PureSoftware bags fintech award for financial technology in SBR Technology Excellence Awards


Committed to its pursuit of delivering new-age banking solutions to banks, financial institutions, fintech firms, and the ultimate banking consumer, ‘PureSoftware’ has developed the industry-leading unified fintech platform — ‘Arttha’ for its customers.

‘Arttha’ has led banking and financial services transformation with its “Digital for the Unbanked” strategy to be a market leader. The platform allows for both greenfield fintechs or banks as well as existing financial institutions to transform their retail and SME banking business using Arttha’s Digital Payments, eWallet, Digital Lending, Agency, or Branchless Banking, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), and Merchant Management capabilities.

Manish Sharma, Chief Executive Officer at PureSoftware said, “We are extremely proud to win this award and tremendously delighted for the recognition received. Arttha has powered banks and fintech firms in emerging markets to gain an immense digital advantage by providing next-gen banking solutions to their customers. Through Arttha, our customers have been successfully able to deploy innovative banking solutions to expand their customer base, improve end-user experience, multiply transaction volumes, and launch new products across business units. The platform has already been implemented to offer financial services to more than 30 million individuals worldwide and 2.4 million merchants across the world, with over 1 billion transactions globally in a year.”

‘Arttha’ has been addressing digital access gaps in financial services with remarkable success majorly across emerging economies with substantial swaths of underbanked and unbanked regions like KenyaBotswanaZambiaIndonesiaMyanmar, and Nepal. Despite stringent lockdowns in various parts of the world due to the pandemic, ‘Arttha’ changed the banking dynamics to enable continuity of banking operations on the business side and democratize access to financial services on the consumer side.

Manish added, “Being underbanked or unbanked should not restrict access to the same level of customer experience that consumers in developed markets are used to. We continue to innovate by introducing new features in the platform in response to emerging trends in the industry as we expand our reach to customers in other parts of AfricaMiddle East, and the United States.”


RadNet Artificial Intelligence Subsidiaries, DeepHealth and Quantib, Obtain FDA Clearance for Mammography and Prostate AI Tools


RadNet, Inc., (NASDAQ: RDNT) today announced that it has received FDA clearances for its DeepHeatlh Saige-DX™ mammography and Quantib® Prostate 2.0 MRI artificial intelligence (“AI”) algorithms.

Saige-DX: AI Mammography Diagnostic Software

Saige-Dx, a more advanced successor to our FDA approved Saige-Q worklist triage software, is a cancer detection tool that enables radiologists to more effectively detect the presence or absence of breast cancer with the use of artificial intelligence.  DeepHealth’s powerful new AI technology automatically identifies suspicious lesions in mammograms and assigns a suspicion level to each finding and to the entire case.  It helps detect and diagnose breast cancer earlier while reducing unnecessary recalls.

“In our study to support FDA clearance, all 18 radiologists who participated exhibited improved performance when using Saige-Dx, resulting in the largest increase in performance across all mammography AI products on the market to date.  The improved performance was reflected in both an increase in the percentage of the cancers detected and a lower false positive rate when using Saige-Dx,” said Bill Lotter, Ph.D., CTO, and co-founder of DeepHealth.

“Saige-Dx is built on our advanced deep-learning algorithms.  Our highly accurate AI, as is described in a Nature Medicine article last year, showed the ability to find cancer one to two years earlier than fellowship-trained breast imaging radiologists.  The approval of Saige-Dx represents another step forward in advancing cancer care.  The feedback from physicians who have worked with our software tools is overwhelmingly positive, making them more accurate and efficient at interpreting mammography images,” said Gregory Sorensen, M.D., CEO, and co-founder of DeepHealth.

Quantib® Prostate 2.0: An AI Powered Solution for Prostate MRI Reading and Reporting

Quantib® Prostate is an AI-based software solution that advances the MRI prostate reporting workflow and is accessible directly from the radiologist’s reading station.  The solution comes with a suite of tools to improve reporting quality and speed, including AI-based segmentations and volumetry, PSA density calculation, precise registration and movement correction, one-click segmentation of lesion candidates, PI-RADS scoring support, and standardized reporting to facilitate easy and comprehensive communication of results.  FDA 510k special clearance has been given for a major upgrade to the solution (from release 1.3) that now includes fully automatic prostate zone segmentation (in addition to prostate gland segmentation) and automated initiation of localization of lesions on the PI-RADS sector map.

