Block2Play Virtual Gaming Experience Gain Momentum with Successful B2P token Presale


Blockchain based decentralized gaming platform Block2Play launched its B2P token with a successful presale on dxSale. The 35 million tokens sold, reaching the soft market cap in under 8 minutes, leaving gamers and investors begging for more. The official launch of the token will take place on December 12th at 20:00 UTC on Pancakeswap. The token price will be offered at a starting rate the same as pre-launch and expected to soar from there.

The virtual gaming industry is big, and while it is starting to incorporate the advancements of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, it still has a long way to go to reach its full potential.

Block2Play is a gaming platform that allows its users to play a real-life role-playing game, which also gives them the chance to earn real money through missions, events, and jobs. Apart from the jobs, factions, and events; the platform also allows users to buy NFTs that can be traded on the marketplace and every NFT platform on the Binance Smart Chain.


The roleplaying game would be based on GTA5 and would be limited to 5000 players. These 5000 players would be further divided into 4000 regular users.

You can get access to the server by purchasing a slot and get your account whitelisted. Currently there are 3 different packages which give different benefits for your ingame experience.

Normal Slot 15€

  • Get Whitelisted for Server
  • Get 15 € ingame credits
  • Access to Ingame Jobs
  • 1 Random NFT
  • 50 € Withdrawal Limit Monthly

Premium Slot 50€

  • Get Whitelisted for Server
  • Get 50 € ingame credits
  • Access to Faction´s and Gang´s
  • 1 Rare NFT
  • Ingame Passport as NFT
  • 500 € Withdrawal Limit Monthly


  • Get Whitelisted for Server
  • 500 € ingame Credits
  • Early Acces to NFT Marketplace
  • Server Beta Access
  • Discord / Telegram VIP Status
  • Create own Gang / Faction ingame
  • 1 Super Rare NFT
  • Ingame passport as NFT
  • Ingame driving license as NTF
  • Unlimited Withdrawal / NO LIMIT

Players on Block2Play will be given a chance to create their own characters with as much detail as possible before they start the game. They would be allowed to customize the skin color, height, stature, and facial features. Once the character is finalized, it cannot be changed later. The players can however change the hair color and styles of the character in the game as much as they like.


The game characters would need to drink, eat and sleep just like in real life, and in order to make advances in the game, a character would have to develop their skills and their external appearance. This would allow them to get better jobs and move up their career path. Players would get a chance to do this and advance in the game by completing missions, events and jobs, and criminal activities.


Block2Play would allow players to select jobs from a list of both legal and illegal jobs. The legal jobs range from bus driver, waiter, truck driver, firefighter, manager to car mechanic, attorney, garbage man, and so on. The illegal jobs include bank robber, dealer, con artists, housebreaker, document forger, car thief, and so on.

Factions are business models which can be accessed through the VIP user accounts in the game. Becoming part of a faction helps players to earn money faster and with more ease. Factions are divided into public faction groups (gas station, law firms, car dealers, mafia, biker clubs, etc.) and state faction groups (police, bank, intelligence, politician, etc.).


Block2Play’s marketplace allows players to buy items that are regularly available in limited numbers and editions from the platform directly. Players also get a chance to buy, sell and exchange items from each other. They can do so at a fixed price or in an auction. Game slots can also be sold in the marketplace.

A 10% fee is applicable for every purchase on the marketplace which is used to give out Bonus rewards from missions and events. NFTs can also be traded on the marketplace. There are 5 categories of NFTs: copper, silver, gold, platinum and Diamond


Players are allowed to play missions once a week and every player gets a chance to win Bonus prizes (cash prizes or items). While every player gets only one chance to play the mission, they can choose to play with their friends or gang members in order to make the chances of winning higher.

Events take place during the weekend and players have to register in advance to participate in them. They get a chance to win the Premium bonus by winning the events.


The beta server of the game is now live with the public beta launch scheduled for 01/01/2022. With the official token launch on 12/12/2021 at 20:00 UTC, Block2Play is set to be one to watch over the next few months, revolutionising gaming on the blockchain with its unique user experience and earning potential. For more information please visit the website

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