FBMDS is about to launch Golden Mystery: a crime plot for online casino players to solve in four thrilling slots

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FBMDS is ready to shake the waters in Hollywood with Golden Mystery! This crime story, split into four slots games, is a sure bet for casino operators to elevate player engagement and boost revenues. From engaging graphics to a captivating feature set and a mysterious bonus, there are plenty of reasons to add this multi-game to any casino’s portfolio.

Golden Mystery is a traditional 50’s Hollywood story combining fame, art, and vanity with the boundless ambition of standing out and being the most shining star of the cinema universe. As the story unfolds in the backdrop of the Golden Globe Cinema Awards, players will encounter a ferocious detective, a genius director, talented actresses, and other charismatic characters, making it an essential addition to any casino’s game library.

A phased game launch for maximum impact

This product will arrive at online casinos in a phased launch, being “The Lucky Gazette” the first game of the narrative becoming available. “Legendary Ace”, “Midnight Club”, and “Drama Finale” are the names of the other three games and episodes composing this noir film-inspired slots.

From the bustle of the radio studio and newspaper boy to the adrenaline of the crime scene and the bohemian atmosphere of a club, players will live the thrills of each chapter of this story side by side with its protagonists and participate in the mystery solving.

Stacked Wild, Wild Multiplier, Expanding Wild and Triple Wild are the game features present in Golden Mystery. This product also contains a challenging bonus mode, where players will take their part in the investigation and reveal key clues to solve the Golden Mystery plot.

Boosting player engagement and driving success

By integrating Golden Mystery, online casino operators can expect a multitude of perks that can elevate player engagement not only surrounding the storyline’s buzz on social media, but also around bonus features, which will encourage players to stay longer and play more rounds, ultimately increasing bets.

The brand’s Account Manager, Guilherme Graziani, explains that “As the iGaming industry evolves, FBMDS strives to provide esteemed casino operators with innovative and engaging products that stand out in the market, Golden Mystery is a testament to our commitment to delivering unforgettable gaming experiences, and we are confident that it will prove to be a valuable addition to any casino’s gaming portfolio.”

Apart from the sense of excitement around the launch of new episodes, this multi-game product can help drive traffic to online casino’s websites, boosting their online presence and fostering customer loyalty. As players immerse themselves in solving the crime, Golden Mystery can establish an emotional connection, leading to increased clients’ retention.

Curious to learn more about Golden Mystery? Stay tuned to FBMDS’s digital channels as we prepare to launch ‘The Lucky Gazette’. Hear the clapper board and action as the excitement unfolds!

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