European Gaming, HALLO Compliance, and ComplianceOne Group Forge Strategic Partnership Pioneering Regulatory Excellence

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European Gaming Media, the premier online platform and information hub for the gaming and gambling industry, HALLO Compliance, the gateway to legal expertise in today’s cutting edge fields, and ComplianceOne Group, the leader in compliance solutions for the iGaming industry, are thrilled to announce a strategic compliance partnership aimed at pioneering compliance education and media coverage.

This strategic partnership between key players in iGaming Compliance, Gaming Media, and Networking marks a monumental step toward industry-wide Regulatory Communications expansion, targeted networking opportunities, and lasting business relationships.

ComplianceOne Group stands at the forefront of innovation in the iGaming industry as the undisputed leader in providing cutting-edge compliance solutions. The Group comprises two dynamic and synergistic divisions: ComplianceOne, the consulting arm of the group, which is a boutique consulting firm with unmatched expertise in both technical and regulatory compliance; and ProductsOne, the compliance solutions division. This includes some of the most respected iGaming compliance and technical solutions for compliance, Complitech, a technical compliance intelligence database for iGaming and DatavaultOne a state of the art SAFE solution.

The European Gaming Media and HALLO Compliance are parts of HIPTHER, the One-stop Agency and Event Organizer for multiple cutting-edge industries including Gaming and Technology. European Gaming Media is an industry-centric media outlet that reaches over 200,000 readers monthly, providing them with compelling content, the latest news, and deep-dive insights. The platform also hosts industry-relevant webinars, and provides detailed reports, making it a one-stop resource for anyone seeking information about operators, suppliers, regulators, and professional services in the European gaming market. 

HALLO Compliance Network is a trusted directory of legal experts specializing in Gambling, Blockchain, Fintech, and AI, and Home of monthly online meetups fostering growth, education, and collaboration. HALLO is the acronym for Highly Aligned Leaders in Legal Operations, and it is a groundbreaking initiative by Hipther Agency, following its extensive experience in covering Gaming and Tech industry innovations as well as the challenging legal landscape. This initiative has already gained the support of renowned Regulatory Authorities, such as the Danish Online Gambling Association, and legal experts in Gaming and Technology. HALLO’s Mission is to make the navigation of regulations easy by connecting the audience with Compliance experts and sharing news and knowledge via Online Meetups.

As part of this partnership, ComplianceOne Group will share invaluable expertise with the iGaming industry through monthly article contributions to European Gaming Media and active participation in the Monthly Online Meetups hosted by the HALLO Compliance Network.

Zoltán Tűndik, Co-founder at HIPTHER, and Antonio Zanghi, CEO of ComplianceOne Group stated about this groundbreaking initiative:

Zoltán Tűndik: We at European Gaming and HALLO Compliance, both sub-brands of HIPTHER, are excited to embark on this strategic partnership with ComplianceOne Group. This collaboration signifies a major leap in our collective endeavor to enhance compliance education and media coverage within the iGaming industry. By combining our unique strengths – European Gaming’s vast media reach and in-depth industry knowledge, alongside HALLO Compliance’s expertise in legal operations – with ComplianceOne Group’s innovative compliance solutions, we are poised to revolutionize the way regulatory communications are handled in the iGaming sector. This partnership is more than an alignment of services; it’s a synergy of goals and visions, aimed at fostering a more informed, responsible, and compliant gaming industry. Together, we’re setting a new standard for industry-wide education, networking, and professional growth.

Antonio Zanghi:We are very excited to join efforts with the European Gaming and HALLO Compliance to educate and support the industry in matters related to regulatory and technical compliance”.

Stay informed about the latest Compliance Updates and learn from the experts about burning regulatory affairs: contact ComplianceOne Group, follow the European Gaming Media, and join the HALLO Compliance Network.


About ComplianceOne Group:

ComplianceOne Group is the foremost leader in providing compliance solutions for the iGaming industry. With two distinct divisions, the group excels in delivering unparalleled expertise and solutions tailored to the unique needs of the sector:

  1. ComplianceOne: As the consulting arm, ComplianceOne is a boutique firm renowned for its unmatched proficiency in both technical and regulatory compliance. It offers specialized consulting services to ensure businesses navigate the complex landscape of iGaming regulations seamlessly.
  2. ProductsOne: Serving as the compliance solutions division, ProductsOne is a hub for cutting-edge iGaming compliance and technical solutions. Noteworthy offerings include Complitech, an advanced technical compliance intelligence database, and DatavaultOne, a state-of-the-art SAFE solution. ProductsOne is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions that address the dynamic compliance requirements of the iGaming industry.


About European Gaming Media:, part of HIPTHER Agency, is a leading online platform catering to the gaming and gambling industry. With over 200,000 monthly readers, it offers in-depth coverage on online and land-based gaming, betting, esports, regulatory updates, and technology trends. Featuring daily news, press releases, interviews, and event reports, the platform serves as a one-stop resource for industry professionals and enthusiasts, emphasizing the European market while also covering global gaming news.

About HALLO Compliance:

HALLO, or Highly Aligned Leaders in Legal Operations, is your go-to directory for legal experts specializing in Gambling, Blockchain, Fintech, and AI. This platform, powered by HIPTHER Agency, serves as a bridge between technology and the law, fostering growth, education, and collaboration through monthly online meetups. HALLO Compliance offers a curated directory of legal experts in niche tech fields, keeping you informed about the latest legal trends through monthly meetups. Join a community of like-minded professionals to network, learn, and find the right legal guidance to ensure your operations are compliant and future-ready.

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