Beelivery drives up profit with UNIPaaS embedded payments solution


UNIPaaS, an embedded finance solution for digital marketplaces and B2B SaaS companies, today announced that Beelivery, the leading UK on-demand grocery delivery company has implemented UNIPaaS’ payment platform to resolve legacy issues with traditional payment providers, improve customer experience and operational efficiencies, whilst providing a solid foundation to unleash its ability to scale without increasing headcount.

The rapid growth of online grocery delivery platforms spiked during the pandemic due to lockdowns and stay-at-home advisories. These platforms became the darlings of venture capital firms and investment reached $18.5 billion in 2021. Post-Covid, in 2022 the market trend changed, and the rapid grocery delivery market faced a downward turn, which compelled platforms to improve their operational efficiency and reach positive unit economics.

On its path to profitability, Beelivery has chosen to engage its payment operation and tackle barriers such as manual intervention and reduce the use of multiple payment systems.

Through its collaboration with UNIPaaS, Beelivery achieved the following results:

  • 3 payment platforms merged to create one complete end-to-end flow.
  • Thousands of suppliers onboarded within 30 days via an automated process of KYC and KYB checks.
  • Increased compliance through KYC and KYB checks.
  • Driver payout time reduced from 2-12 hours to 10 minutes.
  • Increased visibility of outbound payments to customer service through the UNIPaaS portal.
  • Instant refund solution.

Additionally, drivers benefited from a rapid and smooth onboarding process, instant payment, and overall improvement in their cash flow, reflecting Beelivery’s approach to treating drivers as business partners.

Paul Gott, COO Beelivery states, “UNIPaaS was the only provider who could supply a solution to all our pain points. Since launching with UNIPaaS our drivers enjoy instant payments rather than having to wait for the next daily payment run and payout failures and support issues are eliminated. Beelivery is growing fast, and UNIPaaS has enabled us to improve our ability to grow and scale our business without adding to headcount and overhead, whilst increasing customer satisfaction significantly.”

David Avgi, CEO & Co-Founder, UNIPaaS commented, “We are excited to be partnering with Beelivery, a profitable, self-sustained delivery platform. Since implementing UNIPaaS’ embedded payments solution, Beelivery is successfully scaling up its business while keeping operational costs to a minimum. We believe that any digital platform should consider embedding automated payments solutions – as it is a game-changer when it comes to operational efficiencies.”

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