gamescom 2023: Gamecity Hamburg presents five games at the Indie Arena Booth

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Hamburg, August 10: From August 23 to 27, gamescom, the world’s largest trade fair for video games, throws open its doors in Cologne. Through its Road to gamescom program, the location initiative Gamecity Hamburg enables five indie studios from Hamburg to participate in the Indie Arena Booth, the largest collaborative developer booth worldwide. The teams will present their games to gamescom visitors, potential business partners and the press. Numerous other companies from Hamburg will also be present at gamescom to showcase their projects, make contacts and benefit from the trade fair’s unique network of professionals for the further marketing of their game.

“With our “Road to gamescom” program we take five studios to gamescom in order to present their games to publishers, partners and consumers. All games were or are part of our funding programs: the Gamecity Hamburg Prototype Funding and our Games Lift Incubator,” states Dennis Schoubye, Head of Gamecity Hamburg”, says Dennis Schoubye, Head of Gamecity Hamburg. Gamecity Hamburg will feature some of the most promising game projects from Hamburg at its dedicated booth at the Indie Arena Booth in Hall 10.2 in the area F010g – E011g.

Gamecity Hamburg presents these six studios and games at the Indie Arena Booth:

  • About Cannons + Sparrows with “About Cannons & Sparrows”: In this physics-based sidescroller with puzzle elements, players take on the role of a small cannon hatched from an egg that rolls through a forest with different platforms and branches, glides on wind streams or catapults itself forward with targeted shots.
  • Crumbling Games with “Crumbling”: In this virtual reality game, the controller itself becomes an action figure in the player’s own hands, fighting against a wide variety of toy monsters in lovingly crafted dioramas.
  • DrownTown with “Light of Atlantis”: This 2D puzzle metroidvania received the young talent award “Best Prototype” at the Deutscher Computerspielpreis 2023 (German Computer Game Award 2023) and impressed the jury with its clever interpretation of a jump ‘n’ run that embraces the element water. The water influences the movement of your robot as well as the behavior of the enemies, changes the environment and is the dynamic core mechanic of the game. Only by controlling the water to solve puzzles can players discover the secrets of Atlantis.


  • Radioactive Dreams with “Turbo Shell”: This fast-paced 2D platformer doesn’t require jumping! Instead, players use a unique movement tool to navigate a brave egg through various levels full of obstacles and traps. By pushing and pulling the egg within a certain radius, a dynamic gameplay experience is achieved in which you should never touch the ground.


  • Symmetry Break Studio with Misgiven: In this narrative 2D adventure with science fiction elements, players explore a city shrouded in toxic fog. We all know this situation: Speaking out about some things can be really hard. In this game’s unique dialog system, certain emotional states open up different ways of reacting. Since all the inhabitants wear masks, communication is even more difficult, but it is the key to unraveling this hostile environment.

All projects received funding from Gamecity Hamburg. About Cannons & Sparrows received fundings from the Games Lift Incubator, while Light of Atlantis and Turbo Shell were part of the Prototype Funding. The games Crumbling and Misgiven were able to secure funding from both the Games Lift Incubator and Prototype Funding at various stages of development.

More information and visuals on the games: 

 Gamecity Hamburg 2023 Press

Companies from Hamburg showcase at gamescom 2023

Other companies from Hamburg’s games industry will also be at gamescom 2023 to present new releases or take the opportunity to initiate new business partnerships. For example, Daedalic Entertainment will be available for press and business contacts in the B2B area at the “game” booth, and they will present the couch co-op game “Wild Woods” by Octofox Games in the B2C area at the Indie Arena Booth (Wild Woods already received prototype funding from Gamecity Hamburg in 2020).

Even more Hamburg studios will be part of the Indie Arena Booth: Osmotic Studios will be showing the latest version of their game “Closer the Distance”, while Mooneye Studios will be exhibiting “Smushi Come Home”, “Farewell North” and “Lost Ember”. In addition, the Hamburg gaming internet station Rocket Beans TV will accompany gamescom with numerous live broadcasts from its booth in Hall 6.

Gamecity Hamburg: Diverse support programs for Hamburg’s games industry

In addition to programs such as “Road to gamescom 2023”, Gamecity Hamburg, financed by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, boosts the local games industry with other tailor-made support programs: In the Games Lift Incubator, game developers and founders receive intensive coaching and mentoring from international industry experts in addition to financial support. With the Prototype Funding, Gamecity Hamburg supports the development of game prototypes in Hamburg with up to 120,000 euros per project.

Detailed background information on Hamburg as a games location and on the Gamecity Hamburg location initiative:

 Gamecity Hamburg 2023 Press

All information about Gamecity Hamburg and our activities can also be found on our website

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