“We are delighted to present this update of Quantib® Prostate, including a selection of new features that our customers requested over the past few months.  We seek to continuously improve our software to support radiologists and urologists in the best way possible, and we deliver updated solutions to our customers as quickly as possible,” said Arthur Post Uiterweer, CEO of Quantib.

Dr. Howard Berger, President and Chief Executive Officer of RadNet, said, “We are very proud that two of our subsidiaries, DeepHealth and Quantib, have received FDA clearance for their flagship products.  Artificial intelligence will have a transforming impact on radiology and cancer care, and we are committed to delivering those advances to patients and healthcare providers. These recent approvals will help us drive improved patient outcomes while lowering costs.  The Biden administration, through its Cancer Moonshot program, is committed to significantly reducing the mortality rates from cancer in the coming decades.  We believe that these AI tools will play an important role in the early detection and diagnosis of cancer, resulting in improved survival rates and better patient outcomes.”


Unlimint adds PicPay to payment portfolio to enable global growth for merchants


London-based global fintech Unlimint, has, today, announced it is expanding its local payment methods portfolio with the addition of Latin America’s largest digital wallet, PicPay. The platform will enable merchants to access over 60 million customers in the region. Unlimint is an award-winning global fintech offering advanced payment capabilities through an evolving financial interface to businesses across the globe, operating from five continents.

PicPay is one of the most popular payment applications within the LatAm region and has the largest number of users in Brazil. Merchants who want to expand into the region can ensure they remain competitive as the new payment method will enable them to integrate the most used local e-wallet into their business. By adding PicPay to its portfolio, Unlimint will allow merchants to expand into the LatAm market more easily and seamlessly. European and UK businesses will be able to offer regional clients a full set of payment methods to choose from, including the local e-wallet, cash-based payments, and standard cards.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought accelerated digital transformation forcing many to embrace new technologies, such as online payment solutions and banking apps. Research by Statista shows that the number of online consumers in Latin America is set to grow over 20 percent by 2025 and it is expected to hit $160 billion USD by the same year. According to KPMG’s Pulse of Fintech report, about 10.8 million Latin Americans made their first ever online purchase during the first lockdowns, and in 2021 alone fintech investment reached $5 billion USD.

Commenting on the portfolio expansion, Irene Skrynova, Chief Customer Officer at Unlimint, said:

“We are delighted to be able to offer one more alternative payment method to businesses in LatAm. Adding PicPay to our portfolio proves Unlimint is committed to enabling clients to grow anywhere in the world. It is important for any European merchant that wants to expand into that region, as many people in LatAm still use alternative or cash-based methods. If businesses outside the region do not offer local payment methods, they are essentially losing a huge chunk of the market.”


PureSoftware wins the “Excellence in Fintech Solutions” award for its flagship product Arttha


PureSoftware, a global software product and digital services company, announced that it received the “Excellence in Fintech Solutions” award at the Finnovex East Africa Summit 2022. The award was presented to PureSoftware for its flagship product Arttha, in the category of “Harnessing fintech for a big leap in fueling financial inclusion.”

Arttha is a unified fintech platform enabling banks, fintech firms, and financial institutions to fill the huge gaps in financial inclusion by automating the operations. This powerful digital banking platform successfully digitizes the banking landscape with its intuitive design and easy-to-use interface. Over 100+ financial institutions trust Arttha to deliver a seamless and compelling digital banking experience to their customers worldwide.

Finnovex is a series of Summits that examine the Future of Financial Services on how disruptive innovations are reshaping how they are structured, provisioned and consumed. The award recognizes the companies and individuals playing a pivotal role in changing the financial services landscape.


Minna Technologies launches Merchant Solution to Combat Subscription Cancellations


Minna Technologies announces the release of its Merchant Solution, supporting subscription-based businesses with their need to retain, grow and acquire customers. Today’s announcement marks Minna’s expansion into the merchant community, providing global subscription-based businesses with the ability to recover revenue from previously canceled customers who currently manage their subscriptions through their retail bank app.

