Thunes Adds Costa Rica to its Network, Expands Latin American Coverage


Thunes a leader in global cross-border payments, and Teledolar, a major fintech player in Central America, today announced a partnership that makes payments simple, fast, more transparent and cost-effective for customers and businesses sending money to Costa Rica. The addition of Costa Rica to Thunes’ already well-established global network, increases its Latin America coverage to 12 countries.

Costa Rica is home to a hotbed of process outsourcing businesses offering telemarketing, call center and technical support. The partnership with Teledolar gives Thunes’ global customers a quicker way to make payouts to the businesses in Costa Rica and fund transfers can be made in real-time to all bank accounts via the local Automated Clearing House (ACH) system.

For example, a US-based software development business will now be able to pay technical support staff in Costa Rica instantly while Costa Rican businesses will have access to global markets, allowing them to receive payments directly from around the world.

“We are thrilled to add Costa Rica to our network through the Teledolar partnership. We’re seeing demand growing rapidly for Latin America and we’re excited to address this opportunity. This addition means we now have coverage in 12 markets in Latin America, enabling millions of people to benefit from faster and more reliable cross-border transactions. Thunes is driving access and affordability of financial services in the world’s fastest growing economies,” said Andrew Stewart, Global Head of Networks, Thunes.

Thunes’ mission is to build a bigger and better payment network that interconnects financial institutions and businesses in developed and developing markets and allows any payment player to transfer money across borders instantly without the need for countless integrations to multiple systems.

“Increasingly, consumers and businesses in Costa Rica are seeking more seamless, efficient and secure ways to receive digital payments from overseas. Teledolar strives to meet the evolving needs of our customers for global wire transfers and payments through this partnership with Thunes. We also plan to extend the new service to our customers in Nicaragua soon,” said Juan Carlos Bedoya, CEO of Teledolar.


Capital Trust announces PTC Transaction of about INR 280 Million with U GRO Capital Limited


Capital Trust Limited (Capital Trust), a digitally enabled non-banking finance company (NBFC), specialising in providing income generating micro business loans in tier 3-5 regions, today announced that it has entered into PTC (Pass Through Certificates) transaction with U GRO Capital Limited, a technology focused small business lending platform.

This is the first time U GRO Capital and Capital Trust have come together for a PTC transaction of about INR 280 million, with amortisation of the pool tenure of 20 months. The instrument is rated BBB+ by ICRA Limited. The tie up will allow Capital Trust to enhance its liquidity and build a strong capital base. The loans underlying the pool will have monthly instalments with original maturity of up to 3 years. With this tie up, Capital Trust will be able to expand its credit portfolio of income generating micro loans among rural India’s underserved population.

Commenting on this development, Mr. Yogen Khosla, Chairman and Managing Director, Capital Trust Limited, said, This transaction is in line with Capital Trust’s balance sheet light business growth model and will help the company expand its lending portfolio at a faster pace without additional burden on the books of the company. The arrangement will enable Capital Trust to expand its digital lending footprint to Tier 3-5 regions primarily in Northern India. The company will continue to enter into such tie ups in near term which will help in building a strong capital base with high liquidity.”


STICPAY Announces Local Bank Wire Service in Hong Kong


Leading global e-wallet payment provider, STICPAY, has today announced a new local bank wire service in Hong Kong.

A local bank wire is one of the easiest ways to transfer money online and is much faster and attracts lower fees than sending money via an international bank wire.

A bank wire is a means of transferring money from one financial institution to another via financial intermediaries. When that involves banks in different countries and operating in different currencies, the process can become time consuming and expensive. The need to adhere to international money handling rules, as well as domestic laws and tax arrangements, can mean a simple transaction takes 3-5 days on average, but could take weeks.

Using a local bank wire removes much of the complexity and therefore the time and cost involved in money transfers. Local bank wire transfers occur within a country’s domestic payment system and therefore no financial intermediaries are required. The obvious benefits of this are that money transfers become faster and cheaper.

STICPAY already successfully operates local bank wire services in S. Korea, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines and Singapore and more countries are planned for the future.

The service is expected to be of particular interest in Hong Kong, following recent moves by the Chinese government to restrict how much money can be transferred by foreign banks into China. These moves have caused consternation among global bank executives and foreign companies in China.

