Fwd: Portuguese bank BPI, subsidiary of CaixaBank group, launches AGE Planet Craft Tycoon, a game developed for the Roblox platform


Today, the bank BPI, Portuguese subsidiary of CaixaBank group, launches AGE Planet Craft Tycoon, a game developed for the Roblox platform, inspired by financial education and sustainability concepts, targeting young audiences. Roblox is one of the largest immersive gaming platforms in the world, with around 70 million daily active users. The game is available here: https://www.roblox.com/games/15042392733/AGE-Planet-Craft-Tycoon

The experience unfolds in a galaxy where players embark on a journey on a deserted planet. The aim is to make strategic investments in resources to develop the planet in a sustainable way. Players can interact, socialise and visit other players’ planets. The financial education component associated with the game features, among other concepts, a bank where players can exchange resources for their planet’s development or invest resources in applications that simulate, in a simplified manner, the behavior of financial applications.

According to Afonso Eça, executive director responsible for innovation: “Virtual worlds, whether on Roblox or other platforms, are increasingly popular, especially among younger users. With this launch, we aim to explore another channel for our customers to engage with the AGE brand.”

The game contributes to the expansion of the BPI AGE brand, aimed at young people up to the age of 25. Young AGEs have access to various financial services at no cost or bureaucracies and have a dedicated platform in the BPI App and a space in the BPI VR immersive shop.

This project was developed in partnership with Simple Magic, a videogame studio from Estonia, focused on designing and developing games on Roblox and bringing the best brands to Metaverse.

BPI strengthens metaverse/web3 holistic strategy

Over the past year, BPI has launched several innovation projects focused on metaverse/web3, addressing three dimensions: (1) immersive and augmented realities as a new way to interact with customers; (2) custody and transaction of digital property supported by blockchain technology; and (3) position the bank in virtual worlds, which are attracting more users worldwide.

According to Francisco Barbeira, BPI executive board member, “The game AGE Planet Craft Tycoon is the final component of a strategic learning path we are undertaking in the metaverse. In the three dimensions we consider relevant, we already have initiatives underway, and the learning process has been very enriching. As of today, we can say that BPI has indeed a holistic presence in what we call the metaverse.”

In 2022, the bank launched BPI VR, its immersive reality application where customers and non-customers can experience interaction with the bank through this technology. Last month, BPI launched D-VERSE, its digital collectibles platform where digital property can be transacted in Euros, with custody provided by the Bank itself. Now, the launch of AGE Planet Craft Tycoon marks the entry into virtual worlds.


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CaixaBank, together with fraud prevention start-up Revelock, is developing an artificial intelligence solution to reinforce digital security


CaixaBank has worked together with the start-up Revelock, recently acquired by Feedzai, to develop a solution based on artificial intelligence and aimed at preventing fraud in digital banking channels. The partnership comes as part of CaixaBank’s wider strategy of collaboration with start-ups to identify key talent and accelerate innovation.

The technology, which is already integrated into CaixaBankNow, CaixaBank’s online banking platform, detects alterations in customers’ habitual patterns of behavior during online transactions that could be the result of attempted fraud by cybercriminals. The solution continuously assesses users’ online interactions and compares them with risk patterns, providing greater security to all CaixaBank’s online banking users.

Through this partnership, CaixaBank is reinforcing its strategy of applying cutting-edge technology to the digitization of its processes, the creation of new financial services and fraud control. It is also making progress in the application of biometrics to its security strategy, a technology that reinforces identification security while remaining transparent to the customer. CaixaBank has been a global pioneer in the development of projects involving biometric technology, such as leveraging facial recognition at ATMs to make withdrawals without entering a PIN.

Collaboration with start-ups

The project is also the result of the bank’s commitment to a strategy of collaboration with start-ups, which enables the bank to improve its agility and efficiency in innovation, speed up the time from idea to implementation, and identify talent. In turn, for start-ups, collaborating with companies like CaixaBank allows them to scale quickly.

CaixaBank has been working with Revelock on digital security and fraud prevention projects since 2015.

CaixaBank, a leader in innovation

Technology and digitalization are key to CaixaBank’s business model, which has more than 10 million digital customers, the largest digital customer base in Spain.

Thanks to its digital transformation strategy, CaixaBank has become one of the most highly rated banks in the world for the quality of its digital products and services, with awards such as “Best Bank in Spain 2021″ and “World’s Best Bank Transformation 2021” by Euromoney, and “Best Bank in Spain and in Western Europe 2021″ by the US magazine Global Finance. These awards come in addition to those obtained in the field of digital banking and innovation, such as “Outstanding Financial Innovator in Western Europe 2021″, “Best Consumer Digital Bank in Spain 2020″ and “Best Consumer mobile banking app in Western Europe 2020″. In the field of private banking, CaixaBank has been chosen “Best Private Bank for Big Data analytics and AI in Europe 2021″.