Digitising Corporate Governance – Tricor hosts 18th Annual Corporate Governance Seminar


Tricor’s 18th annual corporate governance seminar is held today at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Supported by the Hong Kong Investor Relations Association and The Chamber of Hong Kong Listed Companies, the half-day event gathered leading industry elites who share on a spectrum of corporate governance related topics, and attracted over 2,000 registrations despite the Covid-19 challenges. With social distancing measures in place, this is the first year it takes a hybrid approach. By deploying Tricor’s own e-meeting solution SPOT, the event welcomes both in-person and virtual participants.

“Digitising Corporate Governance”, the theme of the seminar, summarises the two most important focuses of corporates this year – digitisation and governance.

“This year marks the 20th anniversary of Tricor and we have hosted our annual corporate governance seminar for 18 years straight since 2003. Tricor has always been taking an active role in promoting a culture of good corporate governance as we strongly believe that it plays an important role in sustaining the business especially during times of uncertainty,” says Joe Wan, CEO of Tricor Hong Kong.

“While the trend of digital transformation is irreversible, by leveraging and incorporating advanced tools into our daily workflow, corporate governance can be taken to a new level with improved efficiency, engagement and transparency. Digital tools can definitely help companies reap the benefits of intelligent systems through accelerated business performance and optimised intra-company.”

The seminar is kicked off with a keynote speech on “Digital Transformation in Hong Kong“, delivered by Dr. David Chung, Under Secretary for Innovation and Technology, Hong Kong’s Innovation and Technology Bureau; followed by another keynote session hosted by Prof. K.C. Chan, Non-Executive Director of Tricor Group, on “Digital Transformation in FinTech”.

Other speakers from both public and private sectors also share the latest market trends and development, their experiences and perspectives on what and how technologies are adopted in corporate governance in particular in the financial field.

Digital Corporate Governance Solutions

Governance at a corporate level refers to the way in which companies are governed and to what purpose. Technology is now increasingly adopted by corporate governance professionals to achieve best practices.

Our Experiential Lounge at the venue showcases some of our digital corporate governance tools launched earlier this year. Attendees have a chance to experience first-hand how our board portal “Boardfolio” makes board meetings easy; how “SPOT”, an e-meeting solution, takes online votes and questions; and how digital administrative tool “e-Rental” streamlines HR operations by automating employees’ rental reimbursement applications and claim processes. As the event’s key visual suggests, these tools connect people with technologies and most importantly, human-technology collaboration can enhance human capabilities under the new normal.

20 Years of Excellence

With 20 years of solid experience, Tricor is the undisputed market leader in integrated business expansion solutions, with global knowledge and local expertise in business management, corporate administration and secretarial services, trust and fiduciary services, as well as human resources consultation. Our strong track record has made us the benchmark for professional services in Hong Kong.

“As the commercial world has reached an inflection point of new technology adoption, we will continue to innovate solutions that help companies navigate the journey from start-up to IPO and beyond. These digital corporate governance solutions are vivid examples of how innovation and technology-driven processes can streamline business operations and hence improve efficiency, accuracy and security,” says Wan.

The event is concluded with a look at the next imperatives of company secretaries in the era of pandemic and digital transformation. The Covid-19 pandemic may have posed changes to the world permanently and it is fast-tracking digital transformation in companies. Those who are able to fully capitalise on technology in their business models will stay ahead of their competition. Tricor, as the leading business expansion specialist in Asia, will continue to leverage on our deep industry experience and expertise and assist our clients in succeeding in the new normal.

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