Develux Develops Custom CRM for a UK-Based Freelance Platform


Develux, an outsourcing IT company that specializes in custom CRM software development, announces the launch of a CRM solution for a UK-based freelance platform.

The designed CRM empowers freelancers and customers to easily connect and communicate during work cycles. To facilitate user experience and ease the burden of complex workflows, two modules were designed. The customer journey map looks as follows:

  • A task is created by a customer;
  • The task is placed on the marketplace;
  • Freelancers bid on the task;
  • The customer selects the most suitable freelancer;
  • The freelancer completes the task and uploads the document;
  • The customer pays when the outcome meets the expectations.

Specific functionality for this module includes forms for order details, which are organized into a single database, bids assessment (in terms of freelancers’ bids, ratings, and specialties), and simple exchange of files, including media and reference materials.

The freelancer journey map is different:

  • They pass the verification stage to join the platform;
  • They review the available orders;
  • They bid on tasks, and pros are allowed to set a specific price for particular orders;
  • If a specialist is selected by the client, they are awarded the project.
  • The freelancer uploads the final output.
  • They receive payment for the task.

The system shows only projects relevant to the freelancer’s success rate, specialty, and rating. Moreover, there was developed specific functionality for preliminary assessment: in order to get verified, a user should submit proof of academic degrees, experience, etc.

Such an approach facilitated a highly-functional, user-friendly CRM. The CRM development process led to an intuitive UI and UX, which allows the platform to scale and become the highest user-rated platform in the freelance industry.

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