Today, Minna is reaching 20+ million retail banking customers, of which roughly 20% choose to cancel their subscriptions directly from their banking app. In the United Kingdomthe United States and Australia, consumer protection regulation ensures that banks support subscription payment management, particularly on unidentified or unintended payments. However, when customers cancel, their bank card can also be blocked, which is done to protect the consumer from future wrongful payments being taken from the card. Many consumers do try to resubscribe. According to Experian Insights, nearly 80% of those who do try to return do so within 3 months of canceling, but can’t due to the blocked card. This creates friction for subscription businesses who want to provide the best possible experience for their customers.

The announcement comes as categories such as streaming, gaming, security and software mark higher global cancellation rates. According to figures from analytics group Kantar, 1.5mn streaming subscriptions in the UK have been canceled in Q1 of 2022, with half a million people attributing the cancellation to “money-saving’.  While 58%  of households retain at least one streaming service, a decline of only 1.3% from the end of 2021, the terminations suggest that viewers have become more discerning about subscribing to multiple platforms.

Tiama Hanson-Drury, Chief Product Officer, Minna Technologies notes “We are thrilled to allow the 20% of consumers who cancel with Minna to more easily return to the subscription service when it suits them and to enable subscription businesses to more personally retarget these consumers with suitable offers. Not every cancellation is a desire to sever ties with the merchant – often it is a call for increased flexibility or personalisation. By keeping the channel open, merchants have the chance to evolve the customer relationship and reacquire the consumer.”

Erica Katsambis, Minna Technologies VP of Sales, Partnerships, and Solutions for Subscription Businesses notes: ‘We have seen the rise of new subscription personas. From the ‘lost, confused and angry’ who are disengaged and canceling via their bank, to the ‘savvy’ consumers switching subscriptions regularly, they all demand more from their subscriptions. It is more important than ever to diversify and bolster digital channels and functionality to retain users, grow your customer base, and prevent unwanted churn. We are intrigued and keen to work with merchants looking to innovate through the next wave of subscription management.’

Minna’s UK-based client, Lloyds Banking Group, announced in April that over 1.2 million subscription payments have been stopped since the summer of 2021, as technology puts customers in further control of their spending. Popular TV, film, and music streaming services made up almost half (47.1%) of regular payments canceled, with households taking further stock of their discretionary spending, as the cost of living climbs.

Minna’s new “Unblock” feature, which is free to Subscription businesses, facilitates communication between banks and trusted subscription businesses to seamlessly unblock bank cards. This is being rolled out where banks have full confidence that wrongful reattempted payments will not be taken by a business. This seamless cancellation and block removal of the card reduces unnecessary operational inefficiencies and poor customer experiences that have historically been created by long-term blocked payments.

The Unblock feature is the first of many solutions to follow that will solve problems for the merchant community across the subscription lifecycle; including a solution to prevent cancellations from happening in the first place.

Minna currently works with nine global retail banks, embedding their subscription management technology within the digital banking infrastructure. Servicing over 20 million banking customers, the technology enables banking clients to manage their subscriptions within the banking infrastructure.

For merchants looking to hear more or integrate Unblock for free, please see https://minnatechnologies.com/for-subscription-businesses/


Yeahka Maintains Rapid Growth in the First Quarter of 2022 and The Guidelines for In-store E-commerce Remain Unchanged


Yeahka Limited (“Yeahka” or the “Company”, Stock Code: 9923), a leading payment-based technology platform in China, is pleased to announce business updates for the first quarter of 2022 (the “period”).

During the period, the total gross payment volume of the one-stop payment services grew 18.2% year-on-year (“YoY”) to reach approximately RMB544.6 billion, and the number of active payment services merchants reached approximately 7.48 million. The payment fee rate also increased, while the commission rate paid to distribution channels decreased when compared with the full year of 2021.

