Casino Guru Complaint Resolution Centre celebrates 4 years of successful milestones

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Casino Guru Complaint Resolution Centre, a prominent player advocate in the online casino industry, is proud to celebrate its 4th anniversary, marking a remarkable journey of addressing player concerns and resolving disputes within the online gambling realm. Over the course of these four years, the centre has achieved numerous milestones, demonstrating its commitment to fair play and customer satisfaction.

Since its inception, Casino Guru Complaint Resolution Centre has been dedicated to providing a platform for players to voice their concerns and have their disputes resolved. The centre has garnered a reputation for its transparent and effective approach to resolving issues, resulting in significant achievements.

One of the highlights of the centre’s journey was the record-breaking month of April 2023, during which a remarkable 1,047 complaints were published, showcasing the growing trust and reliance on the centre’s services. From humble beginnings of two individuals addressing complaints via emails, the centre now boasts a team of 5 First Response members and 12 resolvers, efficiently handling the influx of issues.

The centre has also identified recurring themes in player complaints. Among the most common topics are delayed payments, verification issues, misplaced deposits, technical glitches, multiple accounts, bonus rule violations, and self-exclusion concerns. These insights have enabled the centre to better understand player needs and contribute to industry improvements.

Branislav Bright, Complaint Specialist at Casino Guru, achieved a remarkable milestone by successfully resolving the most expensive complaint to date. The resolution resulted in the return of a substantial $1.9 million USD to a player from Japan, showcasing the centre’s dedication to ensuring fairness and transparency in the gaming world.

“We are thrilled to celebrate four years of our ComplaintsResolution Centre’s journey,” stated Petronela Kontos, Complaint Team Lead at Casino Guru. “Our commitment to players’ rights and fair play has been the driving force behind our achievements. We are proud to have resolved a total of 7,539 complaints and returned close to $22 million to players since our inception.”

The centre’s global reach is reflected in its customer base, with players from countries such as Germany, India, Finland, Holland, and Brazil being some of its most frequent clients. With an average of 750-830 open complaints at any given time, the centre has consistently demonstrated its dedication to addressing player concerns promptly and effectively, with an average resolution time of approximately 16 days.

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