Flash News: Leading Blockchain Firm OKG Partners with FTChinese.com to Address Web3 Security and Compliance at ‘#LinkWeb3.0 Security Seminar’ in Hong Kong


OKG, a leading blockchain technology company, has issued updates for October 30, 2023.

Leading Blockchain Firm OKG Partners with FTChinese.com to Address Web3 Security and Compliance at ‘#LinkWeb3.0 Security Seminar’ in Hong Kong

Blockchain leader OKG recently partnered with FTChinese.com to co-host a Web3 security seminar, titled “FT innovation talk #LinkWeb3.0 Security Seminar.” The seminar, which took place at Hong Kong University (HKU) iCube in Hong Kong, featured a number of panel discussions and keynote speeches focused on the rapid growth of – and security risks facing – the Web3 and virtual asset industry, as well as discussed ways to foster the compliant growth and development of the industry.

Over 50 industry practitioners and students from HKU attended the seminar, with the speaker list featuring key players such as HKU Associate Vice-President Kong Chen Lin, FTChinese.com Editor in Chief Feng Wang, Ashurst Law Firm Partner Lance Jiang, Hashkey Group Head of Compliance Samuel Lok and University of Hong Kong Assistant Professor Yushun Huang. The event was supported by organizations such as HKU Business School.

Further highlights from the seminar include:

  • Speakers discussed the importance of on-chain transparency and the security of assets in ensuring the sustainable growth of the FinTech industry in Hong Kong
  • Lance Jiang offered advice on how users can safeguard themselves against cases of fraud when trading virtual assets
  • Hedy Bi discussed the importance of internal self-monitoring and risk management measures, with a particular focus on anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing
  • Samuel Lok emphasized the importance of user security awareness education and regulatory compliance
  • During a round-table discussion, guests proposed the launch of an “industry self-discipline alliance” to strengthen communication between enterprises and regulators and to further promote security and compliance in virtual asset transactions

OKG hosted this seminar with the aim of demonstrating its technological expertise in the Web3 field, as well as showcasing its all-in-one anti-money laundering (AML) platform called OKLink Onchain AMLThe product ensures compliance and risk detection for virtual asset companies, DeFi projects and financial institutions through advanced know-your-transaction, know-your-address, blockchain indicators and security audit technologies.

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