BitTalk Newly Launched, Essay Contest Begins

 The AEX community has been upgraded to a global new version community called BitTalk, which is now officially open to the public. BitTalk will build a global comprehensive blockchain community integrating forums and information, providing information, communication and learning services for global blockchain enthusiasts, investors, opinion leaders and researchers.

In order to create a valuable community, BitTalk is holding a BitTalk Airdrop campaign. If users post on BitTalk and go to the “Recommend” page, they will receive 200-1000 GAT value airdrops.

I. Activity Theme: BitTalk Airdrop Giveaway

II. Event Time: December 23, 2021, 8:00 – January 23, 2022, 8:00 (UTC)

III. Participants: Global AEX registered users all eligible to participate

IV. Value Incentives





Premium Content Award

Forums/Articles on the recommended page


Quality and hotness of comprehensive content (number of comments/likes, etc.)

Community Dedication Award

Top 10 in the list of recommended posts


After the event, the rewards will be paid directly to users’ accounts, and the list of those who received the rewards will be announced in the community.

V. What type of forums does BitTalk need?

BitTalk is an open blockchain community and does not limit the scope of topics, users can post in both Chinese and English. The common topics are listed for reference:

  1. News: Global Crypto news
  2. Crypto Policy: the policy landing policy of each country, or the new trend of regulation
  3. Industry Hotspots: Meta-universe, NFT, DeFi, Web3, DAO, GameFi, etc.
  4. Trend Analysis: Coin market analysis, etc.
  5. Blockchain Class: such as bitcoin basics, layer2, cutting-edge technology sharing, etc.
  6. Projects: ETH, SOL, avalanche protocol, NEAR, card slot auction, public chain ecology, etc.
  7. International Events: forums, offline meetings, international conventions, etc.
  8. Strategy: popular project participation methods, new industry product model play, trading strategy sharing, etc.
  9. Opinion: Experts opinions, deep knowledge of industry, professional reports, etc.
  10. AEX Related: AEX user experience, AEX earn, Brand story, AEX community, etc.

VI. The criteria for the forum recommend

To be selected for the “recommended area”, the content needs to meet the following conditions

  • The content is true and objective
  • The main part of the work is original
  • The content is readable

VII. About BitTalk

Firstly, BitTalk is a gathering place for blockchain believers built on the AEX crypto exchange, and the sharing of BitTalk participants is not restricted by nationality, language or religion. Users can participate in discussions, media can release news, project parties can spread their brands, and newbies can learn blockchain knowledge.

Secondly, BitTalk is a space that brings together international crypto news dissemination and provides users with instant insight into new trends in the industry. Many industry leaders and blockchain content creators reside here with strong content creativity, which will cover rich content such as crypto news, blockchain basics, NFT, DeFI, Meta Universe, WEB3, etc.

Moreover, BitTalk is also the information flow segment of AEX Exchange, making AEX both information flow and asset flow aggregation exchange ecology. Now, BitTalk has become a bridge for information interchange between blockchain projects and fans, providing objective reference for users’ crypto asset allocation, and also contributing to the innovation of value crypto financial product models continuously.


SOURCE AEX exchange

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