James Bay, Customer Service Director at STICPAY, said: “Using a local bank wire to transfer money avoids all of the issues associated with cross border money transactions. It works by using a STICPAY partner bank in the country in which the money is to be received, thereby making the transfer of money a domestic rather than international one.

“Some of the rules around banking in China are changing and becoming less favourable to foreign banks but using STICPAY’s local bank wire service removes any concern as the transfer is conducted through a local bank.

“On top of the increased speed of money transfer and the vastly reduced costs, the removal of concerns around international politics and money regulations means STICPAY’s local bank wire service in Hong Kong is the natural choice for companies and individuals wishing to send money into or out of the territory.”


Broadridge Acquires Innovative Post-Trade Solutions Business


Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. (NYSE:BR), a global Fintech leader, today announced that it has acquired Alpha Omega, a market-leading FIX-based post-trade solutions provider for the investment management industry. This acquisition builds on Broadridge’s recent acquisition of Itiviti. The acquisition, which encompasses the remaining 68% of Alpha Omega, will enable Broadridge to fully consolidate Alpha Omega’s post-trade matching and consolidation solution into its existing NYFIX connectivity and FIX infrastructure to better automate buy-side and sell-side firms’ trade matching processes and further accelerates Broadridge’s product roadmap.

“We are excited to formalize our four-year strategic partnership with Alpha Omega through this acquisition,” said Ray Tierney, President of Itiviti, a Broadridge business. “We are leading technology innovation in post-trade, and this acquisition is a testament to our continued growth and momentum in transforming this space. NYFIX Matching is the first ‘one-stop’ platform to handle all of a fund’s trade matching needs across various product types and asset classes.”

Alpha Omega brings invaluable expertise in advanced FIX-based technology for asset managers and broker/dealers in all areas covering automated allocation, confirmation and affirmation of trades for equities, fixed income securities, and derivatives.

NYFIX Matching, which combines Alpha Omega’s FIXAffirm solution with Itiviti’s NYFIX network, provides the market a single, consolidated platform to handle the entire affirmation process with the same speed and efficiencies of trading now applied to the post-trade piece of the workflow. Buy-side institutions can easily access NYFIX Matching through their existing NYFIX connections as a fully managed service. Through this service, the buy-side can allocate and match their trades, accomplishing same-day affirmation with a global community of more than 100 brokers. This extension of the NYFIX service into post-trade will deliver processing efficiencies with significant cost savings over current solutions.


NextTech Invests $2.5 Million in AntEx VNDT Fintech Blockchain Ecosystem


The investment will be used to upgrade new features and increase users for the Blockchain product ecosystem.

Shark Nguyen Hoa Binh’s NextTech Group officially announced an investment deal worth 2.5 million USD on AntEx Fintech Blockchain Ecosystem (in short: AntEx) in late July.

In which, VNDT wallet is the core product. This Wallet has more than 42,000 users, processing thousands of transactions from over 20 countries. VNDT has been developing the revolution of expanding opportunities for the new generation of stable coin – an open-source token from various blockchain networks like Ethereum, Tron, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Kardiachain. It takes advantage of digital transformations from large and small scalability of cryptocurrency to grow its ecosystem.

VNDT builds on the original vision as the transfer gateway in between Cryptocurrency and Fiat. It provides the liquidity for multi-chain swaps — but aims to improve support for long-tail crypto assets by offering a crypto-fiat conversion and its payment methods platform in real life. The platform promises to become one of the most exciting projects in the decentralized finance ecosystem and has recently developed in the Vietnam market.

“VNDT focuses on developing the advantages of a cryptocurrency ecosystem that provides the fastest and seamless user experience, allows users to trade cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies through a peer-to-peer network, supported by the VN Smart Chain network. This is how we hope to take crypto finance to a whole new level,” CEO AntEx said.

The handshake between NextTech and AntEx is considered to combine the strengths of both sides to develop a comprehensive blockchain product ecosystem.

“Currently, Vietnam still lacks a project that meets all the elements, to be able to connect cryptocurrencies and the real world. Therefore, the AntEx and VNDT stablecoin ecosystems are considered as a missing piece to complete the crypto-blockchain ecosystem in Vietnam particularly and the world generally. We hope that we can provide quality products to serve digital financial users globally in the next two years,” CEO AntEx said.

Accordingly, AntEx’s financial technology products are inherited and applied on NextTech’s multi-platform ecosystem and large number of users, including: Ngan Luong – payment intermediary gateway, Vimo – payment platform mobile wallet, and E-commerce, etc.

