BLOCKSMITH & Co. Announces The Establishment of ‘BLOCKSMITH AI Lab’


BLOCKSMITH&Co., announces the establishment of the BLOCKSMITH AI Lab, which aims to make AI technology accessible to everyone.


Due to the remarkable evolution and high practicality of generative AI, the interest for the technology has rapidly spread to a wide audience. However, the discussion of generative AI technology has thus far been mostly focused on increasing business efficiency; i.e. cost reduction, and have garnered negative opinions such as fear of AI replacing jobs traditionally done by humans.

At BLOCKSMITH AI Lab, we aim to create opportunities to engage in AI technology by combining Web3 technology with Generative AI, and reduce negative misconception around the technology.

Plans to incorporate AI research

We are also planning to incorporate the results of BLOCKSMITH AI Lab’s research in our recently announced upcoming game service “Quiz to Earn ‘QAQA’”.
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