As for the in-store e-commerce services, the total gross merchandise value (“GMV”) and the number of paying customers reached RMB560 million and 4.7 million respectively. The Company reaffirms its guidance of achieving RMB2.8 billion to RMB3.5 billion in GMV for the full year of 2022.

Mr. Luke Liu, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of the Company, said, “Despite the regional resurgence of the pandemic in China, our business maintained rapid growth under a disciplined and controlled investment policy, primarily due to our business coverage of small and medium offline merchants in over 300 cities in China, with a relatively low concentration in any single city. Our continuous efforts in scaling up and monetizing our commercial digitalized ecosystem encompassing digital payment, merchant solutions, and in-store e-commerce business for local lifestyle also contributed to the growth. The overall strategy for the Company this year will be more focused on striking a balance between continued growth and profitability, building on 2021’s focus on traffic growth.

The Company also announced that from January 1, 2022 to April 30, 2022, the trustee of the restricted share unit scheme has utilized an aggregate of approximately HKD298.2 million to purchase 14,476,000 shares of Yeahka on market, representing 3.2% of Yeahka’s total issued shares. The Company will continue to implement the share purchase scheme based on considerations including its growth prospects, capital market conditions, macroeconomic indicators, and employee incentives.


Benepass Awarded as Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum


Benepass, a fintech led benefits company with a platform for People-forward companies, was selected among hundreds of candidates as one of the World Economic Forum’s “Technology Pioneers”. Benepass was started by Jaclyn ChenKabir Soorya, and Mark Fischer to help companies deliver an employee-led benefits experience focused on choice to make every employee’s experience with benefits meaningful, personalized, and delightful.

The World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers are early to growth-stage companies from around the world that are involved in the use of new technologies and innovation that are poised to have a significant impact on business and society.

With their selection as Technology Pioneer, Benepass co-founder and CEO Jaclyn Chen will be invited to participate at World Economic Forum activities, events and discussions throughout the year. Benepass will also contribute to Forum initiatives over the next two years, working with global leaders to help address key industry and societal issues.

“We’re excited to welcome Benepass to our 2022 cohort of Technology Pioneers,” says Saemoon Yoon, Community Lead, Technology Pioneers, World Economic Forum. Benepass and its fellow pioneers are at the forefront of industries that are critical to solving some of our world’s most complex issues today. We look forward to their contribution to the World Economic Forum in its commitment to improving the state of the world.”

“We are honored to be considered a pioneer by the World Economic Forum, ” said Benepass Co-Founder and CEO, Jaclyn Chen. COVID-19 fundamentally changed today’s workforce. Employees are now seeking organizations with positive cultures focused on great benefits, flexibility, and strong work-life balance. Our team has worked to build an easy to use and highly customizable platform that provides people teams at leading organizations with an easy way to implement, administer, and track the modern benefits that their unique workforce is looking for.  We act as a partner in delivering benefits that can help your team learn and grow in both their personal and professional lives.”

For the first time, over one-third of selected Technology Pioneer firms are led by women, well above the industry average. The firms also come from regions all around the world, creating a truly global community. This year’s cohort includes start-ups from 30 countries, with VietnamRwanda and Czech Republic represented for the first time.

The diversity of these companies extends to their innovations as well. This year’s Tech Pioneer firms are shaping the future by advancing technologies such as AI, IoT, robotics, blockchain, biotechnology and many more. The full list of Technology Pioneers can be found here.

Technology Pioneers have been selected based on the community’s selection criteria, which includes innovation, impact and leadership as well as the company’s relevance with the World Economic Forum’s Platforms.

All info on this year’s Technology Pioneers can be found here: http://wef.ch/techpioneers22 More information on past winners, information on the community and the application link can be found here.

About Benepass: Benepass enables organizations to increase employee retention and satisfaction by offering flexible and personalized benefits at scale that employees love. Our fintech platform has been built from the ground up to support a wide range of organizations and different benefit program designs. Employees are empowered to use their benefits with access to a digital wallet and virtual & physical Visa card. Using Benepass, companies are seeing employee engagement rates of over 80% with benefit programs. Current customers include Bright Health Group, Wix.com, Jamf, and Talkspace.


