Behaviol Announces Appointment of Chris Ebeling as CCO and CMO

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Ebeling, co-founder of VHS and Zed.Run, joins the creative studio behind Meta 11, which aims to pioneer a new category of sports entertainment.

Behaviol, the creative studio behind Meta 11 that is combining the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain to redefine sports entertainment, has announced the appointment of Chris Ebeling as Chief Creative Officer (CCO) and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

Behaviol, which recently raised $2.5 million in angel investment, is redefining sports entertainment to create an immersive and engaging sports gaming experience that is accessible to everyone. The company facilitates greater fan engagement and enhanced ownership between players and their chosen sport.

Ebeling joins Behaviol’s leadership team from his position as co-founder and Creative Director of Zed.Run, a blockchain-based, digital horse racing game that allows players to buy, breed and race NFT horses. With its unique blend of traditional horse racing and cutting-edge blockchain technology, Zed.Run was a pioneer in the web3 space, quickly becoming one of the most popular NFT games on the market.

Ebeling is a world-class animator, creative director, writer and digital artist and has worked on Hollywood blockbusters such as The Lego Movies, The Great Gatsby, Gods of Egypt and Happy Feet 2. Ebeling has also worked on DC and Marvel projects as well as AAA gaming cinematic productions. Supplementing his extensive film and VFX background, Ebeling has been creative director of projects in the real-time space, with experience across games as well as virtual and augmented reality projects.

“Behaviol sits at the intersection of AI, E-gaming, E-sports, entertainment and Web3/blockchain,” the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer for Behaviol, Krishan Deegalla, said. “Ebeling brings a wealth of experience in each of these fields and we are immensely proud to be working with him to achieve the vision of creating the next generation of sports gaming. Our ambition for Behaviol and Meta 11 is to usher in a revolution for sports entertainment, putting creativity and ownership in the hands of players while offering a AAA-level gaming experience that players can enjoy. We’re glad that Ebeling is helping us achieve this goal.”

Meta 11, currently in post-production stage, is a revolutionary AI-powered gaming platform using real-world sporting data built by Behaviol that allows fans to truly own, train, manage, trade and instruct players how to perform in a range of different sports, beginning with cricket.

Through the use of blockchain and AI, owners can deck out their avatars with custom gear and moves, turning them into superstar athletes capable of dominating any sport. The avatars are even capable of learning and adapting via AI and training, meaning they can jump from one sport to the next, offering up endless opportunities for their owners to enjoy AI-powered gaming. By combining moves from different sports and cultures, the avatars offer a fresh and inclusive take on sports and entertainment that’s accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or experience.

Cricketing legend, commentator and co-founder of Behaviol, Kumar Sangakkara, said: “At Behaviol, we want to offer an unparalleled fun gaming experience for everyone. We want to democratize sports by building on values of accessibility and inclusivity, putting fans first and creating a community-driven platform. Ebeling’s VHX experience, Hollywood DNA and world-building capabilities will be vital in helping us deliver on our mission and, starting with cricket, change the way we interact with sporting games.”

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