Crypto Venture Capital Firm Phoenix VC Announces Seed Investment in, The World’s First P2P ERC20 Prediction Platform


Phoenix VC, a leading venture capital firm based in Dubai, UAE, today announced its latest seed-stage investment in, the world’s first P2P ERC20 prediction platform. Predictor is a newly launched platform that is decentralizing the P2P prediction segment and has just closed its first successful round of 80,000 PDCT tokens in less than 24 hrs. of listing on Bounce.

Surveys, Sentiment Analysis and making predictions is a practice as old as time itself. The newest trend is to back it up with capital on a decentralized prediction market such as With the rise of decentralized prediction markets, anyone can earn money with their accurate prediction skills. A prediction market is a place where anyone can come and buy predictions, just how investors buy and sell stocks on the stock market. Similar to the way investors buy shares in a company, prediction markets allow their users to buy shares in an event outcome. Users can bet on all kinds of events, such as the winner of a presidential election, the price of Bitcoin by December 31st, and more. The online prediction space is a $100+billion market continuously growing at a CAGR of 11.5%. Co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin believes prediction markets were better indicators of the election than traditional polls this year. “Regardless of who wins from here, I definitely think that the prediction markets have proven themselves more accurate than the polls/models this time around,” said Buterin. is a revolutionary P2P prediction platform that enables users to make predictions and get friends, family, and the world to back their views with their PDCT Tokens. Unlike the ordinary centralized prediction markets, who limit what and how anyone can predict, a peer-to-peer prediction market like Predictr allows anyone to become the originate a prediction slip. The Predictr app streamlines the entire prediction play process by utilizing Smart Contracts as Prediction Pools and Oracles to gather event result data, providing users with a hassle-free intuitive user interface to generate a Predictr slip within a few clicks and set it up for play. Each Predictr has a simple YES or NO answer, making it easy to play and use. “The advantage of a prediction market is that rather than being based on one person’s model, it lets the world come together and essentially negotiate a clearing price — the point at which people who think it’s too high and people who think it’s too low are balanced”, said Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of FTX. is powered by its own utility token called the PDCT and is now available on Uniswap with plans of listing on a few Centralized exchanges in the coming weeks. The PDCT token can be used to get discounts on creating slips, get entry to jackpots, and earn staking rewards. The platform plans on minting only 190,000 predictor tokens whose sale will enhance the platform’s user experience, build a user base, and promote the PDCT Token. According to the Phoenix Venture Partner, Mr. Bijan Alizadeh – Prediction markets are the next big thing in the Crypto Industry and there are players like Augur and PlotX that are catering to different segments. For Phoenix Predictr was interesting as it added gamification and has benefits for the originator and the participants – A truly Decentralised Prediction marketplace.

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