“I have great confidence in this project. The core-team is professional, reputable and highly specialized. Therefore, investing in the AntEx project is NextTech’s breakthrough in this period,” Chairman – Shark Nguyen Hoa Binh shared.

The partnership is one of the important things that AntEx wants to grow and spread rapidly. As part of an effort to ensure that AntEx Exchange and VNDT stable-coins stay connected in the Nexttech. AntEx and NextTech will facilitate people’s lives through our way of digitalization.

It’s a perfect fit with AntEx’s mission of technology evolution. AntEx has been able to adopt a more proactive approach to addressing the wide tech gaps left in user engagement and motivation. Collaborating some of AntEx’s most cutting-edge financial technologies with the back-end of NextTech, which make partnerships and ecosystems much easier to set up, as it becomes easier to expose internal services in a secure and controlled way to the outside world.

NextTech Group of Technopreneurs is a Group of Companies pioneering into the emerging Digitised Commerce industry across South East Asia. It is one of the pioneers and largest digital transformation groups in Vietnam, with more than 20 technology platforms from E-Commerce, Fintech and E-Logistics, etc.

NextTech Group was founded in 2001 under the initial name as PeaceSoft, it started an online business in 2004, expanded to SEA in 2014. It has more than 1,200+ staff in 8 world-wide offices.


Facevalue Launches Pan European Online Factoring Solution For SMEs


Dutch FinTech Facevalue introduces a unique Accounts Receivable Finance solution for European SMEs that challenges traditional factoring. Facevalue offers complete flexibility to its clients to determine which receivables they want to sell and charge no fixed fees.

Most factoring solutions to SMEs require that the business sell all their outstanding accounts receivables to the Financier for a fixed period, usually two years that includes high fixed costs.

“The banking landscape has changed so much over the past decade that it has become a real challenge for most businesses to present their business case to lenders. There is often no one to receive their application, let alone understand the dynamics in their business and by the time the application is assessed, it is already dated. Facevalue has built a secure online platform that extracts invoice data, handle the mapping and conversion of data formats and lists all our clients’ outstanding accounts receivables in a ledger from where they can configure rules, or choose manually which receivables they would like to sell immediately and without recourse.” – Neels Bornman, Chief Executive of Facevalue.

Facevalue performs a pivotal role as a trusted market platform between businesses and investors. The company has developed the capability required to scale using advanced technology to address what is one of the biggest business finance opportunities in the world today. Accounts receivable finance is a vital tool for markets to recover. It is expected that the global transaction value will eclipse pre-pandemic levels and continue its meteoric rise and still it only accounts for an approximate 10% adoption.

Bornman: “The stop start economic recovery as markets open and governments try and manage the impact of further COVID-19 infections makes it incredibly hard for businesses to predict inventory and liquidity. We believe that businesses’ top priority will remain the protection of their available liquid resources. Adopting a flexible finance solution as part of a recovery and growth plan should be part of every business’s strategy during these uncertain times.”

According to the industry body FCI, accounts receivable finance has grown at an annual compounded growth rate of 7% over the last twenty years from €600 billion at the turn of the millennium to €2.7 trillion today. The market declined 7% worldwide during the pandemic, but the Netherlands still managed to grow by 1.4%. Europe accounts for 68% of worldwide accounts receivable finance dominated by FranceGermany, UK, Italy and Spain that account for 70% of the European market. (Source: FCI Annual review 2021)

According to PWC’s recent working capital reports, there is more than €1.2 trillion excess working capital tied up in global balance sheets, which if addressed would lift overall return on invested capital to 8.8%. 14 out of 17 industry sectors analysed deteriorated in net working capital days over the last year. Industries that would benefit most from release of cash from revenue are Retail, Engineering & Construction, Healthcare, Technology and Automotive. (Source: PWC Working Capital report 2021)

Europe is also one of the hardest hit regions by the pandemic where revenue declined by 23%, inventory days increased by 15% and working capital performance deteriorated by 8 days. While companies improved their ability to generate cash from operations, profit margins are at a four year low and debt rose considerably as companies hoarded cash to weather the storm. (Source: PWC Restructuring and Recovery report 2020)

“Our research of European cross-sector mid-market corporates show that even before the pandemic, revenue was up year on year but even then companies struggled to convert revenue to cash. In addition capital expenditure as a percentage of revenue has continued to decline, which implies that companies are managing cash by not making capital investments. During the pandemic, revenue declined and is now only starting to recover. We predict that capital expense will remain a low priority while cash flow management becomes the number one priority,” commented Neels Bornman.

