is part of our continuous efforts to enhance our spot trading services and support the growth of the blockchain industry,” said Megan Nyvold, Head of Branding at BingX. “As the first CEX to support BRC-20, BingX is dedicated to offering our users a more timely, streamlined, and cost-effective way to conduct spot trading over a wider range of tokens and cryptocurrencies. We aim to leverage potentials of BRC-20 and position BingX at the forefront of technological advancements in crypto space.”

Previously, BingX stood out as the exchange of initial offerings for popular BRC-20 tokens, including ORDISATSRATS, and other coins like TIA and TKST, which experienced a remarkable price surge within the first hour. And BingX will support the Rune and ARC-20 protocols soon. Users can anticipate more unparalleled opportunities as BingX continues to lead in adapting and evolving with future innovations.

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