Revolutionizing Play and Pay: Fintech Leader Ibanera Redefines Financial Dynamics for the Gaming Sector


Ibanera, an online fintech institution, announces an exciting array of gaming-focused financial services- a fully optimised suite of applications designed to align with the evolving financial paradigms within the global gaming industry.

In the realm of electronic gaming, where a staggering $400 billion was amassed in 2023, poised for sustained growth, a transformative shift in revenue generation is underway. The prosperity of contemporary games is intricately linked to in-app purchases, compelling game developers and publishers to explore innovative economic models. This exploration extends into the realm of tokenized digital assets within games, tradable assets stemming from in-app transactions, and unprecedented opportunities for professional gamers to prosper through a sophisticated play-to-earn framework

Ibanera’s strategic initiative materializes through a portfolio of services, notably featuring the introduction of PORTL, a solution meticulously designed for buying and selling digital assets. Moreover, Ibanera extends white-label solutions to gaming entities, facilitating the seamless integration of embedded payment tools for web3 game developers. The compatibility with blockchain and provision of multi-currency accounts underscore Ibanera’s unwavering commitment to delivering a suite of services that transcend conventional financial norms.

This venture represents a substantial investment for Ibanera, propelled by the strategic vision of CEO Michael Carbonara. In his statement, Carbonara remarked, “We are addressing the pressing need for heightened functionality within gaming companies. The pace of evolution in the gaming industry has surpassed the capacities of traditional banking institutions.”

The company’s foray into gaming-focused financial services signifies a significant milestone at the intersection of fintech and gaming, positioning the institution as a vanguard in an industry undergoing unprecedented transformation. The suite of applications not only addresses current demands but also strategically anticipates and caters to the future financial intricacies that will define the gaming experience.

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