Many businesses are reluctant to utilise Accounts Receivable Finance solutions as part of their financial planning due to the comparatively high fixed costs it attracts. By removing the rigid nature and fixed costs, Facevalue delivers a solution that should form part of every business’s strategic planning regardless of its size. There is a direct correlation with the increase of an enterprise’s value and the effective management of its working capital.

Selling a receivable to Facevalue is as easy as emailing the invoice straight from an accounting system to a dedicated email address we create for each client. The platform uses a combination of optical character recognition (OCR) and artificial intelligence (AI) to convert a PDF invoice to a Peppol compliant structured electronic invoice. New clients can immediately sell their top priority receivables while Facevalue perform a detailed credit assessment whereafter a facility of up to €5 million can be approved for SMEs across the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom.


SouthState Corporation and Atlantic Capital Bancshares Announce Merger Agreement


SouthState Corporation (NASDAQ: SSB) (“SouthState” or the “Company”) and Atlantic Capital Bancshares, Inc. (NASDAQ: ACBI) (“Atlantic Capital”) jointly announced today the signing of a definitive agreement pursuant to which Atlantic Capital will merge with and into SouthState in an all-stock transaction with an aggregate value of approximately $542 million, or $26.43 per share of Atlantic Capital common stock.

Atlantic Capital, based in Atlanta, Georgia, has approximately $3.8 billion in total assets, $3.3 billion in total deposits, and $2.3 billion in total loans as of June 30, 2021, and operates one branch in the Atlanta metro area and one branch in Athens, Georgia. This merger will enhance SouthState’s scale and improve market density in the attractive Atlanta market. SouthState will have top ten deposit market share in the Atlanta MSA, with approximately $5 billion in pro forma deposits. Upon merger completion, the combined company will have pro forma total assets of $44 billion, deposits of $36 billion, gross loans of $26 billion, and a market capitalization of approximately $5.7 billion.

“We are pleased to announce this partnership with Doug and his team at Atlantic Capital. Atlanta is a strategically important market for us, and this attractive, in-market transaction significantly expands our market share in one of the fastest growing cities in the country,” said John C. Corbett, Chief Executive Officer of SouthState. “Additionally, Atlantic Capital provides a high-growth Fintech and Payments platform and a seasoned team of Atlanta bankers with a proven record of success.”

Douglas L. Williams, President and CEO of Atlantic Capital, said, “This partnership with SouthState enhances our purpose to fuel prosperity for our shareholders, clients, and teammates. SouthState’s larger capital base and broader range of capabilities will strengthen our client relationships and expand our new business opportunities. Our companies are tightly aligned culturally; we operate on the same core banking and treasury management platforms, and our credit and risk management philosophies and processes are similar.”

Subject to the terms of the merger agreement, Atlantic Capital shareholders will receive 0.36 shares of SouthState common stock for each outstanding share of Atlantic Capital common stock. Based on SouthState’s stock price of $73.42 as of July 22, 2021, this equates to a per share value of $26.43 and an aggregate transaction value of $542 million. Additionally, two Atlantic Capital directors will join both the Company board and the SouthState Bank board.

The transaction is expected to result in 3% EPS accretion on a fully phased in basis and minimal tangible book value dilution, which is expected to be earned back in two years.

The merger agreement has been unanimously approved by the board of directors of Atlantic Capital and SouthState. Completion of the merger is subject to customary closing conditions, including receipt of required regulatory approvals and the approval by shareholders of Atlantic Capital. The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of 2022.

Raymond James & Associates, Inc. served as exclusive financial advisor and Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP served as legal counsel to SouthState in the transaction. J.P. Morgan Securities LLC served as exclusive financial advisor and Sullivan & Cromwell LLP and Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders LLP served as legal counsel to Atlantic Capital in the transaction.

Joint Investor Conference Call
SouthState and Atlantic Capital will host a conference call to discuss the transaction and second quarter 2021 earnings results at 8:00 a.m. Eastern Time today. To listen to the live call, please dial 877-506-9272 within the U.S. and 412-380-2004 for all other locations and enter the participant code 10158736. The live webcast, along with the related presentation, will be available on the Investor Relations section of each company’s website at and An audio replay is expected to be available the evening of July 23, 2021. To access the replay, dial 877-344-7529 and use conference number 10158736. International callers should dial 412-317-0088 and enter the same conference number.