Broadridge Wins Innovation in Governance and Proxy Voting Award at Global Custodian’s Leaders in Custody Awards


Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. (NYSE:BR), a global Fintech leader, has won the Innovation in Governance and Proxy Voting Award at this year’s Global Custodian Leaders in Custody Awards, a globally recognised ceremony acknowledging the achievements of the securities services industry. The award recognises Broadridge’s success in leveraging technology to transform global proxy voting, corporate governance and shareholder disclosure on a global scale.

“We’re pleased to honour Broadridge with an Innovation Award for extending corporate governance through proxy voting and disclosure, recognising the multiple new services introduced globally,” said Jonathan Watkins, Managing Editor of Global Custodian. “Some of these unique services have improved market voting deadlines, extended voting windows by up to three days and lowered overall costs to custodians. Broadridge has been a consistent innovator in this area of advancing corporate governance, and while this award recognises the organisation’s achievements over the past 12 months, we also noted this continued level of excellence in recent years.”

Broadridge’s Global Proxy and SRD II solution suite continues to expand through substantial investments in platform innovation, global infrastructure and extended local market digital connectivity to support higher standards of governance, transparency and investor stewardship. Adding to its existing market-leading voting and investment communication solutions, that provide 100% service and market coverage, in the past 12 months Broadridge has also extended its local sub custody offering, encompassing “golden copy” event sourcing and vote execution service to 20 of the world’s largest markets, with more to follow in 2022 and 2023.

“We are delighted to be recognised for our role in transforming and accelerating global corporate governance standards for the benefit of all participants throughout the investment communications lifecycle,” said Demi Derem, general manager of International Investor Communication Solutions at Broadridge.  “Broadridge has long advocated and championed industry change and invested heavily to enable more efficient, innovative, and market-leading technological solutions, all designed to increase shareholder democracy and continually drive the market forward.”

Pandiri named Global Custodian Legend

Samir Pandiri, President of Broadridge International, has also been named a Global Custodian Legend in the publication’s Hall of Fame. The award honours individual standout achievements that have shaped the securities services industry of today. Samir’s experience and global outlook, coupled with his deep technology and operations expertise, places him at the forefront of innovation and extraordinary changes in the industry.

“To have Broadridge’s continued commitment to global proxy services validated and recognised by a leading publication in the international securities services space is fantastic,” said Samir Pandiri, President of Broadridge International. “I am proud to sit beside the august industry legends in Global Custodian’s Hall of Fame – it’s a huge honour.”


Bitlocus Partners with Striga to Launch a Crypto-friendly Visa debit Card


Bitlocus, a global emerging fintech company that provides a gateway for fiat users to interact with DeFi protocols, partners with Striga to offer a crypto-enabled debit card for eligible Bitlocus platform users.

The card will allow users to use their crypto funds to purchase goods and services the same way as they spend traditional currencies wherever Visa is accepted. That accounts for more than 70 million merchant locations world wide. Bitlocus cards will allow its users to spend their crypto on POS (Point of Sale) devices, withdraw cash from ATMs, or make online purchases.

While benefits for retail customers are obvious, Bitlocus card platform will be beneficial for business clients too. For example,they will be able to make payments with their tokens listed on Bitlocus exchange. In addition, business clients will be provided with an opportunity to have their brand on the card.

Andrius Normantas, CEO at Bitlocus, says: “the card is a natural addition to the portfolio of other Bitlocus products. Digital currencies and the crypto ecosystem in general are gaining momentum, and we want our clients to benefit from this shift as much as possible”.

Bernardo Magnani, CEO at Striga, says: “our Partnership with Bitlocus has been critical in the evolution of Striga as a company and dates to our early days when we were running our own crypto card program under the brand Lastbit. We are honored to have been selected by Bitlocus to power their ambitious crypto-enabled card program and excited to kick-off this new stage in our partnership.”

Both virtual and physical cards will be introduced. The registration to the waiting list will be announced shortly.


Rapyd launches Virtual Accounts, a new payments solution unlocking cross-border commerce for businesses looking to expand globally


Rapyd, a global fintech-as-a-service platform, today announced the launch of Virtual Accounts, a vital product empowering businesses to expand globally while supporting local payments. This new offering allows organisations anywhere in the world to securely and reliably accept local bank transfers across over 40 countries in more than 25 currencies, including the UK, US, EU, and APAC regions.

