FinTech Company Centime Launches Cloud-based Platform to Control Cash Flow

Centime, a FinTech company, today announced the launch of its Cloud-based Cash Flow Control solution. With its state-of-art solution, the company will empower businesses by enabling them to optimize all aspects of their cash flow life cycle in an easy-to-use, intelligent platform. Centime is designed for small and mid-sized businesses to ensure that they can manage this critical business activity with the same sophistication as larger enterprise counterparts.

Centime Cash Flow Control is a cloud-based software solution that combines all aspects of cash flow control and management – monitoring and forecasting cash flows, managing collections against AR, managing payments against AP, and providing easy access to cost-effective credit – within the same elegant, easy to use, fully integrated software experience.

Centime’s one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art platform leverages a multitude of cutting-edge technologies including AI and Machine Learning in a delightfully simply user experience. It is now available to select customers through its early access program.

Speaking about the launch, Mr. B.C. Krishna, Founder, Centime, said“Most businesses, at some point, grapple with cash flow issues, and the global pandemic has made this issue worse. Bringing a solution to market in the middle of a global pandemic to solve a problem amplified by the pandemic has been a very interesting experience. I have nothing but gratitude and amazement at the incredible commitment of our India team to power through immense personal challenges and bring this solution to market.”

Centime is a well-funded company headquartered in Boston with distributed operations in the US, UK, and India. The company has a diverse team with deep experience in entrepreneurship, writing, design, banking, payments, and enterprise software. The company is tapping into the region’s creative, skilled, and reliable workforce. The majority of its employees, and all of its product engineering team is based in India.

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