As a result of today’s merger announcement, both companies have cancelled their previously scheduled second quarter 2021 earnings conference calls.


Fintech, Suits Me, Undergoes Major Digital Rebrand After Year of Growth


Alternative banking solution, Suits Me, have transformed their brand identity with a brand-new logo and website. This new facelift represents the continual growth that the six-year-old fintech has experienced in the last year, and signifies a fresher, better, and faster user experience available to all account holders.

Working in partnership with brand consultants, oser, Suits Me created a new concept which better reflected their audience within the financial sector. In addition to this, Suits Me wanted to incorporate their company values into the new design, which can be seen within the vibrant ‘swooshes’ that appear within the logo and website.

Kim Roberts, Marketing and Communications Directorexplained more about the graphic design elements that better reflect Suits Me’s identity: “With a pop of energy and colour, the dynamic swoosh is created from elements of the new logo. It encapsulates how Suits Me is by your side to weave around your financial obligations, and support you in achieving your financial aspirations, regardless of whoever you are, and whatever your situation and lifestyle.

At the heart of Suits Me’s rebranding strategy, they wanted to provide their account holders with a great user experience. One way they’ve done this is by replacing their traditional blue colour scheme with bright, gradient colours against a fresh white background that better reflects their unique and diverse customer base.

Suits Me’s new tagline, “the account for everyone”, represents the fintech’s mission to break down the restrictive barriers that exclude people from mainstream financial products. This frequently leads to people getting trapped by the ‘banking poverty premium’, blocking their access to the best deals, credit products and often results in paying hundreds of pounds more a year on basic goods and services.

Matthew Sanders, CEO, spoke about the impact the rebranding will have on their 150,000+ account holders. He said: “Our customers are at the heart of what we do, and we strive to give them the best experience when it comes to navigating the world of personal finance. The rebrand is just the start of even more amazing benefits we want to give our account holders, with no additional costs attached. Some of the benefits already on offer include an exclusive cashback reward programme to help our account holders to save money, plus a multilingual customer care team so anybody can feel comfortable speaking to us in their preferred language.”

This is the start of the new, modern Suits Me, with plenty more exciting plans coming up in September and Q4 2021.


Conquest Planning raises $7.5 million in follow-on investment to accelerate growth and reach new global markets


Conquest Planning Inc., (“Conquest” or “the Company”) today announced it has raised $7.5 million in funding from existing investors Portage Ventures, Fidelity International Strategic Ventures and IGM Financial, reflecting the company’s rapid growth and significant market demand for its financial planning software solution.

Today’s announcement comes less than 18 months after Conquest raised $3 million in a seed funding round and underscores investor excitement and strong support for the company’s mission of transforming the financial planning industry with beautiful, intuitive, and hyper personalized financial plans.

“We are thrilled to receive such strong and resounding support from some of the most reputable and forward-thinking venture capital firms. Each investor provides unique strategic benefits to our business in addition to funding,” said Conquest CEO Mark Evans. “Fidelity International Strategic Ventures offers us great support as we expand into the United Kingdom. Portage and its Power Group affiliation continues to drive strong relationships and exposure both locally and in global markets for us. The investment from IGM Financial – coupled with their purchase of our software to fulfill the financial planning needs of about one million clients coast to coast – has helped us build on our existing momentum here in Canada.”

Conquest offers its customers an intuitive and innovative financial planning software solution that uses artificial intelligence to help advisors and consumers easily understand the impact of holistic financial decisions. The software is adaptable to support consumer-initiated digital planning as well as digital coplanning with an advisor. Clients enjoy a beautiful, simple, and hyper-customized financial plan which reflects in real-time the impact of changes in a client’s financial picture.

“The thesis that led us to invest in Conquest was simple: we wanted to find the best financial planning software company in the world. Little did we know, the best in the world was being built by Mark and his team right here in Winnipeg,” said Paul Desmarais III, Chairman and CEO of Sagard Holdings. “Since our initial investment, Conquest hasn’t slowed down for a moment, and we believe it has transformative potential for the financial services industry globally.”