The launch of Virtual Accounts comes at a crucial time for businesses searching for payment support to allow them to tap into the global marketplace. While 93 percent of businesses report cross-border commerce is a high priority for their organisations in 2022, nearly 1 in 4 say supporting local payment methods is their biggest operational challenge holding them back.1

Acting as local bank accounts without the typical transaction fees and extra operational costs, Virtual Accounts enable simple, familiar and automatic global payments and payouts. Before Virtual Accounts, businesses would have to rely on expensive cross-border wire transfers to a single bank account and manage separate accounts in each market. Several accounts mean higher administration costs, reconciliation errors and complex operations. Now, businesses can easily accept payments in other countries, streamline operations and offer international customers more local ways to pay.

Kadmos, the global salary payment platform revolutionising the experience for millions of migrant workers to receive their salary, trusts Rapyd Virtual Accounts to simplify the payment of international salaries. Powered by Virtual Accounts, Kadmos makes it easy for companies to seamlessly pay international salaries across the globe, and for their employees to remit and spend their earnings everywhere.

Sasha Makarovych, Co-Founder of Kadmos comments: “When it comes to getting employees paid on time and in their local currencies, it is very administration heavy, inefficient, costly and takes many days to process and reach employees. By partnering with Rapyd, Kadmos clients experience a completely new way of paying their international workforce. Thanks to Virtual Accounts, it is faster, digital, and much cheaper – ultimately helping employers pay the more than 180 million global migrant workers more efficiently.”

Kontempo, the embedded payment solution for B2B e-commerce based in Mexico City, uses Rapyd’s suite of offerings, including Virtual Accounts, to help achieve their mission of building Latin America’s go-to B2B Buy-Now-Pay Later solution.

Matthew Meehan, Co-Founder and CEO at Kontempo comments: “Partnering with Rapyd and implementing Virtual Accounts has been instrumental in the growth of Kontempo’s business as we look to scale our BNPL offering to markets throughout Latin America. With Virtual Accounts, we’re able to offer our small business customers flexible repayment methods and our merchant partners a faster, risk-free way to get paid that can also boost sales by more than 50%.”

Khyati Soparkar, Head of Global Product Marketing at Rapyd comments: “One of the key factors that holds businesses back from expanding globally and reaching the next level of growth is the lack of infrastructure to support local payments. Virtual Accounts provide businesses the confidence to grow worldwide knowing they have a trusted payments solution in place. Now, it’s never been easier to reach more countries, currencies and customers – all businesses need is one Rapyd account.”

Virtual Accounts can be set up to match the needs of businesses as they grow, with as many Virtual Accounts as required to collect and organise funds across countries, currencies, and customer needs. Using Rapyd’s single API, Virtual Accounts can be used with Rapyd Collect, Rapyd Disburse and Rapyd Wallet to empower local and cross-border payment acceptance and distribution.

Rapyd Collect

  • Rapyd Collect allows businesses to securely and easily accept payment types from over 100 countries. With Virtual Accounts, businesses can add even more options in the form of local bank transfers, making it easier to reach more customers no matter where they are located.
  • Virtual Accounts adds to Rapyd Collect payment collection capabilities that include Hosted Checkout, Checkout Toolkit, Virtual Terminal, Global Invoicing, and third-party plugins such as Wix and WooCommerce.

Rapyd Disburse

  • Using Rapyd Disburse, businesses can disburse funds to more than a hundred countries in locally preferred payout methods like ewallets, banks, cards and cash.
  • Together with Virtual Accounts, clients can send a payout to one sender or multiple recipients around the world.

Rapyd Wallet

  • Virtual Accounts can be added to Rapyd Wallet, the underlying platform that acts as a financial hub for businesses by supporting a range of services like bill pay, cash withdrawal and load, and funds transfer.
  • Businesses can have as many Virtual Accounts as needed and allocate them by country, currency or customer, but still only use a single Rapyd Wallet.