Hainan Resort Software Community, a Key Industrial Park in Hainan FTP, Is Recruiting Senior Executives Globally


Hainan Free Trade Port Resort Software Community (“Hainan Resort Software Community” or “the Community”), the main service station of Hainan’s digital economy and internet information industry, has launched an open competition to recruit the very best talent for its crucial senior management positions. Roles on offer include a Chief Financial Officer position and eight Deputy General Managers positions in industrial investment, mergers and acquisitions, planning and design, and other fields.

The Community has opened the competition to applicants from all countries and regions in the hopes of attracting truly diverse and professional up-and-coming candidates for key senior positions. By building an international management team, the Hainan Resort Software Community is striving to internationalize its employees, promote high-quality development, and adapt to the evolving needs of Hainan Free Trade Port (FTP). Recruitment efforts have already been launched in the United StatesSingapore, Hong Kong SAR, and other technological hubs.

“The Hainan Resort Software Community is a leading facility that provides unparalleled opportunities in the areas of blockchain, digital health and digital finance. We’re inviting the world’s top talents to help us shape the future of the digital economy, while discovering the natural beauty and comfortable lifestyle that Hainan has to offer,” said Jin Li, Director of Human Resources at Hainan Resort Software Community.

Established in 2008, the Hainan Resort Software Community spans over 15.58 square kilometers. The Community was built to promote the joint development of traditional industrial parks and digitalization to accelerate the incubation of unicorn enterprises and support existing listed companies. In doing so, the Hainan Resort Software Community aims to cultivate the industrial clusters required to fuel the continued development of Hainan FTP.

Since opening, the Hainan Resort Software Community has already played a significant role in the development of China’s digital and platform-based economy. In 2021, the Community’s income reached nearly RMB 200 billion, and tax revenue exceeded RMB 10 billion — marking an increase of 164.6% year on year.

The digital economy is the fastest-growing and most active industry in Hainan, as well as a key driver of development for the Hainan FTP. As the main hub for Hainan to grow its digital economy industry, the Hainan Resort Software Community was designed to nurture innovation with its “one district and three industries” layout, which includes a blockchain pilot zone, digital culture and sports, digital health, and digital finance.

Most notably, the Hainan Resort Software Community was the first to establish a blockchain pilot zone within Hainan FTP and is now actively constructing China’s first national blockchain pilot zone. To date, the Community has cemented itself a leader in regulated blockchain technologies, digital identification systems, and trusted business environments. It has also launched an action plan, SSC+ HAINAN (SSC+: Secure, Sharing, Compliance+), which powers innovation in digital culture, health and finance by forming tradeable service capabilities and supporting the construction of national digital service export bases.

With its stunning natural environment, convenient and comfortable living facilities, a burgeoning industrial ecology, and thoughtful community services, Hainan is a prime location for a national digital service base. Over the past 13 years, entrepreneurs and business owners have flocked to this thriving hub to develop and nurture new ideas. At present, there are more than 10,000 registered businesses operating in Hainan Resort Software Community, including tech giants such as Tencent and Baidu.

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