Since October 2020, the company has signed contracts with market leading firms including IG Wealth Management, Investment Planning Counsel, and Canada Life in addition to a robust sales pipeline of qualified opportunities currently in progress. The company has also partnered with FinTechs and resellers including Flinks, d1g1t, Purpose Advisory Solutions, and Croesus to offer an even wider set of features across the entire advisory value chain, from data gathering to analytics to risk management.


Meet Visa: Reintroducing the Iconic Visa Brand to Everyone, Everywhere


Inviting the world to ‘Meet Visa,’ the global payments technology company today unveiled the initial phase of its brand evolution spotlighting the diverse capabilities of its network and commitment to enabling global economic inclusion. Aligned closely with the company’s business strategy, this phase includes the debut of a dynamic global marketing campaign and a preview of a modernized look for Visa’s iconic brand.

More than 60 years ago, when Visa was founded, few could imagine a world beyond cash and checks. Visa’s founding vision to introduce a more secure, reliable and convenient currency in digital form began with a simple question: what if money became fully electronic? Today, Visa continues to anticipate the future of digital commerce, providing access through its secure global network working for everyone, everywhere.

“People think they ‘know’ Visa. Consumers and businesses trust the power of those four letters and see it when they open their wallet, pay a vendor, walk into a store or check out online. What they don’t see is how those four letters operate the most dynamic network of people, partnerships and products,” said Lynne Biggar, Executive Vice President and Global Chief Marketing Officer, Visa. “We are on a mission to ensure that Visa is seen as more than a credit card company and understood as a trusted network that drives commerce forward.”

While Visa continues to shape the physical and digital credit or debit card transaction, it also increasingly sits at the center of enabling money movement. A company built on access to economic inclusion, the Visa network connects 3.6 billion credentials, over 70 million merchant locations, tens of thousands of partners and powers more than $11 trillion in total volume annually. Over the last five years alone, Visa has invested $9 billion in technology to shape the future of commerce, delivering a differentiated set of products, services and benefits.[1] Visa’s network helps enable a gig-worker with the flexibility to get paid in real time, facilitates person to person payments that can send and receive money between billions of cards and accounts worldwide, and large corporate payments to be made more effortlessly across borders, as just a few examples.

Illustrating the scope of Visa’s capabilities, initial elements of Visa’s brand evolution include:

‘Meet Visa’ films spotlight the power of the network. Developed by Visa’s global creative agency of record, award-winning Wieden+Kennedy, Visa is unveiling a short film directed by Malik Hassan Sayeed that invites the world to ‘Meet Visa,’ a network working for everyone. Complementing this introductory film is a series of shorter digital films and photography that showcase the breadth of the Visa network working to provide access and advancing commerce for real people in real places around the world. Brought to life by some of the best and most diverse creative talent including Sayeed, Visa also worked with photographer Camilla Falquez and Argentinian directing team Pantera & Co. – Brian KazezPato Martinez and Francisco Canton – to vividly capture moments such as:

New Visa brand identity symbolizes change. Visa has long stood for trust, security, acceptance and inclusion. These core values, in addition to the goal of enabling access for everyone to participate in the global economy, will be expressed through a modernized, dynamic visual brand identity, built in partnership with leading global brand design firm Mucho. The ‘Meet Visa’ campaign shares an initial glimpse into the evolved visual brand identity launching later this year, featuring refreshed colors for digital impact, a custom font created for optimal digital experiences and an updated brand symbol designed to express the purpose behind the organization.

Over the course of 2021, Visa’s new brand identity will become visible in all 200+ countries and territories Visa operates in, cutting across the company’s primary business strategy encompassing:

  • Consumer payments, focusing on expanding access and moving the $17 trillion spent in cash and checks globally to digital payments.
  • New payment flows including cross-border person-to-person payments and a range of value-added services that help businesses of all sizes navigate today’s landscape; identify new growth opportunities; and maintain our mission of making Visa the most secure, resilient and reliable network.
  • A diversity of offerings and solutions through burgeoning partnerships with fintechs and established brands, relationships with governments around the world and innovative technology built for the future.

“We are capturing the bold ambition of Visa with this brand evolution as a way to express what we stand for and what we strive for,” continued Biggar. “With the world reopening and with money increasingly moving in new ways, there’s no better time to showcase the work we do and the impact a purpose-driven brand with Visa’s scale can have to enable individuals, businesses and economies to thrive.”